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  • Somewhat, the IRL counterpart of Jimmy Neutron.

    This is one smart show.

    Plot: MacGyver, a smart whiz that knows everything in physics, mechanics, objects, and almost everything! He makes things that are just unusually useful, and unique. He can create any inventions using anything! And those inventions are somewhat proven that it can be done in the real world!

    Characters: MacGyver is one of my most favorite protagonists of all time, as he's unusually smart. Underrated. I admit that this guy is a little smarter than Tony Starks. Characters are really complete in details, they are always in the right place, good actors, the actors know how to move into the right positions of their roles.

    Value: With a unique streak, he doesn't battle his way with a gun, only with swiss knife, and his invention. I like how the story and action goes in this show, it's one of the most unusual TV shows ever. Everything goes out well-planned and pure. Underrated.

    Overall: 11. The show/program to receive a highest score from me yet. REALLY underrated, I recommend this.
  • My All-time Fave Hero

    I was 10 when I started watching MacGyver and no one can get me off in front of the television once it's started.I would collect all of RDA's posters and make it the wallpaper in my room.:P I still can hum its opening theme even after 25 yrs. After it ended I still kept on looking for networks that aired it again.I still adore this witty hero.No tv series have captivated and made me glued to my seat every Saturday night more than MacGyver.

    Of course this tv series was way back then.Special fx in tv and movies have gone a long way.We can't expect the younger gen to appreciate it the way we used to.Technology were simpler then and so does the fx used.If you're looking for bombastic blasts and nerve-cracking adventures go "MI" or Indiana Jones.However, MacGyver isn't about that at all.It's just about using what we have during emergencies, being creative and witty.But please NEVER post a review if you haven't seen it!

    What's also great about the hero is his being a gentleman.We don't have this kind of hero anymore.It's also about friendship and never having grudges.I really admire how Mac helped his nemesis "Murdock" when the later's sister was taken hostage.We can't find that kind of guy anymore.Who would help someone who never wastes his time planning a plot to kill you?Maybe what made MacGyver last for 7 yrs though some episodes do have some flaws is the hero's character.We can see a part of ourselves in him or wished we had.What we look forward to every week is what would Mac do and how would he get out of the trouble he's in.The story doesn't really matter.We loved his ingenuity and wits.Period.
  • It's magic...

    I remember when I was around 10. We were playing outside. Nothing could disturb our game, everyone was having fun. Then there was the signal, "McGyver is on TV", someone shouts.That's it.Everyone running to their houses to watch their hero. A man who is not a superhero, not particularly strong, he doesn't like to kill, he does not use weapons. But he does things that to everyone looked like magic. The show was nothing special technically, you can even say that it had some serious flaws. But honestly, who cares. I didn't care then, I certainly don't care now. Its amazing originality and the charisma of the leading man did the trick. Richard Dean gave life to one of the most likable characters ever created. If you add to that the supporting cast of his friends and villains, all together they create a miraculous result. This show is the perfect example that no special effects and sound effects and other technical issues cannot replace an ideal casting,its chemistry and a really original story. Violence is not the key to everything, just use your brain.Thanks for the lessons Mac.
  • awesome show, always a favorite

    okay, yes, admittedly the last season was not perfect... but the show as a whole is a classic. It showed us a new style of special agent.... i have to address the negative post which was put on this page.. the poster admits that he has not watched the show:

    ----don't review a show if you haven't watched it------

    seriously, if you don't research, you can't go and bash a show... i have heard legitimate arguements on why people don't like macgyver, yours: "my mum said it was a bunch of episodes which were all the same" is not a legitimate reason to give a show a negative review.... seriously though, if you watch this show, and you actually watch more than a few episodes, you'll realize that while they are similar, they all have something different to offer the viewer.
  • a great series indeed!

    watching macgyver is really entertaining. i just love how he would get out of a sticky situation with his wits and quick thinking. everything could be use into something that's very creative and you can learn something as well. he's this agent from the phoenix foundation with his best friend pete as his boss and together they embark on this great adventure. i like most of the episodes with murdoch as the villain. he's really convincing and exciting. and the music theme is just right. this is a worth watching series and just check it out to know what i'm talking about.
  • Yeah, bring it back.

    MacGyver is superb show. It makes you watch it longer than anything. It just sucks you in. I like this kind of shows. Where people make good things of ordinary things that we use at home for living normaly. This guy is briliant. They should bring it back. Seriously. These seasons are not enough. They should be like Star Trek that never seem to end. Like that, yeah. The story is good, but it kinda sucks cos it's so old. the characters are pretty good. This is my review. Bye, bye, bye, bye!

