Season 1 Episode 19

Slow Death

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 02, 1986 on ABC

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  • MacGyver finally jumps on a train, it is stopped with force by a group of locals. The leader of the locals son died as he was given poison which was thought to be medicine. The locals want justice and want to find the 2 men that did it.

    I really enjoyed this episode as it incorporated many aspects and is exactly why I watch this show.

    The very start of the show was pretty funny as MacGyver literally jumps on a moving train as he arrives by taxi! eventually talking the engineer to slow down as he promises he has a ticket.

    We see MacGyver's sensitive side as he makes a doll for the little foreign girl, which was sweet. Also, it was well written and you really didn't know who to blame towards the end?

    The english cripled doctor plays a good role and also the two inlove american tourists. The creation of the lie detector was brilliant to find out who really is lying? and poisoned the locals village.

    Overall, I rate this episode very highly and think it is one of the best from the first season.
  • An episode that could have been a classic got off to a great start but ran out of steam.

    Here was an episode that looked great in the previews, started great, but ultimately didn't deliver. The wildly adventurous plotline and killer production values helped launch "Slow Death" out of the gate at top speed, but particularly in the episode's second half, got bogged down by endless inconsequential dialogue from marginal secondary characters played by bad actors. Particularly unworthy was Diana's snooty mother and young couple Andy and Laura. If there was any effort at all by scriptwriter Stephen Kandel to present an aura of suspicion around the various train passengers, it wasn't evident as most of the passengers seemed incapable of harming a fly save for the limited few who ended up being the guilty parties (and one of the two villains was the train conductor who we didn't even see up until the very end). This was the stage of MacGyver's first season where ratings really started to perk up, even landing in the top-20 in a few weeks in late March and early April, but at least with the episode, my opinion is that some stellar production efforts were wasted on a weak script. It seems like so much more could have been done with the story if they made it a genuine mystery to identify the poison peddlers as they did with the escaped cons in the fourth season's "Invisible Killer".