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  • MacGuyver is a typical man.If you considder being able to disarm a missle with a paper clip typicle.he captures anyone harming others.when in a sinch he uses everthing at his disposal to save the day. I had to edit to make all this fit.

    This show was an American classic. Why it is no longer aired is beyond me. Even thow the show always followed the same basic format it was exciting and compeling to whach what clever MacGuyver would think of to ecape a deadly fate. This show realy should be aired once more. After a while learning the casts' names' you feal you know them becuse the writers did an excelent job on devloping the script, and hay Macky isn't half bad looken' even today. Voet for Mac. Take it from an 8th grade tv cridict.(I'll bet that explains the spelling and lack of vocabulary.)
  • MacGyver is just amazing! He could make anything out of nothing and he made a mullet look good.

    MacGyver is one of my all-time favorites. It had good action and Murtoc was the best bad-guy I have ever seen on TV, for as long as he kept on coming back. He went all around the world and saved the day. There are plenty of memorable episodes that should always be remembered. MacGyver was great because of his macgyverisms. He could make anything out of nothing. MacGyver also made the mullet look good and he was the epitome of the 80's style. Nothing like that is on TV today and it should stay like that because nothing can top MacGyver, ever. Great show with a good run.
  • MacGyver is an average American except for one thing, he can use anything around to get out of any situation. He puts that talent to use often when he has to escape from the bad guys and save the people that he meets.

    MacGyver is my all time favorite show! I love how MacGyver can allways come up with some way to get out of anything with things that no one would think of using. It's lucky that the bad guy is allways too stupid to just shoot him, I mean Murdoc of all people should know better than that. I also allways get mad when his friends worry that he won't make it. I mean they should know that he can get out of anything. I wish that MacGyver was a real person. I also wish that I could watch it on T.V. everyday like I use to, but I can't find a channel that it's on.
  • He was the best!

    If you are in a jam you might wanna call MacGyver, casue he can make all kind of things from the most common things nature and man has to offer.
    I absolutely loved this show, I thought MacGyver was the best with all of the gadgets he could come up with. And lets's not forget his nr 1 nemesis, Murdock. That man had as many lives as a cat! And Jack who put Mac in more situations that you could count!
    A great show with and amazing character, MacGyver.
  • MacGyver is briliant, life and deather situations and still manages to get the girl.

    Seriously brilliant how MacGyver comes up with the most unique and bizarre ways to get himself out off situations while still always getting the girl. As corny as it is now back in its day it was a must see. A chewing gum bomb not to mention any of the other crazy schemes MacGyver came up with. He is just like James Bond with out the financial backing to have all the high tech gadgets Bond has. The way MacGyver does it is much more exciting anyway. Always makes me laugh even more so watching now.
  • This is definitely one of the best series in the 80's. MacGyver is action packed fun that you never get tired of watching and keeps you guessing!

    Macgyver is the sexy super hero who always saves the day and even when people doubt him he always come through! MacGyver can do the unthinkable in this action packed series that always keeps you guessing how is MacGyver going to get out of this one! There is always something new, a new obstacle that MacGyver will have to get through. This is definitely a must own set. I have all the seasons 1-7 and I love it!
  • The first alchemist show ever on TV

    This an amazing show, not only for the fact that MacGyver can create an helicopter out of a matchbox and a couple of needles but also thanks to the fact that the show is very well done, the dialogues and the directions is esxcellent, so you never have a moment of boredom. another nice thing was that MacGyver was a very peaceful man who never killed a person in this show and he also hates guns, which is completely against what we see in heroes these days who are more concerned abut bodycount than in saving. Richard Dean ANderson is also an excellent actor. I don' know one person who hates MacGyver!
  • 80s Classic - a 1 man version of the A-Team!

    This series showed how good Richard Dean Anderson is and why this show and Stargate SG-1 was so successful. Each week MacGyver would head out to help the downtrodden ordinary people of the world take on the bad guys using his razor sharp mind. The jokes abound about how he could build a guided missile with a rubber band, paperclip and a roll of duct tape (his favorite tool!).