    Bring back MacGyver! We want MacGyver back.
    Now, really!
  • "I've been shot at, blown up, punched, and stabbed. And what have I got to show for it? A few empty rolls of duct tape?"

    To anyone who loves ingenuity and a sense of adventure,this is their show. MacGyver is the cleverest man ever. Who else could escape jail with a freon canister or walk through snakes with gasoline. MacGyver stands for the American sense of ingenuity. Each episode was a new adventure and was fun to watch. It kept you thinking like MacGyver for that 60 minutes. Each and every day, MacGyver would survive with his wits about him. This is, in many ways, a sister series to the A-Team. Ingenuity fuels both series. But MacGyver does everything himself or with 2 friends. He did it alone!

    Last Words: MacGyver cannot be equalled, but rather compared to. So buy the DVDs to get your Mac 101 today.
  • Classic television that would be very welcome if it were to return to our screens again!

    You know, I really mean this; bring back MacGyver! There are no shows like this anymore (and no men either!). MacGyver really epitomised the ultimate American Hero; loyal, decent and smart. He always got the bad guys, but was always very fair about doing it (I always remember him giving them a fighting chance). And hey, how many men do you know that can build a bomb out of some plasticine, a coat hanger and using a pen knife?!

    All jokes aside, MacGyver really was a great show. It was exciting, clever and fun. I'm well aware of how far fetched it was, that wasn't the point. The escapism of sitting down every week and watching his adventures were the highlight of my week's TV when I was a child. I was always gob smacked by the things he could do with his pen knife (although with hindsight and age, I'm well aware of how unrealistic it was!). I had a discussion in the pub about this the other night; someone mentioned the show and it brought a round of enthuastic reminising from everyone at the table, proving that MacGyver was something we all watched. I realise that shows like 24 and The Unit have more realism and better special effects but for me, MacGyver will always be the ultimate TV hero. And although I would love to see the show make a comeback, I fear it wouldn't be quite the same without it's original star; Richard Dean Anderson. But I'll always have the memories and those are priceless!
  • This show is about Angus Macgyver. A secret agent for the Phoenix Foundation

    MacGyver is the best show ever I absolutely love it!! been a fan since I can remember I always watch it.I have 4 seasons of MacGyver on dvd&of cause still more coming,the star of the show Richard Dean Anderson such a wonderful&terrific actor!
    I only wish they can replay the show on tv again. While I was in Canada McGyver was on every week round about lunch time, 2 channels that had MacGyver on Spike TV&TV land&every morning 12am on tv land they showed the episode again.
    MacGyver was&still is Awesome Show!
  • MacGyver is an average American except for one thing, he can use anything around to get out of any situation. He puts that talent to use often when he has to escape from the bad guys and save the people that he meets.

    MacGyver is my all time favorite show! I love how MacGyver can allways come up with some way to get out of anything with things that no one would think of using. It's lucky that the bad guy is allways too stupid to just shoot him, I mean Murdoc of all people should know better than that. I also allways get mad when his friends worry that he won't make it. I mean they should know that he can get out of anything. I wish that MacGyver was a real person. I also wish that I could watch it on T.V. everyday like I use to, but I can't find a channel that it's on.
  • This is definitely one of the best series in the 80's. MacGyver is action packed fun that you never get tired of watching and keeps you guessing!

    Macgyver is the sexy super hero who always saves the day and even when people doubt him he always come through! MacGyver can do the unthinkable in this action packed series that always keeps you guessing how is MacGyver going to get out of this one! There is always something new, a new obstacle that MacGyver will have to get through. This is definitely a must own set. I have all the seasons 1-7 and I love it!
  • The first alchemist show ever on TV

    This an amazing show, not only for the fact that MacGyver can create an helicopter out of a matchbox and a couple of needles but also thanks to the fact that the show is very well done, the dialogues and the directions is esxcellent, so you never have a moment of boredom. another nice thing was that MacGyver was a very peaceful man who never killed a person in this show and he also hates guns, which is completely against what we see in heroes these days who are more concerned abut bodycount than in saving. Richard Dean ANderson is also an excellent actor. I don' know one person who hates MacGyver!
  • I loved this show and love MacGyver growing up!!

