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  • Show Quality

    You had a good show which I usually enjoy, but then you go and put MacGyver with a black woman, that will never do for a Georgia boy, I won't be watching your show anymore and neither will many more Southerners.

    You don't have to have black and whites together to have a good show.
  • Even Macgyver can't fix this

    My god this show is awful and an insult to the original the guy playing MacGyver looks like he should be playing the gay best friend did they even watch the original ? I hope it gets cancelled before the season even ends I will take what ever show that was left on the floor over this crap. I want to give this a ZERO but the lowest you can go is a one.
  • MacGyver Trivia

    Ultimate MacGyver Trivia

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    Trivia about everyone's favorite ingenious problem solver! Questions from the Classic TV Series, as well as The 2016 'Reimagining', Movies, & Commercials.
  • So cool to see this old show on the home page

    this was fun TV, and made me think of SG1 too!
  • Today's product placement marketers could learn something from it

    The Swiss Army Knife is not just his favorite tool. His character is kind of like one too in that he's versatile and practical.
  • Somewhat, the IRL counterpart of Jimmy Neutron.

    This is one smart show.

    Plot: MacGyver, a smart whiz that knows everything in physics, mechanics, objects, and almost everything! He makes things that are just unusually useful, and unique. He can create any inventions using anything! And those inventions are somewhat proven that it can be done in the real world!

    Characters: MacGyver is one of my most favorite protagonists of all time, as he's unusually smart. Underrated. I admit that this guy is a little smarter than Tony Starks. Characters are really complete in details, they are always in the right place, good actors, the actors know how to move into the right positions of their roles.

    Value: With a unique streak, he doesn't battle his way with a gun, only with swiss knife, and his invention. I like how the story and action goes in this show, it's one of the most unusual TV shows ever. Everything goes out well-planned and pure. Underrated.

    Overall: 11. The show/program to receive a highest score from me yet. REALLY underrated, I recommend this.
  • My All-time Fave Hero

    I was 10 when I started watching MacGyver and no one can get me off in front of the television once it's started.I would collect all of RDA's posters and make it the wallpaper in my room.:P I still can hum its opening theme even after 25 yrs. After it ended I still kept on looking for networks that aired it again.I still adore this witty hero.No tv series have captivated and made me glued to my seat every Saturday night more than MacGyver.

    Of course this tv series was way back then.Special fx in tv and movies have gone a long way.We can't expect the younger gen to appreciate it the way we used to.Technology were simpler then and so does the fx used.If you're looking for bombastic blasts and nerve-cracking adventures go "MI" or Indiana Jones.However, MacGyver isn't about that at all.It's just about using what we have during emergencies, being creative and witty.But please NEVER post a review if you haven't seen it!

    What's also great about the hero is his being a gentleman.We don't have this kind of hero anymore.It's also about friendship and never having grudges.I really admire how Mac helped his nemesis "Murdock" when the later's sister was taken hostage.We can't find that kind of guy anymore.Who would help someone who never wastes his time planning a plot to kill you?Maybe what made MacGyver last for 7 yrs though some episodes do have some flaws is the hero's character.We can see a part of ourselves in him or wished we had.What we look forward to every week is what would Mac do and how would he get out of the trouble he's in.The story doesn't really matter.We loved his ingenuity and wits.Period.
  • World's greatest hero, when it comes to get out of a a dangerous situation, without using a gun!

    When it comes to find a way out of a sticky situation, then Macgyver is our man. Regarding on his intelligence, and on what he has around him, the man could built anything. It was the series which gave Richard Dean Anderson his first big chance in Hollywood, b portraying Angus MacGyver (If this did not have happened, we would have not been able to see him on Stargate), and also for the great Dana Elcar, who did ana amazing work reprising Pete Thorton's, MacGyver's best friend. Although some of his tricks did not work on real life (although the way he stops the acid in the first episode, by using chocolate has been proven to be possible, it's just genius!), he was still able to captivate our imagination and our attention by defeating his enemies, without using nothing but a Swiss Army Knife, and his imagination. Along with his friends Peter and Jack, he travelled the world, helping those who needed most. The show was funny and it was one of the best of its kind.

