Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 29, 1985 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • In the pilot episode, MacGyver's aversion to using guns isn't yet established. When the Mongolian soldiers open fire on him, he returns fire with an assault rifle before handing off the gun to the rescued prisoner.

    • Milk chocolate stops a sulfuric acid leak. This MacGyverism has been confirmed to work by the Mythbusters.

  • Quotes

    • MacGyver: It's funny, you know, the kind of stuff that pops into your head when you're trying to work. I remember there was this horse. A golden palamino. Old Man McGinny had got him in a trade, I think. I couldn't have been much more than 9 or 10 at the time, but I'd made up my mind I was going to ride that horse. Of course, knowing Old Man McGinny, that was going to take some doing. Well, first of, there was this dog, Hector. They didn't come any meaner or louder than Hector. One whiff of me heading for that corral, and Hector would have the old man down on me like a shot. So much for Hector. Well, I remember thinking to myself, as that palomino stared at me from across the corral with a real kind of proud and angry look, that if ever there was a time for turning back, this was it. But something else must have decided our paths were bound to cross that day, because my feet just kept right on going. Now, having a golden palomino in a corral is all well and good, but actually getting right up to her, well, that could be a whole 'nother ball game. She was starting to look a little bit bigger than I remembered, too. No, there was definitely more to riding this palomino than had occurred to me the night before. I'd always heard, in riding horses, it was the horse that did the sweating. But I wasn't even on him yet, and you could have wrung enough out of me to water the lawn. From here on, it was easy does it. If you move too sudden, or worse, try jumping on her back, and you might just as well strap yourself to a... well, to a rocket. All right, hotshot, so you got a golden palomino between your knees and no reins. Now what?

    • MacGyver: Tell me you were just in a hurry to see me and there's no bad news.
      Gantner: I was just in a hurry to see you and I'll save the bad news till we get inside.

    • Gantner: They calculate the chances of anyone getting through to Marlow and Stubens is... well, it's not great.
      MacGyver: Well, give me "not great" on a scale of one to ten.
      : Minus three. That's why we couldn't order anyone to try. So, uh, your name came up.

    • Colson: The only way to get down to the first level is through the elevator, and we can't even open the doors up here. The whole shaft is protected by laser.
      MacGyver: Infra-red or gas discharge?
      Colson: Gas. CO2, 10,000 watts.
      MacGyver: You boys take your elevator shafts pretty seriously.

    • MacGyver: The bag's not for what I take, Colson - it's for what I find along the way.

    • Colson: What was that?
      MacGyver: Yeah, well, there's nothing wrong with your laser.

    • MacGyver: Barbara, what if I were to tell you that if I can't stop an acid leak down there, in a few hours, they're gonna flood this whole complex with sodium hydroxide?
      Barbara: Then I'd say we're wasting time.

    • Gantner: How's Spencer holding up?
      MacGyver: She likes my name. What more could I ask for?

    • Barbara: I'd kiss you, MacGyver, but I've got this cold.
      MacGyver: So what's a little cold between friends, huh?

    • Barbara: Don't tell me you know how to make a bomb out of a stick of chewing gum?
      MacGyver: Why, you got some?

    • Barbara: I'd kiss you, MacGyver, but I got this cold.
      MacGyver: So, what's a little cold between friends, huh?

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