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  • It's magic...

    I remember when I was around 10. We were playing outside. Nothing could disturb our game, everyone was having fun. Then there was the signal, "McGyver is on TV", someone shouts.That's it.Everyone running to their houses to watch their hero. A man who is not a superhero, not particularly strong, he doesn't like to kill, he does not use weapons. But he does things that to everyone looked like magic. The show was nothing special technically, you can even say that it had some serious flaws. But honestly, who cares. I didn't care then, I certainly don't care now. Its amazing originality and the charisma of the leading man did the trick. Richard Dean gave life to one of the most likable characters ever created. If you add to that the supporting cast of his friends and villains, all together they create a miraculous result. This show is the perfect example that no special effects and sound effects and other technical issues cannot replace an ideal casting,its chemistry and a really original story. Violence is not the key to everything, just use your brain.Thanks for the lessons Mac.
  • Get your paper clips and chewing gum together

    In the '80s there were only a select few who could go by one name - Madonna, Prince, Magnum, and, of course, MacGyver. The man with one name, the one who can create a nuclear bomb with a stick of chewing gum, a paper clip, and a rubber band, is back in a third season of international intrigue, sexy women, and big explosions. As Peter Thornton ( Dana Elcar ), MacGyver's boss says at one point in the third season, "He just always comes through, no matter what."
    How charmingly nostalgic the whole thing feels when you watch the show in reruns.The show clearly has a legion of fans (outside of Patty and Selma Bouvier).
  • awesome show, always a favorite

    okay, yes, admittedly the last season was not perfect... but the show as a whole is a classic. It showed us a new style of special agent.... i have to address the negative post which was put on this page.. the poster admits that he has not watched the show:

    ----don't review a show if you haven't watched it------

    seriously, if you don't research, you can't go and bash a show... i have heard legitimate arguements on why people don't like macgyver, yours: "my mum said it was a bunch of episodes which were all the same" is not a legitimate reason to give a show a negative review.... seriously though, if you watch this show, and you actually watch more than a few episodes, you'll realize that while they are similar, they all have something different to offer the viewer.
  • World's greatest hero, when it comes to get out of a a dangerous situation, without using a gun!

    When it comes to find a way out of a sticky situation, then Macgyver is our man. Regarding on his intelligence, and on what he has around him, the man could built anything. It was the series which gave Richard Dean Anderson his first big chance in Hollywood, b portraying Angus MacGyver (If this did not have happened, we would have not been able to see him on Stargate), and also for the great Dana Elcar, who did ana amazing work reprising Pete Thorton's, MacGyver's best friend. Although some of his tricks did not work on real life (although the way he stops the acid in the first episode, by using chocolate has been proven to be possible, it's just genius!), he was still able to captivate our imagination and our attention by defeating his enemies, without using nothing but a Swiss Army Knife, and his imagination. Along with his friends Peter and Jack, he travelled the world, helping those who needed most. The show was funny and it was one of the best of its kind.

    One of the greatest things that the series taught us also, was about friendship and the way you must sometimes relay on others, even if you do not think it is the best thing to do. A wonderful series, which deserves a place on the top, my friends!
  • Who hasn't said "I need a Paperclip, Rubber Band, and Toilet Paper Tube."

    This show was extremely influential during its time and became a classic no one will forget who has seen the show. MacGyver has been one of my top ten hero's since i was a kid, even if he did have a ridiculous mullet. It was a show that you continuously wanted more of, with all of his tiny solutions to enormous problems its no wonder why you cant help love the show. These simple solutions involve the tiniest of objects, from paperclips, to rubber bands, MacGyver shows us the simplest solutions can be the best. Makes me wish that i could use such simple objects to solve everyday tasks.
  • a great series indeed!

    watching macgyver is really entertaining. i just love how he would get out of a sticky situation with his wits and quick thinking. everything could be use into something that's very creative and you can learn something as well. he's this agent from the phoenix foundation with his best friend pete as his boss and together they embark on this great adventure. i like most of the episodes with murdoch as the villain. he's really convincing and exciting. and the music theme is just right. this is a worth watching series and just check it out to know what i'm talking about.
  • Best TV show of the 80s (or darn close)