    I learned alot from this show. Whenever I need to do something and dont have the perfect tool, I just look around, see whats available and think like MacGyver.

    The series ended at just the right time and didnt run itself into the ground. When Stargate SG-1 ends, it would be funny if, while golfing he was hit in the head and woke up in his bed in his MacGyver apartment with Jack Dalton standing over him, to which he says "Jack??? Wow, I had just had one heck of a dream!" Ok, it would rip off the finale of Newhart but, what the heck.
  • I loved this show and love MacGyver growing up!!

    I so loved this show. Growing up it was a can't miss an episode or die show to me. In later years I loved and watched every rerun over and over again until I could almost tell you word for word what would happen and what they would say. My favorite christmas gift one year was my own swiss army knife like just like MacGyver's he always had with him. I think it was well written for the time period and a little ahead. It will always be a classic for all generations! Even though I hated Merdock you had to love the way they played out the conflict between him and MacGyver. And of course you always had loyal Pete. I was a little disappointed in the ending of the series because I thought he should have ended up with that girl he was aways saving, darn I can't remember her name but she was little crazy and goofy :) I am glad he found his son but it would have been better if they all together went off into the sunset. I will even admit I wanted to marry Richard Dean Anderson and as a teen growing up dreamed of our happy ending lol but even as a adult now it is series classic and just awesome!
  • I always like the way MacGyver would find bits & pieces of things to get him out of a situations. Some of my questions are who thought these things up & how many times did they have to test things before doing them or how many re-takes did it tak

    MacGyver is one show I wish theyd have reruns of on any TV station. It seems the shows you really want rerun never do. TV Land, TBS, TNT, & others have some good old shows, but they run the same ones over & over(Friends,Everybody Love Raymond) If they are going to repete a show, dont do it 2 weeks apart. Most stations change what they rerun from time to time, BUT find and run the ones we dont ever get to see. Anotherwords bring back the 60s & 70s TV. I like to see the old commercials too & Im sure they could get sponsors to put their adds on too. Im sure a lot of people feel the same way I do as far as some of the new shows have no real story line, they are just a show on TV or they have way to much violence.
  • y is it gone

    This tv show is simply the best 70 s to 80 s : Action /Adventure tv show ever made other than the A-team. MacGyver is the best hero i guse you can call it.MacGyver doesn´t use weapons. y no man will ever know,but he is good at macking home made boms and other stuff that comes in alot of handy.The funny thing is that he is afraid of hights , but he always finds him self in a high place.the only reson y this tv show dosent get a 10 is because of mrdoc MacGyvers arc nemasic and the worst thing is that he dosent die hes ben blon up hes been set on fier hes fallin out of a 20 story drop thare is no stoping him. they shoud bring this show back
  • can they replay this show on tv again

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  • Classic...

    macgyver is my favorite show from the 1980s. It has tons of good ideas and it features one of my favorite actors ever Richard Dean Anderson. You have a hero who doesnt like guns and is afraid of heights is there anything better than that? I own the complete fifth season on dvd but I was a Little disapointed MacGyver didnt really do that much adventuring you know like jumping out of airplanes and almost breaking his neck. what I didnt like was that penny parker wasnt in any episodes at all well exept serenity but that was a dream episode. i'd hate to say it but season 5 is the only season that I have ever seen and I'm hoping to get more seasons soon. i gave MacGyver a 9 out of ten becuse of season 7 they basically cut the season in halve. Later...
  • what mom,can it wait until a commercial

    there are reruns that air time to time,that you find puasing on briefly as you scroll through the channels. you see the old stars you once enjoyed, and you smile why did i ever or how did i sit through the entire episode (scarecrow and mrs.king) but then there are the ones you still find yourself stuck watching,sure you look back and realize the writing wasn't all that great, the acting has definately improved over the years. but mac will still always keep you on the edge of your seat, will he get away,can you really weld with jumper cables and a quarter,is the house haunted or is everyone getting mercury poison. frankly this was a show that molded future soldiers, carpenters, mr. fix-its this show inspired a breed of thier own.
  • I liked MacGyver. I have been watching it since it first started in 1985. I liked Penny Parker played by Teri Hatcher because she used to make me laugh.

