Season 2 Episode 11

Phoenix Under Siege

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 05, 1987 on ABC

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  • Mac and Harry go to the Phenix Foundation to get hockey tickets. Only to discover terrorists have taken over the building.

    The format is obviously familar to Die Hard. I'll admit the plot wasn't completely plasible, it had a lot of inconsistancies. For one thing, why the heck would the Phenix foundation be so poorly secure? Wouldn't a terrorist team consist of more than just three people to get the job done? And the biggest one of all, what the heck would blowing up the building prove if all they had to do was steal data and sabatosh records. But all those inconsistancies are easy to overlock since the whole focus is on the relationship between both Harry and Mac.

    As usual the action was fun just seeing Macguyver create an electromagnet. Or even the final fight with the overconfidant terrorist Victoria where unfortunately Mac gets his butt kicked (he seriously needs to take Martial Arts at the rate he's in). But this is where the bad part of the episode is, I thought the way Macgyver won that fight was really lame, in fact I deem it as one of the worst moments in action. When of course Victoria stupidly to finish Macgyver off with a flying jump kick which misses Mac and she then just crashes though a window and then fall down the building. For me that just didn't feel right, I felt there were better ways to win for Macgyver (why the heck could he of thrown her out the window at the last moment or delivered some sort of major hit) it's as if the writers had no ideas on how to end a fight right and so they just decided to wing it, which is always a bad idea.

    But that flaw aside the most interesting and important aspeck of this episode is seeing depth into Mac's life with Harry. From how far back it goes, down to how important Harry truely was to Mac when he heard news as a kid that he lost his parents in a car accident. That moment sort of made me tear up a bit. And we actually get to know Harry who is gruff, smart, sweet and funny. You really get to like him, I'll admit he actually reminded me a little of my own grandpa. But also we hear more tragic news about what is happening to Harry which makes things just a little sadder.
    Grandfather and grandson relations are always something to treasure because they never last long.
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