    I absolutely loved MacGyver back in the day and I still do now. There isn't really a show on tv nowadays that you can say is the new Macgyver or like the show. I will always call Richard Dean Anderson MacGyver and not by his real name. He will always be MacGyver to me. I loved him though on Stargate til he pulled out of doing the FINAL season. That kinda ticked me off. But oh well. MacGyver is a brillant show and the cast was amazing. I'm so glad the whole series is on DVD... I just hope the 2 movies will be released soon and not stuck in a complete series boxset.
  • Yeah, bring it back.

    MacGyver is superb show. It makes you watch it longer than anything. It just sucks you in. I like this kind of shows. Where people make good things of ordinary things that we use at home for living normaly. This guy is briliant. They should bring it back. Seriously. These seasons are not enough. They should be like Star Trek that never seem to end. Like that, yeah. The story is good, but it kinda sucks cos it's so old. the characters are pretty good. This is my review. Bye, bye, bye, bye!

    Bring back MacGyver! We want MacGyver back.
    Now, really!
  • "I've been shot at, blown up, punched, and stabbed. And what have I got to show for it? A few empty rolls of duct tape?"

    To anyone who loves ingenuity and a sense of adventure,this is their show. MacGyver is the cleverest man ever. Who else could escape jail with a freon canister or walk through snakes with gasoline. MacGyver stands for the American sense of ingenuity. Each episode was a new adventure and was fun to watch. It kept you thinking like MacGyver for that 60 minutes. Each and every day, MacGyver would survive with his wits about him. This is, in many ways, a sister series to the A-Team. Ingenuity fuels both series. But MacGyver does everything himself or with 2 friends. He did it alone!

    Last Words: MacGyver cannot be equalled, but rather compared to. So buy the DVDs to get your Mac 101 today.
  • The first alchemist show ever on TV

    This an amazing show, not only for the fact that MacGyver can create an helicopter out of a matchbox and a couple of needles but also thanks to the fact that the show is very well done, the dialogues and the directions is esxcellent, so you never have a moment of boredom. another nice thing was that MacGyver was a very peaceful man who never killed a person in this show and he also hates guns, which is completely against what we see in heroes these days who are more concerned abut bodycount than in saving. Richard Dean ANderson is also an excellent actor. I don' know one person who hates MacGyver!
  • I loved this show and love MacGyver growing up!!

    I so loved this show. Growing up it was a can't miss an episode or die show to me. In later years I loved and watched every rerun over and over again until I could almost tell you word for word what would happen and what they would say. My favorite christmas gift one year was my own swiss army knife like just like MacGyver's he always had with him. I think it was well written for the time period and a little ahead. It will always be a classic for all generations! Even though I hated Merdock you had to love the way they played out the conflict between him and MacGyver. And of course you always had loyal Pete. I was a little disappointed in the ending of the series because I thought he should have ended up with that girl he was aways saving, darn I can't remember her name but she was little crazy and goofy :) I am glad he found his son but it would have been better if they all together went off into the sunset. I will even admit I wanted to marry Richard Dean Anderson and as a teen growing up dreamed of our happy ending lol but even as a adult now it is series classic and just awesome!
  • Mac, Pete, Penny, Murdoc!, and my personal favorite JACK DALTON!!!!!

    A creative and entertaining show. Would you expect anything less from a project produced by T.V. legend Henry Winkler? Angus MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson), leads the way throughout suspenseful escapades in the U.S. and across the globe. Famously improvising and adapting to evade certain doom is Macgyver's trademark. This makes for the great action and sarcastic banter Richard Dean has made his living on. His trusted partner at the Phoenix Foundation Pete Thornton (Dana Elcar), joins Mac on the quest for universal justice. Reoccuring nemesis Murdoc (Michael Des Barres), provides the ultimate rivalry that lasts throughout the series. Swiss Army Knife in hand, there's no situation Mac can't handle. The icing on this cake for me is the one and only Jack Dalton (Bruce Mcgill). An episode with Jack Dalton is sure to be filled with plenty of entertainment. Overall, a classic show with the perfect mixture of action, comedy, and a leading man with a mullet for the ages.
  • Macgyver can make anything out of anything. This is definitely the best show ever on television. Macgyver is action packed, exiting, thrilling, and thought provoking. The only other words that I can think of to describe it are awesome and sup

