Season 5 Episode 20

Rush to Judgement

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 16, 1990 on ABC

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  • Nothing to necessarily complain about, but a relatively routine episode.

    I was intrigued with the premise of MacGyver as a juror on a high-profile murder case, and while this was a perfectly acceptable and entertaining episode of MacGyver, it never really took flight the way I hoped it would. The high point for me was when MacGyver sabotaged the motel soda machine to evade jury sequester (how he managed to slip back into the hotel later than evening was conveniently omitted) and the discovery of the Bird Lady leading him to the evidence was all pretty well done. What wasn't so well done was the premise of police incompetence to the extent that a gun used in a high-profile murder case was missed in the investigation even though it was lying right there in the storm sewer....and the idea that Wyatt Robbins and his connection to Sandra LaMasters wouldn't have been discovered right away. I also thought scriptwriter Robert Sherman oversold the idea of the media prejudicing the jury pool and the District Attorney's office in a blind lust for ratings, but it did add a third dimension to the events at hand. The resolution that Sandra had ordered the hit on Robbins' wife was sufficient if unsubstantial, and the episode generally seemed to end with an uncharacteristic whimper in the basement of the department store. The episode holds up modestly well to repeated viewing all things considered, but I doubt there are too many MacGyver fans out there who would rank this episode among the series' best.