    MacGyver is a different kind of hero - he doesn’t use weapons, he’s afraid of heights, and he’s an expert at making complicated machines out of ordinary things. A fan, a dough-scraper and some duct tape forms an excellent helicopter attack. A cut credit card can help cause a traffic jam. A light bulb makes an outstanding set of lock picks.

    For years the main characters have remained in the story. Others came and went sometimes for short periods and sometimes for many episodes. They helped to make the story more exciting.

    Some of the main characters were Peter, MacGyver, Penny, Jack, Murdoc and Harry.

    Each episode is a story on its own but it forms part of the whole story.
  • I'm in LOVE!!!!

    He is part Indiana Jones, part Sherlock Holmes.
    He can turn a bicycle frame into a blowtorch, disarm a bomb with a hockey ticket, or weld a broken pipe with a handfull of quarters.
    He is MacGyver, a natural genius whose quick wits and knowledge of science allow him to perform incredible feats with everyday objects.
    A scientific adventurer, MacGyver works for the Phoenix Foundation, an organization dedicated to making the world a better place for all.
  • A personal favorite in youth...

    MacGyver is a large part of my youth television view experience. The TV series that I was wait every week to see, and could not get enough.
    It is an interesting idea, very well achieved during its 7 season. With a great performance of Richard Dean Anderson as MacGyver, we had a different type of hero, capable of using day to day things and build the most incredible tools and artifacts to get out of the most difficult situation.
    This show was not only entertaining but also had the advantage of from time to time being educational, we could learn chemistry, physics, electrical power, and much more.
    Unfortunately, we only had 7 season, we should have had more…
  • The Mastermind of all action/adventure television

    MacGyver is, without a doubt my favourite show of the '80's
    Richard Dean Anderson did a suberb job of portraying the character that is now so widely famous across the globe.However I found that the series had better action with MacGyver escaping like in seasons 1-3 rather than street kids and gangs with drug problems like in Seasons 4-7.but the show is still a's just to bad they took off the reruns in canada.I bought the DVD's.
  • A really good show.

    This show is so cool. A show that inspires by not being violent. Macgyver uses his brains to solve the problem without using a gun. This is puzzle like adventure drama, that doesn't require you to think too much. You just relax and let Macgyver do his thing and get the job done at the end. Even the episodes that are set in his nightmares are pretty good. When he gets shot in the head, and somehow goes back in time gives us a look at his skills being applied in that timeline, a good idea from the writers. I give Macgyver a 2 thumbs up.
  • Mac, Pete, Penny, Murdoc!, and my personal favorite JACK DALTON!!!!!

    A creative and entertaining show. Would you expect anything less from a project produced by T.V. legend Henry Winkler? Angus MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson), leads the way throughout suspenseful escapades in the U.S. and across the globe. Famously improvising and adapting to evade certain doom is Macgyver's trademark. This makes for the great action and sarcastic banter Richard Dean has made his living on. His trusted partner at the Phoenix Foundation Pete Thornton (Dana Elcar), joins Mac on the quest for universal justice. Reoccuring nemesis Murdoc (Michael Des Barres), provides the ultimate rivalry that lasts throughout the series. Swiss Army Knife in hand, there's no situation Mac can't handle. The icing on this cake for me is the one and only Jack Dalton (Bruce Mcgill). An episode with Jack Dalton is sure to be filled with plenty of entertainment. Overall, a classic show with the perfect mixture of action, comedy, and a leading man with a mullet for the ages.
  • The best show and best action hero in television History!

    This is my favorite show of a genius who can invent anything out of anything useing basic science facts and out of the box tatics. I also like the fact that MacGyver is the utimate boy scout and a wilderness survival master. He can solve any crime, mystery, and an excellent treasure hunter as well! It also takes a pro to take down armed criminals without using any gun but ordinary objects, I would like to see someone else do that! Macgyver is the greatest and he is very unique compared to other heroes who uses guns and muscles to take down criminals.
  • MacGyver is a good show without guns

    MacGyver is a good show.
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  • He is MacGyver, a natural genius whose quick wits and knowledge of science allow him to perform incredible feats with everyday objects.