    Macgyver has been my favorite television show since I first saw it {I was eight years old}. It's awesome for families to watch together or for anybody to see.
    Macgyver always uses his head to get out of situations, and hardly ever uses violence {only if he's punching or something like that}. He is extremely smart, and can solve tough problems by making things from other things.
    Mac's boss, Peter Thorton, is also Mac's best friend. They some times go on missions together, but usualy Mac's alone.
    Jack Dalton is a superb character that's an old buddy of Macgyvers. Jack gets into trouble easily, always counting on Mac to get him out.
    Penny Parker is annoying and complains to much, but I guess that's how she's supposed to be.
    Nikki Carpenter is not the best character in the world, I don't particularly like her.
    Murdoc is the perfect bad guy for this show, he's creative and he's always trying to kill Macgyver {well, most of the time anyway}. Murdoc is a tad insane, making him even better {well, for a badguy anyway}.
    This is the best show ever to exist, and probably the best show that's ever going to exist.
  • MacGyver is quite possibly my favorite average joe-superhero.

    Never been more amused by a man who can find more uses for ducttape than the average mind could possibly think of. Here we have a guy who manages to get himself out of any and every situation he's put in regardless of his lack of help or tools, and uses the environment around him to save himself and others.

    And goodness knows that that specific Mullet would go down in history as the most attractive hairstyle on the amazing Richard Dean Anderson.

    With the release of the DVD set there is no question that MacGyver's popularity has risen since his run on the television screen. There hasn't been an episode yet that's been a disappointment. Even if the plot line is stale and unamusing, it's worth tuning in just to see what our average joe-superhero comes up with.
  • one of my personal favorites....

    I remember watching this when I was like 7 yrs old. No kidding . It was aired in my home country and my mom's so hooked on this tv show that it kinda grew on me. I like the fact that it's sort of an action series without too much violence but a whole lotta brains...... This is in my list of dvd series to collect........
  • Look beyond the duct tape.

    When people think of MacGyver, they conjure up images of making bombs out of a paper clip and a piece of bubble gum. Other people think of being able to fix anything with duct tape or a Swiss Army knife. Granted these items were a part of the core of the show, it was really more than just that.

    MacGyver broke into television as an action adventure hero who could build anything to get him or other people out of any situation. What was unique about the show was that the protagonist in the series was not only used his mind to solve problems, but he also solved them without the use of gun violence. Sure he utilized a gun here and there in the creation of an invention or a diversion, but he never used it for the purpose of killing anyone. But it wasn't this anti-gun message that kept me watching the show.

    I watched the show because I was amazed at the everyday item creations that were used, as well as the interesting story lines that took MacGyver all over the globe. Each week I would tune in to find out what it was he was gonna make next and figure out how he did it. Not only did I watch for it's entertainment value, I watched it to learn. If MacGyver could find a way out, well there should be a way out of anything, except exposing his first name. I could have lived without ever knowing, but the producers wanted to do something...too bad it couldn't have been done better.

    Sure you can take the show for what it is at face value, but to get to the core it's all about being able to adapt to any situation. Plus, it made me keep a few select tools in my truck that kept me out of trouble over the years. Even watching it many years later, it's still makes for good television.
  • òtimo show. realmente muito bom, MacGyver e seu canivete ficaram na memória da maioria das pessoas. e quem não queria um canivete igual o dele? O mais interessante eram os diálogos dele com o carequinha, perfeitos. E até hoje não esqueço do

    Era um seriado informativo, aprendíamos coisas interessantes sobre várias coisas, principalmente montar bombas. Hoje este programa com certeza seria censurado pelo governo americano, mas muitos filmes da época faziam referências ao MacGyver, ou até se aproveitavam de algumas coisas que eles mostravam.
    Muito melhor que muitas séries novas, onde falta um bom ator para desenvolver as cenas.
  • MacGyver was my first hero!