    I so loved this show. Growing up it was a can't miss an episode or die show to me. In later years I loved and watched every rerun over and over again until I could almost tell you word for word what would happen and what they would say. My favorite christmas gift one year was my own swiss army knife like just like MacGyver's he always had with him. I think it was well written for the time period and a little ahead. It will always be a classic for all generations! Even though I hated Merdock you had to love the way they played out the conflict between him and MacGyver. And of course you always had loyal Pete. I was a little disappointed in the ending of the series because I thought he should have ended up with that girl he was aways saving, darn I can't remember her name but she was little crazy and goofy :) I am glad he found his son but it would have been better if they all together went off into the sunset. I will even admit I wanted to marry Richard Dean Anderson and as a teen growing up dreamed of our happy ending lol but even as a adult now it is series classic and just awesome!
  • I always like the way MacGyver would find bits & pieces of things to get him out of a situations. Some of my questions are who thought these things up & how many times did they have to test things before doing them or how many re-takes did it tak

    MacGyver is one show I wish theyd have reruns of on any TV station. It seems the shows you really want rerun never do. TV Land, TBS, TNT, & others have some good old shows, but they run the same ones over & over(Friends,Everybody Love Raymond) If they are going to repete a show, dont do it 2 weeks apart. Most stations change what they rerun from time to time, BUT find and run the ones we dont ever get to see. Anotherwords bring back the 60s & 70s TV. I like to see the old commercials too & Im sure they could get sponsors to put their adds on too. Im sure a lot of people feel the same way I do as far as some of the new shows have no real story line, they are just a show on TV or they have way to much violence.
  • can they replay this show on tv again

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  • I liked MacGyver. I have been watching it since it first started in 1985. I liked Penny Parker played by Teri Hatcher because she used to make me laugh.

    MacGyver is a different kind of hero - he doesn’t use weapons, he’s afraid of heights, and he’s an expert at making complicated machines out of ordinary things. A fan, a dough-scraper and some duct tape forms an excellent helicopter attack. A cut credit card can help cause a traffic jam. A light bulb makes an outstanding set of lock picks.

    For years the main characters have remained in the story. Others came and went sometimes for short periods and sometimes for many episodes. They helped to make the story more exciting.

    Some of the main characters were Peter, MacGyver, Penny, Jack, Murdoc and Harry.

    Each episode is a story on its own but it forms part of the whole story.
  • A really good show.

    This show is so cool. A show that inspires by not being violent. Macgyver uses his brains to solve the problem without using a gun. This is puzzle like adventure drama, that doesn't require you to think too much. You just relax and let Macgyver do his thing and get the job done at the end. Even the episodes that are set in his nightmares are pretty good. When he gets shot in the head, and somehow goes back in time gives us a look at his skills being applied in that timeline, a good idea from the writers. I give Macgyver a 2 thumbs up.
  • Mac, Pete, Penny, Murdoc!, and my personal favorite JACK DALTON!!!!!

    A creative and entertaining show. Would you expect anything less from a project produced by T.V. legend Henry Winkler? Angus MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson), leads the way throughout suspenseful escapades in the U.S. and across the globe. Famously improvising and adapting to evade certain doom is Macgyver's trademark. This makes for the great action and sarcastic banter Richard Dean has made his living on. His trusted partner at the Phoenix Foundation Pete Thornton (Dana Elcar), joins Mac on the quest for universal justice. Reoccuring nemesis Murdoc (Michael Des Barres), provides the ultimate rivalry that lasts throughout the series. Swiss Army Knife in hand, there's no situation Mac can't handle. The icing on this cake for me is the one and only Jack Dalton (Bruce Mcgill). An episode with Jack Dalton is sure to be filled with plenty of entertainment. Overall, a classic show with the perfect mixture of action, comedy, and a leading man with a mullet for the ages.
  • The best show and best action hero in television History!

    This is my favorite show of a genius who can invent anything out of anything useing basic science facts and out of the box tatics. I also like the fact that MacGyver is the utimate boy scout and a wilderness survival master. He can solve any crime, mystery, and an excellent treasure hunter as well! It also takes a pro to take down armed criminals without using any gun but ordinary objects, I would like to see someone else do that! Macgyver is the greatest and he is very unique compared to other heroes who uses guns and muscles to take down criminals.
  • MacGyver is a show about, well, MacGyver. He is very smart and always helping someone get out of some situation or another. This is the best show on television - old or new.

