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  • MacGyver is quite possibly my favorite average joe-superhero.

    Never been more amused by a man who can find more uses for ducttape than the average mind could possibly think of. Here we have a guy who manages to get himself out of any and every situation he's put in regardless of his lack of help or tools, and uses the environment around him to save himself and others.

    And goodness knows that that specific Mullet would go down in history as the most attractive hairstyle on the amazing Richard Dean Anderson.

    With the release of the DVD set there is no question that MacGyver's popularity has risen since his run on the television screen. There hasn't been an episode yet that's been a disappointment. Even if the plot line is stale and unamusing, it's worth tuning in just to see what our average joe-superhero comes up with.
  • one of my personal favorites....

    I remember watching this when I was like 7 yrs old. No kidding . It was aired in my home country and my mom's so hooked on this tv show that it kinda grew on me. I like the fact that it's sort of an action series without too much violence but a whole lotta brains...... This is in my list of dvd series to collect........
  • Look beyond the duct tape.

    When people think of MacGyver, they conjure up images of making bombs out of a paper clip and a piece of bubble gum. Other people think of being able to fix anything with duct tape or a Swiss Army knife. Granted these items were a part of the core of the show, it was really more than just that.

    MacGyver broke into television as an action adventure hero who could build anything to get him or other people out of any situation. What was unique about the show was that the protagonist in the series was not only used his mind to solve problems, but he also solved them without the use of gun violence. Sure he utilized a gun here and there in the creation of an invention or a diversion, but he never used it for the purpose of killing anyone. But it wasn't this anti-gun message that kept me watching the show.

    I watched the show because I was amazed at the everyday item creations that were used, as well as the interesting story lines that took MacGyver all over the globe. Each week I would tune in to find out what it was he was gonna make next and figure out how he did it. Not only did I watch for it's entertainment value, I watched it to learn. If MacGyver could find a way out, well there should be a way out of anything, except exposing his first name. I could have lived without ever knowing, but the producers wanted to do something...too bad it couldn't have been done better.

    Sure you can take the show for what it is at face value, but to get to the core it's all about being able to adapt to any situation. Plus, it made me keep a few select tools in my truck that kept me out of trouble over the years. Even watching it many years later, it's still makes for good television.
  • Watching the shows offered on the tv nowadays is making me want to watch shows like this more and more.Language and nudity does not a good show make. I watch shows for entertainment purposes, to relax me after a hard day at work.This show does just

    Just because someone doesn't understand the concept of entertainment and has to watch animation to get off shouldn't gripe about shows that will become classics long after the animation crowd has passed. Cussing and swearing about something makes you look like an idiot too.If you don't like a show just say I didn't like the show. Its not hard. Better yet get a grip on reality and join us in the real world - no not the tv show.Richard Dean Anderson is a fabulous actor whether on Macgyver, Stargate SG-1 or any number of movies he has been in. He is also a good father and an active environmentalist.He is also the only civilian to be honored by the US Air Force with actual Brig. General silver stars.
  • òtimo show. realmente muito bom, MacGyver e seu canivete ficaram na memória da maioria das pessoas. e quem não queria um canivete igual o dele? O mais interessante eram os diálogos dele com o carequinha, perfeitos. E até hoje não esqueço do

    Era um seriado informativo, aprendíamos coisas interessantes sobre várias coisas, principalmente montar bombas. Hoje este programa com certeza seria censurado pelo governo americano, mas muitos filmes da época faziam referências ao MacGyver, ou até se aproveitavam de algumas coisas que eles mostravam.
    Muito melhor que muitas séries novas, onde falta um bom ator para desenvolver as cenas.
  • Bring back the mullet!

    Quite possibly Richard Dean Anderson's greatest work to date. It was a little before my time, but damn if it doesn't ring true today. If anything, I love it even more because the hair is so VERY old school. That mullet makes me keel over every time. I'm pretty sure it's the source of all his super powers.
  • Nothing but the best, they just don't make them like they used to.

    I was rather young when MacGyver was on the Air but I do remember the show very well. I was glad that they brought it to DVD so I could watch it over and over, and hopefully someday show my children. Who knows what'll be on the air then. It's one of those shows that if I catch a rerun I'll stay and watch.
  • Fantastic. Influential.

    This is one of my favorite shows. Richard Dean Anderson is a very talented actor. MacGyver is a freaking genius. He is the best escape artist ever.
    He can build anything from his Swiss army knife and duct tape. Though He was a different kind of hero i.e. didn’t like guns, only brains and his knife, he was a very popular one... I mean they had 7 seasons.
    MacGyver has influenced me in so many ways. I cannot even begin the count.
    They are abt to release the 4th season DVD, I suggest u buy it, I plan to.
    Although he has a very funny first name, he is still one of my idols.
  • really enjoyable show

    This was my favourite show in childhood, really liked how he hated weapons and always tried to make a bomb out of potato or something like that. Sometimes if I watch it, makes me feel do some sort of crazy things myself. It's a real classic to me and I will never get tyred of MacGyver you just gotta love it.
  • This was one of my favorite show as a kid growing up.

