Season 2 Episode 18


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 02, 1987 on ABC

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  • A rare, well crafted flashback episode.

    Normally I don't like flash back episodes but this one breaks the rule. We are introduced for the first time to Murdoc, a reappearing enemy and one of the few adversaries that actually stands a chance against Macgyver's intelligence. I particularly liked how this episode started. Murdoc brings all three (Macgyver, Pete, Jack) together by sending them a message involving a private meeting. The next thing they know they are being smashed inside a car and locked in a tractor trailer for their last ride. While in the trailer, we see the flashbacks of how Pete first met Macgyver and Jack (although there are inconsistencies here from earler episodes). Without going into more detail, we learn Murdoc is an elusive and demented man that plans out his enemies deaths with great care and precision. We learn just how crazy Murdoc is when his main plain fails and he resorts to more "direct" methods like lighting dynamite in his hand and throwing it and Macgyver. Although Jack Dalton isn't one of my favorite reappearing characters, he excelled in this one. Especially loved his reactions to his car being totalled. While his character tends to "takes over" some episodes, turning them into comedic jaunts, this one he was used more sparingly and it worked.

    Note this episode is not currently viewable online (hulu/youtube) due to licensing so you'll need to pick the season 2 dvd up to see it (it's worth it)