Season 6 Episode 11

Squeeze Play

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 17, 1990 on ABC

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  • Della Reese's amusing portrayal of Mama Colton breathed a little bit of life into this otherwise routine outing.

    Just when I thought MacGyver had moved past its "bimbo of the week" female guest stars, in comes Wendy, daughter of baseball great Novus Riley and a certifiably annoying headcase. Her juvenile antics were a needless distraction in this episode, but were nicely counterbalanced by Della Reese's entertaining performance as Mama Colton, who helped to answer alot of questions about her eccentric bounty hunter sons featured in earlier MacGyver episodes. It was also nice to see Mac's nerdy alter ego Dexter return, and the phone stunt he pulled on the slacker dude from the card shop was quite clever. The story was a mixed bag. There were some clever bits such as the aforementioned dial tone copying, but by and large the characters were goofy and had the darndest time figuring out the obvious (how do you handle Novus Riley? you don't suppose we could kidnap the daughter who hassles us daily, do you?). The closing scene, partially ripping off the film "The Natural", was equal parts cheesy and entertaining. No major beefs with this episode, but it was the first of a string of episodes in which MacGyver first started feeling like the aging series that it was. In a way, the transition was fitting as the episode ended 1990, a good year for the series, and helped usher in 1991, the year the series jumped the shark.