    One of the greatest things that the series taught us also, was about friendship and the way you must sometimes relay on others, even if you do not think it is the best thing to do. A wonderful series, which deserves a place on the top, my friends!
  • It's magic...

    I remember when I was around 10. We were playing outside. Nothing could disturb our game, everyone was having fun. Then there was the signal, "McGyver is on TV", someone shouts.That's it.Everyone running to their houses to watch their hero. A man who is not a superhero, not particularly strong, he doesn't like to kill, he does not use weapons. But he does things that to everyone looked like magic. The show was nothing special technically, you can even say that it had some serious flaws. But honestly, who cares. I didn't care then, I certainly don't care now. Its amazing originality and the charisma of the leading man did the trick. Richard Dean gave life to one of the most likable characters ever created. If you add to that the supporting cast of his friends and villains, all together they create a miraculous result. This show is the perfect example that no special effects and sound effects and other technical issues cannot replace an ideal casting,its chemistry and a really original story. Violence is not the key to everything, just use your brain.Thanks for the lessons Mac.
  • Who hasn't said "I need a Paperclip, Rubber Band, and Toilet Paper Tube."

    This show was extremely influential during its time and became a classic no one will forget who has seen the show. MacGyver has been one of my top ten hero's since i was a kid, even if he did have a ridiculous mullet. It was a show that you continuously wanted more of, with all of his tiny solutions to enormous problems its no wonder why you cant help love the show. These simple solutions involve the tiniest of objects, from paperclips, to rubber bands, MacGyver shows us the simplest solutions can be the best. Makes me wish that i could use such simple objects to solve everyday tasks.
  • awesome show, always a favorite

    okay, yes, admittedly the last season was not perfect... but the show as a whole is a classic. It showed us a new style of special agent.... i have to address the negative post which was put on this page.. the poster admits that he has not watched the show:

    ----don't review a show if you haven't watched it------

    seriously, if you don't research, you can't go and bash a show... i have heard legitimate arguements on why people don't like macgyver, yours: "my mum said it was a bunch of episodes which were all the same" is not a legitimate reason to give a show a negative review.... seriously though, if you watch this show, and you actually watch more than a few episodes, you'll realize that while they are similar, they all have something different to offer the viewer.
  • A general review of the action/adventure series "Macgyver"

    It's hard to classify a TV show like "Macgyver (1985-1992)". Macgyver was unique, original, and suprisingly unpredictable, but on the other hand the show was too routine, often dull, and at times the script was horribly (even laughably) bad, with the cheesy acting to accompany it.

    The positive and negative aspects of the show varied from season to season, with season one being the most "experimental" due to the fact that Macgyver's character and the style of the episode presentation was often played around with in terms of the "James Bond" style opening gambits in the first few episodes, and the way Macgyver presented himself throughout the first season.

    Season two ran strong with Macgyver's character finally established as the more sensitive, action hero with a vast knowledge in the field of chemistry and physics, he hated heights, but hated guns even more, and had friends that had a thing for getting him into major trouble.

    Macgyver would run strong for three more seasons, before showing its age by season six in 1990. Basically the show became too routine, and was rapidly losing its taste, originality, and most of all the 80's style presentation of the show became lame and old news by the dawn of the 90's. This decline of intrest carried on into the seventh and final season. Season seven was the shortest season in the series and most of the episodes were far from top-notch. Never the less the show still had its perks with intresting plot twists, cool "Macgyverisms", and some great special effects/stunts. Personally my favorite macgyverism in the entire series came during season seven; called "Gunz and Boyz" when Mac blew a steel door by creating a cannon out of a beer-keg, duct pipe, and a whiskey basket.


