Season 2 Episode 15


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 1987 on ABC

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  • Impressive visual effects elevated this episode's already strong script to near-classic status.

    There was an intriguing "Miami Vice"-meets-"Thunderball" feel to this solid episode that was another in a long streak of well-received episodes, receiving a 16.3 rating even against competition on CBS and NBC that was still outperforming MacGyver. The production values in the underwater and island scenes were very impressive, with a brilliant array of colors that added to the experience of an already-clever script. Although the bad guys' decision to take Maria to the minefield island didn't strike me as quite as impenetrable of a plan as Gar believed it was (wouldn't the Coast Guard the pirates' cigarette boat docked on the island's coast?) but any excuse to get MacGyver stuck on an island full of mines in need of defusal was worth a flawed setup. The escape from the sinking boat and the original hijacking of Maria Ortega's boat were also well-played scenes. Maria didn't exactly burst onto the scene with energy, but it was still nice to see a female character with intelligence, a worthy cause, and who wasn't a raving bimbo. Overall, one of the stronger efforts from season two.