    MacGyver is my favorite show of all time. I started to watch it eight years ago somtime after the show had gone off the air. I immediatily liked the show. It was on tv one night and I just decided to watch the show. I didn't know to a few years later, but I started watching with the first episode. This show is great, and I wish it could have stayed on the air.(the new comercil was great. I was wondering when they were going to do one. They should make more.) Hopefully they will make a new movie soon. It would definitly be a big hit.
    This show is about MacGyver, an action hero. He starts out doing various works for the goverment, then ends up working for the Phenix Foundation(a company that helps everyone and works on everything). MacGyver is so cool because he solves all his problems(usaly catching the bad guy or exscaping from them) by using his mind and coming up with geniuses soulutians. MacGyver seems to have done everything and know everyone before the show even starts. He has lots of old friends and seems to have had every job.
    Macgyver is a good show because he tries to help everyone and he always needs to think of some diffrent way to help those people. He hates guns and all violence for that matter.
    The show starting in the second season, also starred Peter Thorton. Pete was a good adittion to the show. It leveled it about a bit. Pete ran the Phenix Foundation - at least in the section Mac worked. Pete and Mac were best friends. This devoleped through out the show. The show I think still would've been good without Pete, but I'm very glad he was on the show. Him and Mac togther were always great.
    The show had recurring side charactors, the best of which were these: Jack Dalton, who would always seem to get Mac in trouble. He was probably the best side character.
    Penny Parker, who was acccidently always getting into trouble. She was also always fun to watch.
    Lisa, who was a school kid. The episodes she was on were great.
    The Coltons. Mama, Frank, Jessie, and Billy who were Bounty Hunters. They were always a blast to watch. Sometimes only one would be on, sometimes two. It was the best when all of them were on togther. They did one episode that MacGyver was barely on. I think that was a great episode. Not as good as MacGyver, but if they made a tv series out of it, it would've been the second best series on at the time(actually, I think they still should make it a series, with a few quest apperances by MacGyver. It would probably be the second best show running on television and everyone in my family would watch it).
    Henry was another great charactor. He was Mac's grandpa and only other living relitive. Henry was the only other person on the show who even thought a little bit like Mac. Henry died in one of the episodes. The episode was really good, besides Henry dying anyway. But they gave him a nice farewell.
    There was also Nikki Carpenter. She was alright, but not as memorible or good as the others(she worked for the Phenix Phoundation).
    There was always this guy(I'm not sure of his name) who kept reapearing on the show as diffrent badguys and you were always like is he the same person he played last time or someone new?
    Probbaly the most memorable chatactor of them all was Murdoc. He was MacGyver's archenemy. He was almost as cleaver as MacGyver and a very worthy foe. Murdoc no matter how many times he would die at the end of an episode shouting his trademark qoute, MacGyyyyyyyver!, would always come back to life to meet MacGyver agian.
    All in all this show is the best show on television, running or not. I don't think I'm ever going to find a better show than this. I would always watch all the reruns and even had some of them taped, but now I'm just watching all the DVDs. To bad those don't have extra features, that would have been very cool.
    I don't think I'll ever stop watching this show as long as I live.
  • Macgyver can make anything out of anything. This is definitely the best show ever on television. Macgyver is action packed, exiting, thrilling, and thought provoking. The only other words that I can think of to describe it are awesome and sup

    Macgyver has been my favorite television show since I first saw it {I was eight years old}. It's awesome for families to watch together or for anybody to see.
    Macgyver always uses his head to get out of situations, and hardly ever uses violence {only if he's punching or something like that}. He is extremely smart, and can solve tough problems by making things from other things.
    Mac's boss, Peter Thorton, is also Mac's best friend. They some times go on missions together, but usualy Mac's alone.
    Jack Dalton is a superb character that's an old buddy of Macgyvers. Jack gets into trouble easily, always counting on Mac to get him out.
    Penny Parker is annoying and complains to much, but I guess that's how she's supposed to be.
    Nikki Carpenter is not the best character in the world, I don't particularly like her.
    Murdoc is the perfect bad guy for this show, he's creative and he's always trying to kill Macgyver {well, most of the time anyway}. Murdoc is a tad insane, making him even better {well, for a badguy anyway}.
    This is the best show ever to exist, and probably the best show that's ever going to exist.
  • MacGyver is quite possibly my favorite average joe-superhero.

    Never been more amused by a man who can find more uses for ducttape than the average mind could possibly think of. Here we have a guy who manages to get himself out of any and every situation he's put in regardless of his lack of help or tools, and uses the environment around him to save himself and others.

    And goodness knows that that specific Mullet would go down in history as the most attractive hairstyle on the amazing Richard Dean Anderson.

    With the release of the DVD set there is no question that MacGyver's popularity has risen since his run on the television screen. There hasn't been an episode yet that's been a disappointment. Even if the plot line is stale and unamusing, it's worth tuning in just to see what our average joe-superhero comes up with.
  • one of my personal favorites....