    I was around 12 and I found myself addicted to a tv series for the first time. MacGyver was my first idol, my first hero. My Dad had his first competition there! I had so much pleasure watching episodes and reruns throughout the years. I really miss it sometimes, so I can't wait to have all the dvds and go back in time!
  • wow what a great show!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MacGyver is the only I know who can make a bomb out of a potato and wire using a pocket knife and ductape LMAO!!!!!! This is one of the best shows of all time IMO. I am so damn glad they desided to put MacGyver on dvd. oh god YEA!!
  • One of my earliest memories is the exposition at the end of the title.

    This show was near perfect thru out it's seven years. So much of my time as a youth was speed watching the adventures of Angus "Mac" MacGyver that it's a wonder I'm not sporting a mullet. Thanks to this show I believe duck tape can fix any thing, and as long as I have my trust pocket knife I could stop WW III. But seriously, this show tackled both serious and light issues with brilliance. And It gave use some of the best villains in television history. Not to mention its best hero, and one of the most enduring characters on TV. He was a hero who never considered himself one, would lend a helping hand to anyone in need, treated woman with respect, was humble, funny, hated guns, and only thru a punch if there was no other was out of a situation. In short he was what a real man should be and what most modern day "heroes" never are.
  • The Mastermind of all action/adventure television

    MacGyver is, without a doubt my favourite show of the '80's
    Richard Dean Anderson did a suberb job of portraying the character that is now so widely famous across the globe.However I found that the series had better action with MacGyver escaping like in seasons 1-3 rather than street kids and gangs with drug problems like in Seasons 4-7.but the show is still a's just to bad they took off the reruns in canada.I bought the DVD's.
  • Loved the show as a kid!

    I had a huge crush on Richard Dean Anderson as
    A kid growing up in the 80's and MacGyver was
    One of a kind tv show about a secret agent who
    Doesn't like weapons, heights but is very smart and very intelligent as he uses paper clips or lightbulbs to get out of the hard things
    That he gets himself into as this show was ahead of its time!
  • My thoughts on MacGyver

    I loved this show when I was a teenager. I watched it every chance I got. I loved how each episode was original and unique. My favorite thing about it was how MacGyver used his mind and know how to beat the bad guys every week. This show also had a lot of heart. The characters were great, and always carrying in some way. I truly miss this show. It also seemed to have a moral imbedded in the storyline somewhere. Never a week went by that I did noty watch it. I truly loved this show, and wish I could see it again.
  • MacGyver: The Man who can make something out of nothing...

    To tell you the truth I really wasn't even born until this show was over with. A couple of years ago I saw it on TV and then I boughts the box sets. MacGyver always gets out of a tight spot no matter what. I thought that the first few seasons were the best though. They had MacGyver doing more, like making his awesome inventions. In the later seasons it seemed to focus on things like gang violence. Richard Dean Anderson is the man. he portrayed MacGyver brilliantly. The same can be said for The supporting characters like Dana Elcar as Pete. The ever so funny Jack Dalton and the treacherous Murdoc. This show could be corny at times and some of the stuff that MacGyver makes could be impossible but that is the best part of the show. Just think as to how much of a good role model MacGyver would have made for kids, he never uses guns or drugs and always helps people. Hopefully the rumors of a MacGyver movie are true and we can get Richard Dean Anderson back to playing the role.
  • Made the Swiss Army Knife cool...

    I watched this show when it was running in the eighties, and have recently become reaquainted with it when I bought the first season on DVD last year. I was immediately drawn to the show from the first season, in most episodes had a short featurette before the opening titles, a la James Bond. I loved that concept, and was disappointed in Season 2 when it didn't continue. The thing I appreciate most about this series is MacGyver's aversion to guns, and his penchant to use his brain first, brawn as a last resort. I'll encourage my son to watch this series when he gets a little older for that very reason. Some of the acting can be cheesy (as in most eighties shows), but the stories are engaging, and watching MacGyver solve problems with every day items never gets old for me. Highly recommended!
  • Best TV mullet ever!

