Season 7 Episode 10

Split Decision

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 02, 1991 on ABC

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  • MacGyver plays social worker and boxing trainer is an episode that is watchable if not particularly memorable.

    While an Earl Dent-as-Rocky concept wasn't half bad, the execution of this episode was about as humdrum as it gets, save for the well-crafted closing scene. Daughter Ronnie did not effectively pull off the juvenile delinquent bit and it seemed like the level of hysterical overreaction by both Ronnie and Earl was excessive even by the standards of a hormonal teenage girl and a hot-tempered ex-con. Dick Butkus did the best with what he had, but I found it acceptable how Dent's character seemed to increase his IQ by 25 points with each of three successive outings that featured him. Most of the episode wallowed in familial melodrama without much in the way of satisfying delivery, while Ronnie's kidnapping was predictable and her subsequent escape was wildly uninspired. Things heated up in the final scenes of the boxing match between Dent and Eddie Jackson, however, and it all culminated nicely in the aforementioned epilogue with the unpredictably crafty approach by the pro wrestler who wants to sign Dent to a wrestling contract. That scene wasn't enough to salvage the whole mediocre episode, but it's better to end a weak episode on a high note than vice versa.