    The early seasons of the show were definitely some of my favorote episodes. It seemed that the last few seasons the show really jumped the shark. It seemed like they try to turn it into an afterschool special. I liked it better when was a spy or the early years of the Phoenix Foundation. I didn't really like it when they became an enviromental group. I still enjoying watching the show now that it is in syndication.
  • still love it

    I remember watching this when it was new and I still love watching the reruns.. it helps that RDA is such a hottie, but the stories were good, I like his ingenuity, whenever I see Duct tape I still think of MacGyver.. I wish we would of got a reunion show.. maybe it is still not to late
  • A classic of my childhood. I really loved this character and his knowledge about any subject. When i was a child i would have paid to become as MacGyver!

    This was probably my favourite show in childhood, when they aired it in my country i knew by heart every episode and i wanted to become as MacGyver. And nowadays when i do something ingenious i find myself singing MacGyver's theme song...i really liked how he hated weapons and always tried to win against fellons without causing them too much damage. I was (probably because i was a kid, but who knows) always amused how he did new things, how he adapted anything he could find to his porpuses, it's a real classic to me, and when i happen to find a re-airing i always stop there and see the episode. I will never get tyred of MacGyver, i grew with MacGyver's adventures!
  • MacGyver is a different kind of crime fighter, using brains over guns, with fantastic results. Working for the Phoenix Foundation he encounters many obstacles along the way, but always comes out on top.

    I loved this show from the minute I saw it. It was during the orginal run and MacGyver was just too cool. He was smart and funny and could nail the bad guys without breathing hard. And all of it without a gun.

    I was even more impressed when I learned that many of the "tricks" he did on the show had been lab tested and would actually work.

    The character of MacGyver was real, and you felt like you knew him. His interaction with his friends Pete and Jack were spot on and his putting up with the ditzy but sweet Penny Parker is just what a friend could do.

    But getting the "bad guys" where it hurts by the use of household chemicals, chocolate bars, and his ever present swiss army knife makes him the man you always want on your side.
  • MacGyver was my first hero!

    I was around 12 and I found myself addicted to a tv series for the first time. MacGyver was my first idol, my first hero. My Dad had his first competition there! I had so much pleasure watching episodes and reruns throughout the years. I really miss it sometimes, so I can't wait to have all the dvds and go back in time!
  • wow what a great show!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MacGyver is the only I know who can make a bomb out of a potato and wire using a pocket knife and ductape LMAO!!!!!! This is one of the best shows of all time IMO. I am so damn glad they desided to put MacGyver on dvd. oh god YEA!!
  • Macgyver must be the best show from the late 80's.

    There is something about Macgyver that I love. The shows are not always brilliant, some of the guest actors couldn't act, and they stole clips from others shows, but despite all this Macgyver delivered a welcome dose of action and drama that was easy to watch and a bit of fun.

    The basic structure of the show was Macgyver, a Hockey loving genius that could make the most amazing piece of equipment out of a broken coathanger and a bike pump, which could be then used to either escape form an impossible situation or be used to infiltrate a secret milatary prison!!

    Even though Macgyver was far fetched, it offered the viewer a program that was well written and well presented. The plots where always original, and you could never guess what was going to happen next. For this reason Magyver was one of those shows that you just had to watch. I have recently been watching the re-runs on TV, and even though the clothes make the show look slightly dated, it still delivers great entertainment.
  • The master of improvisation - and I'm not talking about the acting kind.

    I think it's interesting to note how much Batman and MacGyver have in commmon. Both hate guns, both are highly inventive - and most of all, thanks to a lot of the Voice Over narration offered by Mac in the show, they have a real leaning towards the Hard Boiled detective.

    What a fantastic show, one that has always helped influence my approach to any problem in life, big or small. If you look around, there's a solution lying around somewhere.

    One thing I'm wondering though, is MacGyver really Scottish? 'Cause that doesn't sound like any clan I've ever heard? I have no doubt though, he'd able able to come up with a stylin' tartan in a pinch.
  • MacGyver is like James Bond, but MacGyver doesn't use a gun, nor does he like guns. He uses every tool around him to get out of sticky situations. You name it MacGyver can use it and that's what makes this show so great and interesting.

    If I had to pick my all time favorite show, this was it. MacGyver is my favorite TV show ever and it shows since it lasted seven seasons.

    MacGyver worked for the Phoenix Foundation, which was a foundation that basically defeated the 'bad guys' around the world. MacGyver was a special forces agent.

