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  • Switch the channel, Snl is on!

    I don't think macgyver is really all that good of a show because it seems like a show that is the same every episode. i've never seen it but from what I've heard from my mum, I'm not interseted in it. I do like watching Macgruber on Saturday Night Live because it makes fun of the show. He never saves the day because he always gets distracted by something. Macgruber is played by Will Forte and Will makes Macgruber seem feminine. It's hilarious. i's watch macgruber over macgyvre antday of the week. Plus, who would really watch it today, it's no the 70's anymore. Sorry.
  • A general review of the action/adventure series "Macgyver"

    It's hard to classify a TV show like "Macgyver (1985-1992)". Macgyver was unique, original, and suprisingly unpredictable, but on the other hand the show was too routine, often dull, and at times the script was horribly (even laughably) bad, with the cheesy acting to accompany it.

    The positive and negative aspects of the show varied from season to season, with season one being the most "experimental" due to the fact that Macgyver's character and the style of the episode presentation was often played around with in terms of the "James Bond" style opening gambits in the first few episodes, and the way Macgyver presented himself throughout the first season.

    Season two ran strong with Macgyver's character finally established as the more sensitive, action hero with a vast knowledge in the field of chemistry and physics, he hated heights, but hated guns even more, and had friends that had a thing for getting him into major trouble.

    Macgyver would run strong for three more seasons, before showing its age by season six in 1990. Basically the show became too routine, and was rapidly losing its taste, originality, and most of all the 80's style presentation of the show became lame and old news by the dawn of the 90's. This decline of intrest carried on into the seventh and final season. Season seven was the shortest season in the series and most of the episodes were far from top-notch. Never the less the show still had its perks with intresting plot twists, cool "Macgyverisms", and some great special effects/stunts. Personally my favorite macgyverism in the entire series came during season seven; called "Gunz and Boyz" when Mac blew a steel door by creating a cannon out of a beer-keg, duct pipe, and a whiskey basket.


    Season 1- Mediocre
    Season 2- Strong
    Season 3- Strong
    Season 4- Average
    Season 5- Average
    Season 6- Mediocre
    Season 7- Mediocre
  • The women would like it.

    MacGyver is synonym for resourceful and creative. If you look those words from the dictionary, you'll see MacGyvers photo and a text: dude, who can make anything out of a roll of duct tape, dental floss and some loose pieces of stone.

    That's the whole basic idea for a show. MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) is a secret agent, or something, who uses his brain before his brawn always coming up a clever solution on dispatching the baddies without the need of using a gun. Though he might do explosives now and then. ;) Mac's boss is Pete Thornton (Dana Elcar), boss of Phoenix foundation, that seems to dabble in a bit of everything, just like Mac. Another regular character is Jack Dalton (Bruce McGill), Mac's adventurous pilot friend who is often in trouble or is gonna get in one in order to help his friend.

    What astonishes me is, that MacGyver has lasted the test of time reasonably well. Sure, there are lots of episodes, that feel a bit campy these days, but in all the series is still very watchable. And this comes from a person, who saw MacGyver for the first time back in 80's as a little kid (I was little under ten when it started in the TV here) and saw the series again in my mid twenties.
  • Boring.

    OK. Boring. If i wanted better animation, i would ask for a cartoon about a calculater fighting off highly skilled ninjas who are destined to rule the world but the calculater must stop them. That is action. It would be way better to watch than this. Boring show that is a piece of crap.
  • So cool to see this old show on the home page

    this was fun TV, and made me think of SG1 too!
  • Somewhat, the IRL counterpart of Jimmy Neutron.

    This is one smart show.

    Plot: MacGyver, a smart whiz that knows everything in physics, mechanics, objects, and almost everything! He makes things that are just unusually useful, and unique. He can create any inventions using anything! And those inventions are somewhat proven that it can be done in the real world!

    Characters: MacGyver is one of my most favorite protagonists of all time, as he's unusually smart. Underrated. I admit that this guy is a little smarter than Tony Starks. Characters are really complete in details, they are always in the right place, good actors, the actors know how to move into the right positions of their roles.

    Value: With a unique streak, he doesn't battle his way with a gun, only with swiss knife, and his invention. I like how the story and action goes in this show, it's one of the most unusual TV shows ever. Everything goes out well-planned and pure. Underrated.