    I loved this show, the way MacGyver would whip up anything with everything to make it work or make anything from everything to get out of trouble. I also started having a crush on MacGyver since then, and I also loved the theme song.

    I\'ve watched this show, because of the fact that it was against volience, drugs, and guns. I have different favorite episodes, mostly the ones where MacGyver would try to out do his enemy Murdoc.
  • MacGyver is a show about, well, MacGyver. He is very smart and always helping someone get out of some situation or another. This is the best show on television - old or new.

    MacGyver is my favorite show of all time. I started to watch it eight years ago somtime after the show had gone off the air. I immediatily liked the show. It was on tv one night and I just decided to watch the show. I didn't know to a few years later, but I started watching with the first episode. This show is great, and I wish it could have stayed on the air.(the new comercil was great. I was wondering when they were going to do one. They should make more.) Hopefully they will make a new movie soon. It would definitly be a big hit.
    This show is about MacGyver, an action hero. He starts out doing various works for the goverment, then ends up working for the Phenix Foundation(a company that helps everyone and works on everything). MacGyver is so cool because he solves all his problems(usaly catching the bad guy or exscaping from them) by using his mind and coming up with geniuses soulutians. MacGyver seems to have done everything and know everyone before the show even starts. He has lots of old friends and seems to have had every job.
    Macgyver is a good show because he tries to help everyone and he always needs to think of some diffrent way to help those people. He hates guns and all violence for that matter.
    The show starting in the second season, also starred Peter Thorton. Pete was a good adittion to the show. It leveled it about a bit. Pete ran the Phenix Foundation - at least in the section Mac worked. Pete and Mac were best friends. This devoleped through out the show. The show I think still would've been good without Pete, but I'm very glad he was on the show. Him and Mac togther were always great.
    The show had recurring side charactors, the best of which were these: Jack Dalton, who would always seem to get Mac in trouble. He was probably the best side character.
    Penny Parker, who was acccidently always getting into trouble. She was also always fun to watch.
    Lisa, who was a school kid. The episodes she was on were great.
    The Coltons. Mama, Frank, Jessie, and Billy who were Bounty Hunters. They were always a blast to watch. Sometimes only one would be on, sometimes two. It was the best when all of them were on togther. They did one episode that MacGyver was barely on. I think that was a great episode. Not as good as MacGyver, but if they made a tv series out of it, it would've been the second best series on at the time(actually, I think they still should make it a series, with a few quest apperances by MacGyver. It would probably be the second best show running on television and everyone in my family would watch it).
    Henry was another great charactor. He was Mac's grandpa and only other living relitive. Henry was the only other person on the show who even thought a little bit like Mac. Henry died in one of the episodes. The episode was really good, besides Henry dying anyway. But they gave him a nice farewell.
    There was also Nikki Carpenter. She was alright, but not as memorible or good as the others(she worked for the Phenix Phoundation).
    There was always this guy(I'm not sure of his name) who kept reapearing on the show as diffrent badguys and you were always like is he the same person he played last time or someone new?
    Probbaly the most memorable chatactor of them all was Murdoc. He was MacGyver's archenemy. He was almost as cleaver as MacGyver and a very worthy foe. Murdoc no matter how many times he would die at the end of an episode shouting his trademark qoute, MacGyyyyyyyver!, would always come back to life to meet MacGyver agian.
    All in all this show is the best show on television, running or not. I don't think I'm ever going to find a better show than this. I would always watch all the reruns and even had some of them taped, but now I'm just watching all the DVDs. To bad those don't have extra features, that would have been very cool.
    I don't think I'll ever stop watching this show as long as I live.
  • No matter how old I get I can still remember running to the television set scream MagGyver is on!!!

    Looking back on it, boy was I an impressionable kid or what!