    Mac would go on missions, which some would be in the country and others over seas. Mac never used weapons (guns), because one of his child hood friends shot himself by accident and since that horrific accident, Mac doesn't believe in guns.

    A pocket Swiss army knife is the only weapon Mac uses, and that’s not to protect himself, but help him get out of sticky situations.

    Every episode was a new adventure for Mac, but he met Peter Thornton who was the director of field operations and gave Mac assignments. The two met by accident, as the duo met their arch enemy named Murdoch. Murdoch was trying to kill Peter, but Mac stepped in and saved him. Since that time and through the seven years Murdoch kept a grudge against both men.

    Murdoch would die, but somehow came back and haunt both Pete and MacGyver.

    This show is a 10 in my book.
  • Awsome!

    No more words are needed to describe this TV classic. MacGyver is indeed the most amazing TV show i've ever watched and worth re-viewing at any time.

    I watched it countless times and now that the seasons dvd's are being edited i think its a great opportunity for those who might think that this not worth viewing to change their minds about it and to get addicted as many did and still do nowadays.

    Overall, all seasons are very good (what else would i say :) ), very thrilling since the very first episode to the very last one.

    Enjoy your shows.
  • Angus MacGyver, the one and only!

    After using 10k $ on a new music/video system, you would think you would put on a huge and gigantic movie with 5.1 surround and a HD-quality pichture. But guess what, the first thing that my projector filled half the wall with was, as you might already been guessing, MacGyver. Mono sound, no HD-tv but the entertainment! It almost brought tears to my eyes when I put on the first season (the only one out on PAL Norw as far as I know) and the classical intro boomed from the all the seven speakers... At the same time... Mono as I mentioned... This will forever be my one and only favorite is on the top shelf of my box-collections. MacGyver is invulnerable in my eyes, and soon enough all the season-boxes will proudly shine the room alight on top of the shelf!

  • Get your paper clips and chewing gum together

    In the '80s there were only a select few who could go by one name - Madonna, Prince, Magnum, and, of course, MacGyver. The man with one name, the one who can create a nuclear bomb with a stick of chewing gum, a paper clip, and a rubber band, is back in a third season of international intrigue, sexy women, and big explosions. As Peter Thornton ( Dana Elcar ), MacGyver's boss says at one point in the third season, "He just always comes through, no matter what."
    How charmingly nostalgic the whole thing feels when you watch the show in reruns.The show clearly has a legion of fans (outside of Patty and Selma Bouvier).
  • MacGyver was an American adventure television series about a laid-back, extremely resourceful ex-special forces secret agent named Angus "Mac" MacGyver, played by Richard Dean Anderson.

    MacGyver was an American adventure television series about a laid-back, extremely resourceful ex-special forces secret agent named Angus "Mac" MacGyver, played by Richard Dean Anderson.
    The series was created by Lee David Zlotoff and executive produced by Henry Winkler (The Fonz). It ran from 29 September 1985 to May 1992 on the ABC network. It was filmed primarily in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
    MacGyver's main asset is his practical application of scientific knowledge and inventive use of common items – along with his ever-present Swiss Army knife and duct tape and the usual coincidence of being locked up in a room full of special chemicals.
    This allows him to create a variety of unorthodox solutions, usually to escape capture, avert disaster, or defeat the antagonists.

    MacGyver is a highly intelligent action hero who prefers non-violent conflict resolution wherever possible, and refuses to carry or use a gun due to a childhood accident with a revolver that resulted in the death of a friend.
    He was born and raised in Minnesota, which explains why he speaks with a Minnesota accent. (Richard Dean Anderson himself was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota.) He graduated from Alexander Ramsey High School in Roseville, Minnesota. His character is a graduate of a fictitious technical school called Western Tech where he earned a degree in physics.
    MacGyver's first name remains a mystery until the final season; whenever he's asked about it, he says he dislikes his first name and changes the subject. The script for the series pilot gave MacGyver's first name as "Stace", but this information did not appear in the finished episode, although it was mentioned in promotional material for the series. His first name was finally officially revealed in "Good Knight, MacGyver", in which he learns of a seventh-century Scottish ancestor, Angus M'Iver, and admits that they share their first name; and repeated in the series finale, which introduces MacGyver's son, whose middle name is Angus.
  • One of the best shows ever made,and my favorite TV show of all time.

    This is a great,and very intelligent show. Great for people of all ages. I was born in 1988,so I can vaguely remember watching Macgyver when I was a little kid. And when TV Land started showing it again a couple of years ago,I was hooked right away! Brought back some good memories of the early 90's.

    Some of the reasons I like this show:

    The Action. Sure,it's not the fancy CGI effects of today's TV and movies,but it's awesome anyway! Some very good fight and chase scenes. Especially in the episodes with Murdoc.