    Overall: 11. The show/program to receive a highest score from me yet. REALLY underrated, I recommend this.
  • Even Macgyver can't fix this

    My god this show is awful and an insult to the original the guy playing MacGyver looks like he should be playing the gay best friend did they even watch the original ? I hope it gets cancelled before the season even ends I will take what ever show that was left on the floor over this crap. I want to give this a ZERO but the lowest you can go is a one.
  • mr fix anything goes on screen as the super spy

    the show is surely unique and the story is very interesting but the quality of the videos are somewhat discouraging. the main actor (who later became the star atraction for stargate) definatly made the show more entertaining. the classic scene where he is trapped and he finds some defunctioned machinary and somehow putts it together to make the item apropriate to escape and complete his objective. i alwayse was looking forward to see it. the show in the ending is exacly what i chose as my classification of the show. it is interesting but needed improvements to make it more attractive. however it is worth a look.
  • I'm in LOVE!!!!

    He is part Indiana Jones, part Sherlock Holmes.
    He can turn a bicycle frame into a blowtorch, disarm a bomb with a hockey ticket, or weld a broken pipe with a handfull of quarters.
    He is MacGyver, a natural genius whose quick wits and knowledge of science allow him to perform incredible feats with everyday objects.
    A scientific adventurer, MacGyver works for the Phoenix Foundation, an organization dedicated to making the world a better place for all.
  • Classic

    I remember watching this show Friday nights. I can remember Richard Dean Anderson announcing to the world that he enjoyed the show but sadly this is the end. It was a big shock. I loved that show. If I had to watch all over again I'll probably think it is not so great. What I can remember of it was that wherever he got trapped there was always something that he could use to help him out of the situation. My favorite episode was the one with the ants. I would suggest that if you or kids have not seen it before, take it out and enjoy. It should be part of everybody's TV history.
  • MacGyver is briliant, life and deather situations and still manages to get the girl.

    Seriously brilliant how MacGyver comes up with the most unique and bizarre ways to get himself out off situations while still always getting the girl. As corny as it is now back in its day it was a must see. A chewing gum bomb not to mention any of the other crazy schemes MacGyver came up with. He is just like James Bond with out the financial backing to have all the high tech gadgets Bond has. The way MacGyver does it is much more exciting anyway. Always makes me laugh even more so watching now.
  • This is a great classic! Fun to watch how he gets himself out of all kinds of situations.

    Although compared to todays show it would get a lot of critizism that it wouldnt have back then. Things like, everyone speaks english regardless of what country they are from. But the thing about the show is how he comes up with different solutions. A gadget freak like myself love to se him work (although a lot of the stuff he does isnt possible).
  • Just bought it on DVD & watched the whole First Season!

    I actually was just given this last month for my birthday. I was born in the 70’s so when this came on TV, I do remember watching it quite often but it was a time in my life when I was more interested in riding my BMX around Launceston, Tasmania than staying in to watch TV.

    Putting in the DVD player & hearing the opening theme, I still remember as a teenager wishing I could do all of those things. However, Science really wasn’t that cool.

    From the very first episode, it made me laugh. They’re in this underground office & they’ve all got mugs of coffee in their hands & some guy lights up a smoke! I live in Sydney now & we’ve just banned smoking in Pubs & Clubs. I can’t even imagine rocking back in my chair at work & lighting up.

    What is it with computer sounds? I know that there was no Windows 95 back then but did computers really make all of those beeps? In one episode, MacGyver is at a charity Science benefit & they have this obviously remote controlled robot serving drinks & supposedly talking to people. Even Dexter the Robot off Blind Date wasn’t this bad.

    I’ve actually been going into work & telling everybody that I’ve been watching it & I have been getting a LOT of stick for it. That hair (is it blonde tips), the gadgets & the thin ties. Was I ever like that?
  • I used to watch this religiously.

    Truly a classic in my TV memory! It may seem a bit dated now (especially MacGyver’s haircut ;-)), but it is still enjoyable to watch. Who hasn’t tried some of the ‘tricks’ done by MacGyver?
    I was glad when this series came out on DVD. It’ll make a nice addition to my collection.
  • Macgyver must be the best show from the late 80's.

    There is something about Macgyver that I love. The shows are not always brilliant, some of the guest actors couldn't act, and they stole clips from others shows, but despite all this Macgyver delivered a welcome dose of action and drama that was easy to watch and a bit of fun.

    The basic structure of the show was Macgyver, a Hockey loving genius that could make the most amazing piece of equipment out of a broken coathanger and a bike pump, which could be then used to either escape form an impossible situation or be used to infiltrate a secret milatary prison!!

