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  • Mac can do anything, can fix anything, can get out of anything, can't be stopped, and can save you!

    I didn't move for the whole hour, I owned the Swiss Army Watch, I do not use duct tape on everything, but I wished I could. I played hockey b/c of him, and wished I lived in a warmer place so I could own a Jeep without freezing in the winter. I never wore a "mullet" but he made and still makes them look cool. And b/c of him I watched every episode of Legend a version of Mac, but in the 1800's which was just as cool to me.
    My favorite part about the show was that it lead the way for Burn Notice, which focuses on a more personal and flashier character.
    We knew he had a personal life, and that it was visited every now and again, I loved that Penny Parker came around once in a while, but it would have been nice to have more knowledge of him, and while Sam was good to know about, it would also have been nice to have meet him earlier. A throw back into the Cowboy shows of years past, complete with a ride off into the sunset.