    I was and still am fascinated by this guy – he seems to be Mr. Perfect! No where on this planet could you find someone as resourceful as MacGyver! I swear – well not literally – but I bet he could fix a airplane with a pen knife! And still make tea and serve biscuits to the injured passengers!

    Macgyver stretched the bounds of make believe till you began to believe it – well the possibility anyway.No matter what the situation or where he was, MacGyver could always bail himself out of any pinch! There were moments when I felt he was done for but again he got through it.
    However age and common sense have prevailed and I now know why my father was constantly screaming Lies All Lies when ever we watch MacGyver.

    Since its syndication I watched a few reruns and had a blast laughing my head off!
  • Macgyver can make anything out of anything. This is definitely the best show ever on television. Macgyver is action packed, exiting, thrilling, and thought provoking. The only other words that I can think of to describe it are awesome and sup

    Macgyver has been my favorite television show since I first saw it {I was eight years old}. It's awesome for families to watch together or for anybody to see.
    Macgyver always uses his head to get out of situations, and hardly ever uses violence {only if he's punching or something like that}. He is extremely smart, and can solve tough problems by making things from other things.
    Mac's boss, Peter Thorton, is also Mac's best friend. They some times go on missions together, but usualy Mac's alone.
    Jack Dalton is a superb character that's an old buddy of Macgyvers. Jack gets into trouble easily, always counting on Mac to get him out.
    Penny Parker is annoying and complains to much, but I guess that's how she's supposed to be.
    Nikki Carpenter is not the best character in the world, I don't particularly like her.
    Murdoc is the perfect bad guy for this show, he's creative and he's always trying to kill Macgyver {well, most of the time anyway}. Murdoc is a tad insane, making him even better {well, for a badguy anyway}.
    This is the best show ever to exist, and probably the best show that's ever going to exist.
  • Great show

    My score may be a little retro, but I still enjoy this show. It is fun just to try and think of what he is planning on putting together to get himself out of a jam. It is too bad there was never a movie, that would have been great. MacGyver could do everything a CSI team could do faster and without all the high tech equipment.
  • Made the Swiss Army Knife cool...

    I watched this show when it was running in the eighties, and have recently become reaquainted with it when I bought the first season on DVD last year. I was immediately drawn to the show from the first season, in most episodes had a short featurette before the opening titles, a la James Bond. I loved that concept, and was disappointed in Season 2 when it didn't continue. The thing I appreciate most about this series is MacGyver's aversion to guns, and his penchant to use his brain first, brawn as a last resort. I'll encourage my son to watch this series when he gets a little older for that very reason. Some of the acting can be cheesy (as in most eighties shows), but the stories are engaging, and watching MacGyver solve problems with every day items never gets old for me. Highly recommended!
  • Best TV mullet ever!

    When I think of the 80's, shows like the Dukes of Hazard, Dallas, The A Team and MacGyver bring back memories. They were fun and with the exception of Dallas, the three others all had one thing in common. They all solved things with very little violence. Even though it may seem that there was some, The A Team always made contraptions that would get them out of trouble, but no one died. The Dukes always fought their way out of trouble just long enough for Roscoe to come arrest the bad guys and with Mac, well he would just make a radio receiver out of a paperclip grass and a shoelace or he would make a dart gun out of bubble gum and toothpick. I honeslty believe that this this was the toughest man in the world. Put him up against the Terminator and he would have found a way to dismantle his CPU without ever touching it. He would make something to shut him down. And that's what was so pure about MacGyver. He never really used violence to solve problems, always his head. And he never got carried away either. He never panicked. He just stayed cool and he always managed to save the day. I love this show and I wish they would bring it back, even in sydication where I am, but we don't have it here and that is a shame because it is a great show and one that I miss.
    I really liked it when he built that man made wormhole out of paper clips and bubble gum.
  • Loved the show as a kid!

    I had a huge crush on Richard Dean Anderson as
    A kid growing up in the 80's and MacGyver was
    One of a kind tv show about a secret agent who
    Doesn't like weapons, heights but is very smart and very intelligent as he uses paper clips or lightbulbs to get out of the hard things
    That he gets himself into as this show was ahead of its time!
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