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  • MacGyver -- give him his swiss army knife, a paper clip, some fertilizer, and a few chocolate bars and he just may get your falsely imprisoned cousin out of jail in some far off country. He's the man that could do anything with relatively nothing.

    I used to watch this show 8 times a week. That right there has got to tell you something. It was an incredible show, even with the few inconsistencies that found their way into the stories (such as the two differing ways MacGyver met his boss Peter Thornton, played by Dana Elcar [who, incidentally, played an entirely different character in the series pilot episode]). There were some episodes in which the supporting cast wasn't always the greatest, making you wonder if this was the best of the bunch, how bad were the others? but over-all, for about the first four or five seasons, the show was strong and entertaining. Richard Dean Anderson played the character with wit and charm, warmth and sincerity. Some of his best moments are when his character is sick, or injured, as in "Nightmares" and "D.O.A.: MacGyver". There's one other standout episode in which Mac is blinded when a bomb explodes just before he's able to toss it into a dumpster. In the resulting explosion, his hands are also burned, quite badly. RDA turns in one of his finest performances in that episode.
    Every series needs its supporting cast of characters, and MacGyver had its share. In addition to Mr. Thornton, there was Mac's crotchety grandfather Harry Jackson (played by Harry Anderson), Mac's irrepressible (some might say "irresponsible") college buddy-turned-pilot Jack Dalton (portrayed with suitable panache by Bruce McGill) and the slightly air-headed actress with the heart of gold, Penny Parker (the anything-but air headed Teri Hatcher).
    The series began to lose its focus, however, when Dana Elcar had to leave the show due to health problems. Suddenly Peter Thornton was no longer there, and it seemed MacGyver's job at the Phoenix Foundation disappeared with him. Just as suddenly, Harry, Jack, and Penny were gone as well. The writers were left to scramble for ideas, and it showed.
    Even so, for the first four or five seasons, MacGyver was the best program on television, without a doubt.
  • MacGyver is an old school classic.

    I always loved MacGyver. Really, who couldn't? He takes on all these bad guys with nothing but a pocket knife and on top of that, he is really smart. MacGyver always finds a way out of a sticky situation. I always loved it and when I flick past it I'll still stop to see whats going on!!
  • Only one show could make you think you could make a bomb out of a rubber glove, toothpick, a few household chemicals and a stick of gum: MacGyver. Throw a little imagination in with gunfire action and you have one of the most influential shows of the 80's

    Only one show could make you think that you could make a bomb out of a rubber glove, toothpick, a few household chemicals and a stick of chewing gum...MacGyver. Throw a little imagination in with gunfire action and you have one of the most popular and influential shows of the 80's. This show was so creative in nature that it was able to survie some weak acting by the supporting characters. Richard Dean Anderson is a decent actor, but many of the villains in each episode were terrible when it comes to acting skills. Yet, this is but a side note when looking at MacGyver, for the ingenuity of the show could reel any viewer in during its era. The action and special effects are nowhere near great by today's standards, but you must remember that this was a show before the days of CGI. Thus said, MacGyver's action and special effects do well enough for its time. Besides, it's the creativity of MacGyver that was the main attraction anyway.

    My final review: Almost anyone and everyone knows who MacGyver is. That right there tells you it was an influential show. Quality wise, it was decent good for its era, decent for today, but the sheer creativity of the show puts it over the top.
  • Just bought it on DVD & watched the whole First Season!

    I actually was just given this last month for my birthday. I was born in the 70’s so when this came on TV, I do remember watching it quite often but it was a time in my life when I was more interested in riding my BMX around Launceston, Tasmania than staying in to watch TV.

    Putting in the DVD player & hearing the opening theme, I still remember as a teenager wishing I could do all of those things. However, Science really wasn’t that cool.

    From the very first episode, it made me laugh. They’re in this underground office & they’ve all got mugs of coffee in their hands & some guy lights up a smoke! I live in Sydney now & we’ve just banned smoking in Pubs & Clubs. I can’t even imagine rocking back in my chair at work & lighting up.

    What is it with computer sounds? I know that there was no Windows 95 back then but did computers really make all of those beeps? In one episode, MacGyver is at a charity Science benefit & they have this obviously remote controlled robot serving drinks & supposedly talking to people. Even Dexter the Robot off Blind Date wasn’t this bad.

    I’ve actually been going into work & telling everybody that I’ve been watching it & I have been getting a LOT of stick for it. That hair (is it blonde tips), the gadgets & the thin ties. Was I ever like that?
  • I used to watch this religiously.

    Truly a classic in my TV memory! It may seem a bit dated now (especially MacGyver’s haircut ;-)), but it is still enjoyable to watch. Who hasn’t tried some of the ‘tricks’ done by MacGyver?
    I was glad when this series came out on DVD. It’ll make a nice addition to my collection.
  • One word. Great!!

    This show is a joy to watch. Watching to see what Macgyver would do next to get out of certain situations was the best part. The murdoc episodes were the best. Macgyver's friend Jack Dalton was great too always driving Mac crazy and getting him into situations. Then there was his boss Pete. He made Mac a better character. I wish they would make more Macgyver movies like they did when the show had just went off the air. It would be great to see Macgyver in action again. The actor they played Pete died so there couldn't be Pete Thornton but they could still make some great tv movies.
  • MacGyver was an awesome show full of action and adventure. The puzzle's RDA had to solve got smoked by his overwhelming ability to overcome the impossible.

    I liked the show personally because its a fun show to watch. These situations would most likely never happen in real-like or in the way it did in the show at all. It was interesting to watch RDA get out of these crazy over-the-top situations. Its was good show and one that I watched back in the day.
  • A show can't be more fun to watch than this show.

    MacGyver is definitely the best television series ever!!! This show was a totally different show from all the violent action heroes proliferated in both movies and on TV. MacGyver actually used his brain and showed viewers that there's a better way than using guns. All of his tricks on the show are totally backed up by science. It's true that some elements were left out on the show, but this is only because the producers of the show were responsible and didn't want children to emulate anything that might be possibly dangerous. MacGyver was a hero who said "ow" when it hurt from throwing punches, because he was a very human character and it made him a more real character you could relate to. He also rarely cursed, (by the 2nd. season onward, he never cursed at all), he did not use guns, he did not drink alcohol, he did not smoke, and he was always helping someone whenever they were in trouble. He is a great example of a true hero. MacGyver is an overall clean show that still delivers plenty of great action, adventure and excitement, as well as teaching viewers a bit about science along the way. MacGyver ROCKS!!!

  • I think that everyone would agree that MacGyver is the best hero of any TV show. He makes bombs out of paper clips and hates guns and violence, plus he is extremely smart and can invent anything. That is what makes this show great.

    I think that everyone would agree that MacGyver is the best hero of any TV show. He makes bombs out of paper clips and hates guns and violence, plus he is extremely smart and can invent anything. That is what makes this show great.

    The characters are good, especially the recurring ones, Dalton, Murdock, etc. It is a decent show that is worth watching on reruns. Just seeing what he is going to invent or what "MacGyver" he is going to pull is what made this show was good as it was. Great show for any one to watch on TV.
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