Season 5 Episode 21


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 30, 1990 on ABC

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  • Macguyver and the afterlife.

    This is one of those rare stories that litterally show how human action heroes can be, it showed that our hero Macgyver can actually die. Personally even though it is my number two favorate episode because it's so emotional, it put tears in my eyes just watching it. Macgyver is in distress over his Grandpa Harry's condition which is near death. He is meanwhile on a mission to guard an egyptian artifact which has to do with the myth of Osiris. The myth of course corilates with what's to come. It gets stolen by Black Marketers and Macgyver tries to stop them but fails and gets seriously hurt putting him in a coma. The coma gives Macgyver a chance to board the Osiris to see his Grandfather but also reunite with his parients.

    You can't help but feel a heavy sense of emotion in the episode because Macgyver is actually human in this one. You always know that Macgyver can get out of sticky sittuations every time, but in this episode were for the first time not so sure because this is actually death he is dealing with, how he going to get out of it, can he honestly get out of it? Another thing about it just the emotional reunion with his parients whom have all been decessed when he was a young child, you almost could sense he was going to cry at the moment he saw them again. However he has to make a rather difficult and heartbreaking choice, to either go back to the relm of the living and save his friends from getting killed or stay with his family and go to the afterlife. Being Macgyver is never easy and the decision he makes proves it.

    The episode is a hopeful message showing how people we know and love are never gone, there always with us even though we can't see them.
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