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  • MacGyver: The Man who can make something out of nothing...

    To tell you the truth I really wasn't even born until this show was over with. A couple of years ago I saw it on TV and then I boughts the box sets. MacGyver always gets out of a tight spot no matter what. I thought that the first few seasons were the best though. They had MacGyver doing more, like making his awesome inventions. In the later seasons it seemed to focus on things like gang violence. Richard Dean Anderson is the man. he portrayed MacGyver brilliantly. The same can be said for The supporting characters like Dana Elcar as Pete. The ever so funny Jack Dalton and the treacherous Murdoc. This show could be corny at times and some of the stuff that MacGyver makes could be impossible but that is the best part of the show. Just think as to how much of a good role model MacGyver would have made for kids, he never uses guns or drugs and always helps people. Hopefully the rumors of a MacGyver movie are true and we can get Richard Dean Anderson back to playing the role.