    Even though Macgyver was far fetched, it offered the viewer a program that was well written and well presented. The plots where always original, and you could never guess what was going to happen next. For this reason Magyver was one of those shows that you just had to watch. I have recently been watching the re-runs on TV, and even though the clothes make the show look slightly dated, it still delivers great entertainment.
  • MacGyver Trivia

    Ultimate MacGyver Trivia

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    Trivia about everyone's favorite ingenious problem solver! Questions from the Classic TV Series, as well as The 2016 'Reimagining', Movies, & Commercials.
  • what mom,can it wait until a commercial

    there are reruns that air time to time,that you find puasing on briefly as you scroll through the channels. you see the old stars you once enjoyed, and you smile why did i ever or how did i sit through the entire episode (scarecrow and mrs.king) but then there are the ones you still find yourself stuck watching,sure you look back and realize the writing wasn't all that great, the acting has definately improved over the years. but mac will still always keep you on the edge of your seat, will he get away,can you really weld with jumper cables and a quarter,is the house haunted or is everyone getting mercury poison. frankly this was a show that molded future soldiers, carpenters, mr. fix-its this show inspired a breed of thier own.
  • A witty scientific action-adventure that features a very innovative and resourceful lead character.

    MacGuyver is a classic show which featured a very innovative and resourceful main character that can make complex tools from ordinary household materials.

    His adventures and the characters he meets become central plot in the whole series. Plenty of guest stars appear repeatedly in some episodes.

    It has been one of my favorite shows. I remember watching it with my dad and my brother. It was one of the reasons I took up Chemistry in college. That's how influential it was.

    I remember a very attractive young Terri Hatcher way back in this show. Despite my young age, I knew she was hot! ^_^

    The first few seasons were superb and very amusing, although the last few episodes seemed to have become melodramatic and over-reminiscent of past episodes.

    Even now people still make alussions to MacGuyver whenever a person makes brilliant tools out of the most obscure materials.

    It is a very nice action show for the family since the main character, Angus MacGuyver (yes, that's his complete name), shuns guns.
  • MacGyver is an old school classic.

    I always loved MacGyver. Really, who couldn't? He takes on all these bad guys with nothing but a pocket knife and on top of that, he is really smart. MacGyver always finds a way out of a sticky situation. I always loved it and when I flick past it I'll still stop to see whats going on!!
  • Only one show could make you think you could make a bomb out of a rubber glove, toothpick, a few household chemicals and a stick of gum: MacGyver. Throw a little imagination in with gunfire action and you have one of the most influential shows of the 80's

    Only one show could make you think that you could make a bomb out of a rubber glove, toothpick, a few household chemicals and a stick of chewing gum...MacGyver. Throw a little imagination in with gunfire action and you have one of the most popular and influential shows of the 80's. This show was so creative in nature that it was able to survie some weak acting by the supporting characters. Richard Dean Anderson is a decent actor, but many of the villains in each episode were terrible when it comes to acting skills. Yet, this is but a side note when looking at MacGyver, for the ingenuity of the show could reel any viewer in during its era. The action and special effects are nowhere near great by today's standards, but you must remember that this was a show before the days of CGI. Thus said, MacGyver's action and special effects do well enough for its time. Besides, it's the creativity of MacGyver that was the main attraction anyway.

    My final review: Almost anyone and everyone knows who MacGyver is. That right there tells you it was an influential show. Quality wise, it was decent good for its era, decent for today, but the sheer creativity of the show puts it over the top.
  • The master of improvisation - and I'm not talking about the acting kind.

    I think it's interesting to note how much Batman and MacGyver have in commmon. Both hate guns, both are highly inventive - and most of all, thanks to a lot of the Voice Over narration offered by Mac in the show, they have a real leaning towards the Hard Boiled detective.

    What a fantastic show, one that has always helped influence my approach to any problem in life, big or small. If you look around, there's a solution lying around somewhere.

    One thing I'm wondering though, is MacGyver really Scottish? 'Cause that doesn't sound like any clan I've ever heard? I have no doubt though, he'd able able to come up with a stylin' tartan in a pinch.
  • This was one of my favorite show as a kid growing up.

    The early seasons of the show were definitely some of my favorote episodes. It seemed that the last few seasons the show really jumped the shark. It seemed like they try to turn it into an afterschool special. I liked it better when was a spy or the early years of the Phoenix Foundation. I didn't really like it when they became an enviromental group. I still enjoying watching the show now that it is in syndication.
  • Good to grow up on.

    MacGyver is yet another great program from my youth that makes me enjoy television as an adventure into imagination. MacGyver was perfect. The stories weren't uniform and one sided, but rather each plot was unique and had it's own little secret glimpses into the background of the characters. MacGyver was another integral part of the show, because of his ingenuity and problem solving ability, I had a role model that didn't always leap right into action first and figure out how to get out of trouble later...
    MacGyver may be the punchline for a lot of jokes, but he is a true hero.
  • What can I do with a...