    Season 1- Mediocre
    Season 2- Strong
    Season 3- Strong
    Season 4- Average
    Season 5- Average
    Season 6- Mediocre
    Season 7- Mediocre
  • Boring.

    OK. Boring. If i wanted better animation, i would ask for a cartoon about a calculater fighting off highly skilled ninjas who are destined to rule the world but the calculater must stop them. That is action. It would be way better to watch than this. Boring show that is a piece of crap.
  • The women would like it.

    MacGyver is synonym for resourceful and creative. If you look those words from the dictionary, you'll see MacGyvers photo and a text: dude, who can make anything out of a roll of duct tape, dental floss and some loose pieces of stone.

    That's the whole basic idea for a show. MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) is a secret agent, or something, who uses his brain before his brawn always coming up a clever solution on dispatching the baddies without the need of using a gun. Though he might do explosives now and then. ;) Mac's boss is Pete Thornton (Dana Elcar), boss of Phoenix foundation, that seems to dabble in a bit of everything, just like Mac. Another regular character is Jack Dalton (Bruce McGill), Mac's adventurous pilot friend who is often in trouble or is gonna get in one in order to help his friend.

    What astonishes me is, that MacGyver has lasted the test of time reasonably well. Sure, there are lots of episodes, that feel a bit campy these days, but in all the series is still very watchable. And this comes from a person, who saw MacGyver for the first time back in 80's as a little kid (I was little under ten when it started in the TV here) and saw the series again in my mid twenties.
  • Switch the channel, Snl is on!

    I don't think macgyver is really all that good of a show because it seems like a show that is the same every episode. i've never seen it but from what I've heard from my mum, I'm not interseted in it. I do like watching Macgruber on Saturday Night Live because it makes fun of the show. He never saves the day because he always gets distracted by something. Macgruber is played by Will Forte and Will makes Macgruber seem feminine. It's hilarious. i's watch macgruber over macgyvre antday of the week. Plus, who would really watch it today, it's no the 70's anymore. Sorry.
  • Best TV show of the 80s (or darn close)

    I absolutely loved MacGyver back in the day and I still do now. There isn't really a show on tv nowadays that you can say is the new Macgyver or like the show. I will always call Richard Dean Anderson MacGyver and not by his real name. He will always be MacGyver to me. I loved him though on Stargate til he pulled out of doing the FINAL season. That kinda ticked me off. But oh well. MacGyver is a brillant show and the cast was amazing. I'm so glad the whole series is on DVD... I just hope the 2 movies will be released soon and not stuck in a complete series boxset.
  • My thoughts on MacGyver

    I loved this show when I was a teenager. I watched it every chance I got. I loved how each episode was original and unique. My favorite thing about it was how MacGyver used his mind and know how to beat the bad guys every week. This show also had a lot of heart. The characters were great, and always carrying in some way. I truly miss this show. It also seemed to have a moral imbedded in the storyline somewhere. Never a week went by that I did noty watch it. I truly loved this show, and wish I could see it again.
  • MacGyver: The Man who can make something out of nothing...

    To tell you the truth I really wasn't even born until this show was over with. A couple of years ago I saw it on TV and then I boughts the box sets. MacGyver always gets out of a tight spot no matter what. I thought that the first few seasons were the best though. They had MacGyver doing more, like making his awesome inventions. In the later seasons it seemed to focus on things like gang violence. Richard Dean Anderson is the man. he portrayed MacGyver brilliantly. The same can be said for The supporting characters like Dana Elcar as Pete. The ever so funny Jack Dalton and the treacherous Murdoc. This show could be corny at times and some of the stuff that MacGyver makes could be impossible but that is the best part of the show. Just think as to how much of a good role model MacGyver would have made for kids, he never uses guns or drugs and always helps people. Hopefully the rumors of a MacGyver movie are true and we can get Richard Dean Anderson back to playing the role.
  • One of my earliest memories is the exposition at the end of the title.