    The story lines: Almost every episode of Macgyver has a good,and well thought out story line to it. It always keeps me watching,even if I've already seen the episode.

    The values: I always liked that Macgyver is a good role model for kids. He teaches not to use guns,not to do drugs,etc.

    Anyway,not much else to say except that this is one of the best shows ever made,in my opinion. If you haven't seen Macgyver,or if you've only seen a few episodes, I'd definitely recommend buying the DVD sets (first 3 seasons are out so far).Or catching it on TV Land or Spike TV.

    Thanks for reading! =)
  • This show is about Angus Macgyver. A secret agent for the Phoenix Foundation. Macgyver uses his brains nd talents to surpass challenges from villains. He does not carry a gun. He can make anything happen with a swiss army knife. An action series that can

    This show was original and totally different from all violent, action tv shows. Macgyver’s character is completely different from any character of any action shows from today or even ever. Macgyver never used brute force that inflicts brutal violence. MacGyver actually used his brain and showed viewers that there's a better way than using guns. All of his tricks on the show are totally backed up by science. His only weapons are his swiss army knife and his brains. This show had great casts in it. A perfect role model for kids growing up that like action shows with good morals that can be learned.
  • This is a great classic! Fun to watch how he gets himself out of all kinds of situations.

    Although compared to todays show it would get a lot of critizism that it wouldnt have back then. Things like, everyone speaks english regardless of what country they are from. But the thing about the show is how he comes up with different solutions. A gadget freak like myself love to se him work (although a lot of the stuff he does isnt possible).
  • A witty scientific action-adventure that features a very innovative and resourceful lead character.

    MacGuyver is a classic show which featured a very innovative and resourceful main character that can make complex tools from ordinary household materials.

    His adventures and the characters he meets become central plot in the whole series. Plenty of guest stars appear repeatedly in some episodes.

    It has been one of my favorite shows. I remember watching it with my dad and my brother. It was one of the reasons I took up Chemistry in college. That's how influential it was.

    I remember a very attractive young Terri Hatcher way back in this show. Despite my young age, I knew she was hot! ^_^

    The first few seasons were superb and very amusing, although the last few episodes seemed to have become melodramatic and over-reminiscent of past episodes.

    Even now people still make alussions to MacGuyver whenever a person makes brilliant tools out of the most obscure materials.

    It is a very nice action show for the family since the main character, Angus MacGuyver (yes, that's his complete name), shuns guns.
  • Awesome Show!

    I think this is one of the best shows from the '80s. This is one of the many shows that my dad and I both love. We also used to watch it with my grandpa and grandma,too. I don't remember very much from any of the episodes, but i've been watching some of the re-runs on Spike and TV Land to get back into the grove. I always like how he figures how to find out different ways to use ordinary things (such as chocolate candy bars to fix a crack in an acid tank: Episode 1,Season 1) other then what that item is usually used for. I
    also liked that the MacGyver character didn't like guns. I've watched several older tv shows and movies and I only like some of 'em, MacGyver is one of my favorite shows. I've also bought Seasons 1 & 2 on DVD and will soon buy the Season 3 DVD set. Also I WILL buy Seasons 4,5,6 & 7 DVD sets when they come out.
  • Name another show where you can see someone de-fuse a bomb, using hockey tickets. And make a bomb using a tail pipe, metal shavings, and batery acid.

    MacGyver, originally airing on ABC, and now in syndication, had a good run. It was on for 7 seasons. Even though some of the later episodes were a little after school special-ish, they still had their moments. And some, were a little corny, Good Knight MacGyver, for example, but still had their entertainment value. The shows had many guest stars, some of which became recurring characters. Even though the show is a little dated, people still say things like you Macgyver'd that, or who do you think you are..Macgyver? The show is even mentioned in shows on today, (the Simpsons). Overall it was a great show, classic status.
  • I'm from sweden and here it still reaired sometimes and i'ts the greatest 80 serie.

    Ecuse my english.

    I remeber when this show come to sweden it was rhe greatest show on a long time and last time i saw it was 2002 on a swedish channel.

    I have wright many email too the swedish chanels to get them to show it again.

    anyway it is a great show.
  • one of my favorit classic shows defintly rare to see such an amazing show!!! great actor richard dean anderson , fun to watch he deserves it all!.

    one of my favorit classic shows defintly rare to see such an amazing show!!!
    great actor richard dean anderson , fun to watch
    he deserves it allone of my favorit classic shows defintly rare to see such an amazing show!!!
    great actor richard dean anderson , fun to watch
    he deserves it all!. !. one of my favorit classic shows defintly rare to see such an amazing show!!!
    great actor richard dean anderson , fun to watch
    he deserves it all!. one of my favorit classic shows defintly rare to see such an amazing show!!!
    great actor richard dean anderson , fun to watch
    he deserves it all!.
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