Season 2 Episode 9

Silent World

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 24, 1986 on ABC

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  • Another entertaining change of pace episode with an intriguing two-tiered storyline.

    As evidenced by the other reviewer's take on "Silent World", the episode definitely has its critics. I generally thought it was good fun with a clever missile theft plot merging together nicely, if improbably, with the storyline relating to MacGyver's deaf friend Carrie and her bizarre dream. Kudos from bringing back the criminal overlords from "Deathlock" for an encore act in the episode's beginning, even though they didn't seem nearly as ominous this time getting outwitted by David Crane. While the endless analysis of Carrie's dream grew a little tedious, there was nonetheless an underlying suspense to the nature of the dream particularly as it began coming to life. The ending, like the endings on many episodes written by Stephen Kandel, was fairly uninspired, but I nonetheless have a favorable overall opinion of this episode. It may not be the best episode to acquaint new potential fans to given the mixed response it draws, but I sure had a good time with it.