    I remember watching this when I was like 7 yrs old. No kidding . It was aired in my home country and my mom's so hooked on this tv show that it kinda grew on me. I like the fact that it's sort of an action series without too much violence but a whole lotta brains...... This is in my list of dvd series to collect........
  • Look beyond the duct tape.

    When people think of MacGyver, they conjure up images of making bombs out of a paper clip and a piece of bubble gum. Other people think of being able to fix anything with duct tape or a Swiss Army knife. Granted these items were a part of the core of the show, it was really more than just that.

    MacGyver broke into television as an action adventure hero who could build anything to get him or other people out of any situation. What was unique about the show was that the protagonist in the series was not only used his mind to solve problems, but he also solved them without the use of gun violence. Sure he utilized a gun here and there in the creation of an invention or a diversion, but he never used it for the purpose of killing anyone. But it wasn't this anti-gun message that kept me watching the show.

    I watched the show because I was amazed at the everyday item creations that were used, as well as the interesting story lines that took MacGyver all over the globe. Each week I would tune in to find out what it was he was gonna make next and figure out how he did it. Not only did I watch for it's entertainment value, I watched it to learn. If MacGyver could find a way out, well there should be a way out of anything, except exposing his first name. I could have lived without ever knowing, but the producers wanted to do something...too bad it couldn't have been done better.

    Sure you can take the show for what it is at face value, but to get to the core it's all about being able to adapt to any situation. Plus, it made me keep a few select tools in my truck that kept me out of trouble over the years. Even watching it many years later, it's still makes for good television.
  • òtimo show. realmente muito bom, MacGyver e seu canivete ficaram na memória da maioria das pessoas. e quem não queria um canivete igual o dele? O mais interessante eram os diálogos dele com o carequinha, perfeitos. E até hoje não esqueço do

    Era um seriado informativo, aprendíamos coisas interessantes sobre várias coisas, principalmente montar bombas. Hoje este programa com certeza seria censurado pelo governo americano, mas muitos filmes da época faziam referências ao MacGyver, ou até se aproveitavam de algumas coisas que eles mostravam.
    Muito melhor que muitas séries novas, onde falta um bom ator para desenvolver as cenas.
  • Nothing but the best, they just don't make them like they used to.

    I was rather young when MacGyver was on the Air but I do remember the show very well. I was glad that they brought it to DVD so I could watch it over and over, and hopefully someday show my children. Who knows what'll be on the air then. It's one of those shows that if I catch a rerun I'll stay and watch.
  • MacGyver was my first hero!

    I was around 12 and I found myself addicted to a tv series for the first time. MacGyver was my first idol, my first hero. My Dad had his first competition there! I had so much pleasure watching episodes and reruns throughout the years. I really miss it sometimes, so I can't wait to have all the dvds and go back in time!
  • wow what a great show!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MacGyver is the only I know who can make a bomb out of a potato and wire using a pocket knife and ductape LMAO!!!!!! This is one of the best shows of all time IMO. I am so damn glad they desided to put MacGyver on dvd. oh god YEA!!
  • MacGyver is like James Bond, but MacGyver doesn't use a gun, nor does he like guns. He uses every tool around him to get out of sticky situations. You name it MacGyver can use it and that's what makes this show so great and interesting.

    If I had to pick my all time favorite show, this was it. MacGyver is my favorite TV show ever and it shows since it lasted seven seasons.

    MacGyver worked for the Phoenix Foundation, which was a foundation that basically defeated the 'bad guys' around the world. MacGyver was a special forces agent.

    Mac would go on missions, which some would be in the country and others over seas. Mac never used weapons (guns), because one of his child hood friends shot himself by accident and since that horrific accident, Mac doesn't believe in guns.

    A pocket Swiss army knife is the only weapon Mac uses, and that’s not to protect himself, but help him get out of sticky situations.

    Every episode was a new adventure for Mac, but he met Peter Thornton who was the director of field operations and gave Mac assignments. The two met by accident, as the duo met their arch enemy named Murdoch. Murdoch was trying to kill Peter, but Mac stepped in and saved him. Since that time and through the seven years Murdoch kept a grudge against both men.

    Murdoch would die, but somehow came back and haunt both Pete and MacGyver.

    This show is a 10 in my book.
  • Awsome!

    No more words are needed to describe this TV classic. MacGyver is indeed the most amazing TV show i've ever watched and worth re-viewing at any time.

    I watched it countless times and now that the seasons dvd's are being edited i think its a great opportunity for those who might think that this not worth viewing to change their minds about it and to get addicted as many did and still do nowadays.

    Overall, all seasons are very good (what else would i say :) ), very thrilling since the very first episode to the very last one.

    Enjoy your shows.
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