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  • A general review of the action/adventure series "Macgyver"

    It's hard to classify a TV show like "Macgyver (1985-1992)". Macgyver was unique, original, and suprisingly unpredictable, but on the other hand the show was too routine, often dull, and at times the script was horribly (even laughably) bad, with the cheesy acting to accompany it.

    The positive and negative aspects of the show varied from season to season, with season one being the most "experimental" due to the fact that Macgyver's character and the style of the episode presentation was often played around with in terms of the "James Bond" style opening gambits in the first few episodes, and the way Macgyver presented himself throughout the first season.

    Season two ran strong with Macgyver's character finally established as the more sensitive, action hero with a vast knowledge in the field of chemistry and physics, he hated heights, but hated guns even more, and had friends that had a thing for getting him into major trouble.

    Macgyver would run strong for three more seasons, before showing its age by season six in 1990. Basically the show became too routine, and was rapidly losing its taste, originality, and most of all the 80's style presentation of the show became lame and old news by the dawn of the 90's. This decline of intrest carried on into the seventh and final season. Season seven was the shortest season in the series and most of the episodes were far from top-notch. Never the less the show still had its perks with intresting plot twists, cool "Macgyverisms", and some great special effects/stunts. Personally my favorite macgyverism in the entire series came during season seven; called "Gunz and Boyz" when Mac blew a steel door by creating a cannon out of a beer-keg, duct pipe, and a whiskey basket.


    Season 1- Mediocre
    Season 2- Strong
    Season 3- Strong
    Season 4- Average
    Season 5- Average
    Season 6- Mediocre
    Season 7- Mediocre