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  • Danger Man

    Yeah, I'll admit I myself am a Macgyver fan, have been one since I was about 8. This guy was just one of those characters I love and wanted to be when I grow up. Despite how much time has gone by I still enjoy watching the show even today.

    It's true that may'be the only things riding against this show are time itself, the show has withstood time well but not entirely gracefully there are flaws. For one thing as most people indicated there are innconsistances in some places in a few episodes as well as contanutity erriors in storyline sometimes (I won't bother listing them it's not worth it nor do I care that much). Some plots are a bit dated or can come off as just a bit prechy which do little dramatically. And most of all Macguyver doesn't always seem to have enough bad guys to fight they most of the time consisting of 2, 3, sometimes 4 man configurations, you would thing these bad guy organizations would bring out more baddies than that, I just felt Mac could of been chalanged a bit more.

    But despite these things like I said I enjoyed the show because of the character himself, and due to his actions and how he reacts/interacts toward things I didn't care about these flaws. He's basically like a comic book/pulp action hero who we do get to know from hobbies, smooth rugged persona, as well as his methodology of solving problems which is inventive engenutiy though science and Green Beret survivalist tactics. From seeing how he created them and made them work it looked belevable, and some of those things he did can actually work in real life.
    All those things made him a three dimentional character we could easily emphisize with. Which I think is a good message showing that you don't need mussle or leathal weapons all of the time to be a hero or solve problems. If you have a good head and sharp cunning and wits you can do it. And of course he wouldn't be complete without some memorable supporting characters like Pete who is his suppior and friend with a gruff two fisted persona, but he of course is not some desk jockey even he goes out in the field and is very useful. Same with Jack Dalton whom is another friend of theirs, he's their transporter but also volentary agent also very useful. His persona is more on the free spirted side where most of the time he lands into a heap of trouble from his adventurous get rich quick scemes and of course Pete and Mac have to bail him out which gives both of them a lot of griff.

    There are also some other minor characters that are memorable if not always shown much. Like Penny Parker who has a light persona that is naive. Officer Murphy who is a female cop that is rugged and is constantly dealing with post tramatic stress. Harry, Mac's grandfather who may be old but far from helpless he really provided a lot of depth to Mac's character. The list goes on but there's no room

    Also there were even for every hero/superhero villians, two of them to me were the most memorable. Dr. Zeto even though only in two episode was a chilling villian sort of a mix of The Riddler/Hanibal Lector he was a passive agressive personal even when it looked like he wasn't doing anything he always was. And of course Murdoc who was the Yang side of Macguyver, he was just as clever as Mac only his engenuity and inventitviveness are assasination tactics.

    There were a lot of memorable episodes but you'll have to read my reviews to find out about them. Other than that I don't know what else to say except that Macgyver is a one of a kind action hero that we need more of these days, and he'll always be one of my favorates because he was one of the first.
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