Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 29, 1985 on ABC

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  • Mac's introduction.

    This episode is basically the first shot to a memorable action hero's saga. It's your standard Macguyver plotwhich plays out sort of like a video game, you've got the objectives where he has to go into an underground science lab to not just stop a leak but save top scientists that are trapped. The envoirment which of course has several deadly obsticles. A second party member who is either brave or stupid enough to help Mac (and she does of course, much like in the video game Ico). As well as a limited amount of time to work with before well game over. This episode was a good way to introduce Macguyver, keeping us on the edge of our seat wondering if Mac will be able to make it on time, seeing him able to get though each obsticle though his usual use of logic and common sense, no lefhal weapons involved. Using cholate bars as a gummy cement to patch the leak as well as using a chemical in the lab and cough drops as a detinator to make a synthetic bomb. You name it he's done it.

    Unfortunately by today's standards depending on how much of Macguyver you've watched this episode might seem rather tame. It's predictable and some of the final outcome comes off a little unnessarily preachy. But like I said before this was the first shot in the saga and it was a hit.
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