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  • Classic television that would be very welcome if it were to return to our screens again!

    You know, I really mean this; bring back MacGyver! There are no shows like this anymore (and no men either!). MacGyver really epitomised the ultimate American Hero; loyal, decent and smart. He always got the bad guys, but was always very fair about doing it (I always remember him giving them a fighting chance). And hey, how many men do you know that can build a bomb out of some plasticine, a coat hanger and using a pen knife?!

    All jokes aside, MacGyver really was a great show. It was exciting, clever and fun. I'm well aware of how far fetched it was, that wasn't the point. The escapism of sitting down every week and watching his adventures were the highlight of my week's TV when I was a child. I was always gob smacked by the things he could do with his pen knife (although with hindsight and age, I'm well aware of how unrealistic it was!). I had a discussion in the pub about this the other night; someone mentioned the show and it brought a round of enthuastic reminising from everyone at the table, proving that MacGyver was something we all watched. I realise that shows like 24 and The Unit have more realism and better special effects but for me, MacGyver will always be the ultimate TV hero. And although I would love to see the show make a comeback, I fear it wouldn't be quite the same without it's original star; Richard Dean Anderson. But I'll always have the memories and those are priceless!