    This show was near perfect thru out it's seven years. So much of my time as a youth was speed watching the adventures of Angus "Mac" MacGyver that it's a wonder I'm not sporting a mullet. Thanks to this show I believe duck tape can fix any thing, and as long as I have my trust pocket knife I could stop WW III. But seriously, this show tackled both serious and light issues with brilliance. And It gave use some of the best villains in television history. Not to mention its best hero, and one of the most enduring characters on TV. He was a hero who never considered himself one, would lend a helping hand to anyone in need, treated woman with respect, was humble, funny, hated guns, and only thru a punch if there was no other was out of a situation. In short he was what a real man should be and what most modern day "heroes" never are.
  • Mac can do anything, can fix anything, can get out of anything, can't be stopped, and can save you!

    I didn't move for the whole hour, I owned the Swiss Army Watch, I do not use duct tape on everything, but I wished I could. I played hockey b/c of him, and wished I lived in a warmer place so I could own a Jeep without freezing in the winter. I never wore a "mullet" but he made and still makes them look cool. And b/c of him I watched every episode of Legend a version of Mac, but in the 1800's which was just as cool to me.
    My favorite part about the show was that it lead the way for Burn Notice, which focuses on a more personal and flashier character.
    We knew he had a personal life, and that it was visited every now and again, I loved that Penny Parker came around once in a while, but it would have been nice to have more knowledge of him, and while Sam was good to know about, it would also have been nice to have meet him earlier. A throw back into the Cowboy shows of years past, complete with a ride off into the sunset.
  • The show that brought us the household word "MacGyvering"! All hail the indomitable classic.

    Sure, old shows like this can be corny at times. Alright. So maybe some episodes can just be downright painful. But some shows, corny or not, have characters there are so lovable, memorable, and just plain classic, you watch on regardless. MacGyver is definitely one of those kind of shows, in my opinion. Regardless of often redundant themes (not the least annoying of which is the new love interest in nearly EVERY SINGLE EPISODE--sorry, pet peeve, there), Mac, Pete Thornton, Jack Dalton, and Penny Parker are all old friends. And that's not to mention the whole point of the show--"MacGyvering". Gotta love the guy's ingenuity, which I don't think the show ever stopped putting to the test. So yeah, I might cringe a little when I'm watching with my ever-skeptical dad, but I'll always consider myself a (closet) fan.
  • lol!

    Yes, this show is before my time and I only remember little pieces of it, but i watch it because it is O'Neill from Stargate, and he's so cute and funny. From what I remember he was good in this show also. He was smart and new just what to do, wouldn't it be great if someone could be like this for real. I haven't seen it on lately and it would be great to watch it again that way I'm older and can remember it now. I would love to watch it again, I wish it were back.
  • a great series indeed!

    watching macgyver is really entertaining. i just love how he would get out of a sticky situation with his wits and quick thinking. everything could be use into something that's very creative and you can learn something as well. he's this agent from the phoenix foundation with his best friend pete as his boss and together they embark on this great adventure. i like most of the episodes with murdoch as the villain. he's really convincing and exciting. and the music theme is just right. this is a worth watching series and just check it out to know what i'm talking about.
  • Classic

    I remember watching this show Friday nights. I can remember Richard Dean Anderson announcing to the world that he enjoyed the show but sadly this is the end. It was a big shock. I loved that show. If I had to watch all over again I'll probably think it is not so great. What I can remember of it was that wherever he got trapped there was always something that he could use to help him out of the situation. My favorite episode was the one with the ants. I would suggest that if you or kids have not seen it before, take it out and enjoy. It should be part of everybody's TV history.
  • Good to grow up on.

    MacGyver is yet another great program from my youth that makes me enjoy television as an adventure into imagination. MacGyver was perfect. The stories weren't uniform and one sided, but rather each plot was unique and had it's own little secret glimpses into the background of the characters. MacGyver was another integral part of the show, because of his ingenuity and problem solving ability, I had a role model that didn't always leap right into action first and figure out how to get out of trouble later...
    MacGyver may be the punchline for a lot of jokes, but he is a true hero.
  • Yeah, bring it back.