    I think this is the ultimate show for the DIY'er. here's a guy who can pretty much do anything, break into a military base with just some stuff from a nearby truck? Done, make a Bazooka out of a muffler, seat padding, some gas, and a wooden ball? (I still wanna try that sometime!) Bye bye bad guys. I think my personal favorite though is the opening sequence where he's trapped in an interrogation room with just a map and he escapes the town in a hot air balloon. I think they called it "A map is a wonderful thing." everything from hiding a pipe in it for use as a weapon to a patch for his balloon. I get bored at work and I'll take the stuff at my desk and try and "McGuyver" it into something cool (Usually some kind of spring loaded contraption that shoots stuff at my co-workers) just goes to show how much impact a show can have on someone.
  • 80s Classic - a 1 man version of the A-Team!

    This series showed how good Richard Dean Anderson is and why this show and Stargate SG-1 was so successful. Each week MacGyver would head out to help the downtrodden ordinary people of the world take on the bad guys using his razor sharp mind. The jokes abound about how he could build a guided missile with a rubber band, paperclip and a roll of duct tape (his favorite tool!).

    I learned alot from this show. Whenever I need to do something and dont have the perfect tool, I just look around, see whats available and think like MacGyver.

    The series ended at just the right time and didnt run itself into the ground. When Stargate SG-1 ends, it would be funny if, while golfing he was hit in the head and woke up in his bed in his MacGyver apartment with Jack Dalton standing over him, to which he says "Jack??? Wow, I had just had one heck of a dream!" Ok, it would rip off the finale of Newhart but, what the heck.
  • Classic...

    macgyver is my favorite show from the 1980s. It has tons of good ideas and it features one of my favorite actors ever Richard Dean Anderson. You have a hero who doesnt like guns and is afraid of heights is there anything better than that? I own the complete fifth season on dvd but I was a Little disapointed MacGyver didnt really do that much adventuring you know like jumping out of airplanes and almost breaking his neck. what I didnt like was that penny parker wasnt in any episodes at all well exept serenity but that was a dream episode. i'd hate to say it but season 5 is the only season that I have ever seen and I'm hoping to get more seasons soon. i gave MacGyver a 9 out of ten becuse of season 7 they basically cut the season in halve. Later...
  • A classic of my childhood. I really loved this character and his knowledge about any subject. When i was a child i would have paid to become as MacGyver!

    This was probably my favourite show in childhood, when they aired it in my country i knew by heart every episode and i wanted to become as MacGyver. And nowadays when i do something ingenious i find myself singing MacGyver's theme song...i really liked how he hated weapons and always tried to win against fellons without causing them too much damage. I was (probably because i was a kid, but who knows) always amused how he did new things, how he adapted anything he could find to his porpuses, it's a real classic to me, and when i happen to find a re-airing i always stop there and see the episode. I will never get tyred of MacGyver, i grew with MacGyver's adventures!
  • Name another show where you can see someone de-fuse a bomb, using hockey tickets. And make a bomb using a tail pipe, metal shavings, and batery acid.

    MacGyver, originally airing on ABC, and now in syndication, had a good run. It was on for 7 seasons. Even though some of the later episodes were a little after school special-ish, they still had their moments. And some, were a little corny, Good Knight MacGyver, for example, but still had their entertainment value. The shows had many guest stars, some of which became recurring characters. Even though the show is a little dated, people still say things like you Macgyver'd that, or who do you think you are..Macgyver? The show is even mentioned in shows on today, (the Simpsons). Overall it was a great show, classic status.
  • still love it

    I remember watching this when it was new and I still love watching the reruns.. it helps that RDA is such a hottie, but the stories were good, I like his ingenuity, whenever I see Duct tape I still think of MacGyver.. I wish we would of got a reunion show.. maybe it is still not to late
  • MacGyver is a different kind of crime fighter, using brains over guns, with fantastic results. Working for the Phoenix Foundation he encounters many obstacles along the way, but always comes out on top.

    I loved this show from the minute I saw it. It was during the orginal run and MacGyver was just too cool. He was smart and funny and could nail the bad guys without breathing hard. And all of it without a gun.

    I was even more impressed when I learned that many of the "tricks" he did on the show had been lab tested and would actually work.

    The character of MacGyver was real, and you felt like you knew him. His interaction with his friends Pete and Jack were spot on and his putting up with the ditzy but sweet Penny Parker is just what a friend could do.

    But getting the "bad guys" where it hurts by the use of household chemicals, chocolate bars, and his ever present swiss army knife makes him the man you always want on your side.
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