Season 4 Episode 13


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 13, 1989 on ABC

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  • Three episodes in a row from the "MacGyver: Social Worker" genre got to be a bit much, but the juxtaposition of tragic life stories coming from these two different souls was nicely done.

    MacGyver was always universally ignored by media types, at least after the point in the second season where it became clear that the series would never be a major hit. As astounding as the batch of episodes from the fourth season was, it was not until this specific episode that MacGyver made it onto any TV reviewer's lists of "hot show of the night". I certainly welcomed the rare attention, but still can't understand what made this episode so much better than other episodes that were ignored. Granted, it was pretty bold for a series known for its appeal to young boys would do a story about a runaway teenage prostitute, with the sleaziness of the flesh trade on full display. The story was done in pretty good taste though, and the high points were the scenes with MacGyver and Jennifer swapping life stories. It was at times hard to believe that Jennifer could be so astute, observant, and intelligent when talking to MacGyver, but then doltish enough to fall for Snakeskin's transparent routine, but I've seen young women and girls behave just as inexplicably in similar, if less extreme, situations when it involved a guy they were in love with. Overall, a solid character-driven story that the series was better off having done, although as stated in the summary, I could have done without three episodes from the "social worker" genre in rapid-fire succession. Curiously though, ratings for this series hit season-highs in the midst of season four's social worker episodes, reviled as they were by so many fans. This episode hit another season high (thus far) with a 15.2 rating, so it would appear the media support for this particular episode was helpful.