Season 2 Episode 18


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 02, 1987 on ABC

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  • Introduction of Murdoc and a fun, exciting story help this stand out as season two's best episode.

    Season two's most significant episode starts out unassumingly enough, with MacGyver going to meet Pete in a wrecking yard on a dreary Saturday (or was it Sunday? Seems like both days were cited?) morning. But an ominous and mysterious tone is quickly established followed by the kidnapping of MacGyver and Pete by a tormentor quickly identified as Murdoc, the eccentric, chameleon-esque hit man that would become this series' most memorable and recurring villain. Michael Des Barres chewed the fat nicely in the role, which seemed custom-made for him, and the unfolding of the story, interspersed with amusing and imaginative flashback sequences, really raised the stakes for this episode's entertainment value. Perhaps a little too much time was spent in the climactic final scene with the dynamite-packed semi trailer, but it was still very satisfying and led to an excellent epilogue featuring Jack Dalton. My only grievance with the episode was how the story of Pete and Mac's original meeting conflicted with the story of their original meeting as told in "Deathlock" in season one. A slap on the wrist to writers for lack of narrative consistency, which unfortunately was a frequent problem for this series.
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