Season 4 Episode 18


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 08, 1989 on ABC

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  • Despite being an enjoyable episode, the streak of stupendous MacGyver outings came to an end with this one.

    There was plenty to like about this episode, particularly Steve's slow road to dementia by way of shrapnel-induced brain lesions, but this episode didn't quite have the narrative pizazz of the handful of episodes that preceded it. Stephen Furst gave a memorably humorous portrayal of "Dr. Kos" while Don Stroud was solid as Commander Hilliard, but it seemed as though the writers were trying to stretch a 45-minute story into an hour at some points. Acting performances were nonetheless strong throughout and the scene with the bomb hooked to the motion detector was suspenseful. Co-scriptwriter Chris Haddock was a prolific presence for this series late in the fourth season and continued to write into the fifth season. I didn't hear anything more from him for many years, but he has been a writer/creator for a couple short-lived series this decade, one of which was CBS's "The Handler" which ran about 14 episodes in 2003-04. "Renegade" was a solid effort, but not as mind-blowing as his first two scripts for the series ("The Challenge" and "The Invisible Killer").