    When I think of the 80's, shows like the Dukes of Hazard, Dallas, The A Team and MacGyver bring back memories. They were fun and with the exception of Dallas, the three others all had one thing in common. They all solved things with very little violence. Even though it may seem that there was some, The A Team always made contraptions that would get them out of trouble, but no one died. The Dukes always fought their way out of trouble just long enough for Roscoe to come arrest the bad guys and with Mac, well he would just make a radio receiver out of a paperclip grass and a shoelace or he would make a dart gun out of bubble gum and toothpick. I honeslty believe that this this was the toughest man in the world. Put him up against the Terminator and he would have found a way to dismantle his CPU without ever touching it. He would make something to shut him down. And that's what was so pure about MacGyver. He never really used violence to solve problems, always his head. And he never got carried away either. He never panicked. He just stayed cool and he always managed to save the day. I love this show and I wish they would bring it back, even in sydication where I am, but we don't have it here and that is a shame because it is a great show and one that I miss.
    I really liked it when he built that man made wormhole out of paper clips and bubble gum.
  • Mac can do anything, can fix anything, can get out of anything, can't be stopped, and can save you!

    I didn't move for the whole hour, I owned the Swiss Army Watch, I do not use duct tape on everything, but I wished I could. I played hockey b/c of him, and wished I lived in a warmer place so I could own a Jeep without freezing in the winter. I never wore a "mullet" but he made and still makes them look cool. And b/c of him I watched every episode of Legend a version of Mac, but in the 1800's which was just as cool to me.
    My favorite part about the show was that it lead the way for Burn Notice, which focuses on a more personal and flashier character.
    We knew he had a personal life, and that it was visited every now and again, I loved that Penny Parker came around once in a while, but it would have been nice to have more knowledge of him, and while Sam was good to know about, it would also have been nice to have meet him earlier. A throw back into the Cowboy shows of years past, complete with a ride off into the sunset.
  • Great show

    My score may be a little retro, but I still enjoy this show. It is fun just to try and think of what he is planning on putting together to get himself out of a jam. It is too bad there was never a movie, that would have been great. MacGyver could do everything a CSI team could do faster and without all the high tech equipment.
  • No matter how old I get I can still remember running to the television set scream MagGyver is on!!!

    Looking back on it, boy was I an impressionable kid or what!

    I was and still am fascinated by this guy – he seems to be Mr. Perfect! No where on this planet could you find someone as resourceful as MacGyver! I swear – well not literally – but I bet he could fix a airplane with a pen knife! And still make tea and serve biscuits to the injured passengers!

    Macgyver stretched the bounds of make believe till you began to believe it – well the possibility anyway.No matter what the situation or where he was, MacGyver could always bail himself out of any pinch! There were moments when I felt he was done for but again he got through it.
    However age and common sense have prevailed and I now know why my father was constantly screaming Lies All Lies when ever we watch MacGyver.

    Since its syndication I watched a few reruns and had a blast laughing my head off!
  • Watching the shows offered on the tv nowadays is making me want to watch shows like this more and more.Language and nudity does not a good show make. I watch shows for entertainment purposes, to relax me after a hard day at work.This show does just

    Just because someone doesn't understand the concept of entertainment and has to watch animation to get off shouldn't gripe about shows that will become classics long after the animation crowd has passed. Cussing and swearing about something makes you look like an idiot too.If you don't like a show just say I didn't like the show. Its not hard. Better yet get a grip on reality and join us in the real world - no not the tv show.Richard Dean Anderson is a fabulous actor whether on Macgyver, Stargate SG-1 or any number of movies he has been in. He is also a good father and an active environmentalist.He is also the only civilian to be honored by the US Air Force with actual Brig. General silver stars.
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