    MacGyver is superb show. It makes you watch it longer than anything. It just sucks you in. I like this kind of shows. Where people make good things of ordinary things that we use at home for living normaly. This guy is briliant. They should bring it back. Seriously. These seasons are not enough. They should be like Star Trek that never seem to end. Like that, yeah. The story is good, but it kinda sucks cos it's so old. the characters are pretty good. This is my review. Bye, bye, bye, bye!

    Bring back MacGyver! We want MacGyver back.
    Now, really!
  • mr fix anything goes on screen as the super spy

    the show is surely unique and the story is very interesting but the quality of the videos are somewhat discouraging. the main actor (who later became the star atraction for stargate) definatly made the show more entertaining. the classic scene where he is trapped and he finds some defunctioned machinary and somehow putts it together to make the item apropriate to escape and complete his objective. i alwayse was looking forward to see it. the show in the ending is exacly what i chose as my classification of the show. it is interesting but needed improvements to make it more attractive. however it is worth a look.
  • What can I do with a...

    I think this is the ultimate show for the DIY'er. here's a guy who can pretty much do anything, break into a military base with just some stuff from a nearby truck? Done, make a Bazooka out of a muffler, seat padding, some gas, and a wooden ball? (I still wanna try that sometime!) Bye bye bad guys. I think my personal favorite though is the opening sequence where he's trapped in an interrogation room with just a map and he escapes the town in a hot air balloon. I think they called it "A map is a wonderful thing." everything from hiding a pipe in it for use as a weapon to a patch for his balloon. I get bored at work and I'll take the stuff at my desk and try and "McGuyver" it into something cool (Usually some kind of spring loaded contraption that shoots stuff at my co-workers) just goes to show how much impact a show can have on someone.
  • "I've been shot at, blown up, punched, and stabbed. And what have I got to show for it? A few empty rolls of duct tape?"

    To anyone who loves ingenuity and a sense of adventure,this is their show. MacGyver is the cleverest man ever. Who else could escape jail with a freon canister or walk through snakes with gasoline. MacGyver stands for the American sense of ingenuity. Each episode was a new adventure and was fun to watch. It kept you thinking like MacGyver for that 60 minutes. Each and every day, MacGyver would survive with his wits about him. This is, in many ways, a sister series to the A-Team. Ingenuity fuels both series. But MacGyver does everything himself or with 2 friends. He did it alone!

    Last Words: MacGyver cannot be equalled, but rather compared to. So buy the DVDs to get your Mac 101 today.
  • Classic television that would be very welcome if it were to return to our screens again!

    You know, I really mean this; bring back MacGyver! There are no shows like this anymore (and no men either!). MacGyver really epitomised the ultimate American Hero; loyal, decent and smart. He always got the bad guys, but was always very fair about doing it (I always remember him giving them a fighting chance). And hey, how many men do you know that can build a bomb out of some plasticine, a coat hanger and using a pen knife?!

    All jokes aside, MacGyver really was a great show. It was exciting, clever and fun. I'm well aware of how far fetched it was, that wasn't the point. The escapism of sitting down every week and watching his adventures were the highlight of my week's TV when I was a child. I was always gob smacked by the things he could do with his pen knife (although with hindsight and age, I'm well aware of how unrealistic it was!). I had a discussion in the pub about this the other night; someone mentioned the show and it brought a round of enthuastic reminising from everyone at the table, proving that MacGyver was something we all watched. I realise that shows like 24 and The Unit have more realism and better special effects but for me, MacGyver will always be the ultimate TV hero. And although I would love to see the show make a comeback, I fear it wouldn't be quite the same without it's original star; Richard Dean Anderson. But I'll always have the memories and those are priceless!
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