Season 6 Episode 19

Strictly Business

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 08, 1991 on ABC

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  • At Close Range

    This was probably the best as well as last of the Murdoc episode. Murdoc has always been one of the best villans ever due to how crafty he is and I'm sad to see him go but like most great villians he served his purpose well and it's time to go.

    This episode I thought was great not entirely perfect I'll get to that issue latter. One of the interesting things about the episode is this isn't so much a MacGyver episode at all but more of Murdoc's story.

    What's great about it is there is a double layered suspense element in it, where were one step ahead of Macguyver where we see most of this episode in Murdoc's perspective you can't help but share in that feeling of antisipation hopping to kill Mac sucessfully and were just hoping that Macguyver will either be able to avoid the trap or outsmart Murdoc.

    Macgyver's amnesia is just a achilles heel device to disable him which makes the stakes even higher. Even the fact that the two are in camping ground as an arena of battle makes things all the more dangerous because out in the woods it is isolating and there is no one out there for miles to help you.

    Though there was only two things I felt held the episode back for total perfection. One thing I didn't really care aobut that subplot with both the mom and daughter whom were obviously hiding out from trouble, I thought that was kinda cleche and unneeded. But then again it just helped with the suspense have innocent lives in danger where one trust the right person and the other trust that wrong, the daughter character I'll admit was real smart she had good instincts trusting MacGyver.

    Another thing was the fact that Mac suddenly got his memory back in the mine, that wasn't very realistic and that final fight was a little too short it should of been longer. But still it was really all about the chase despite the end result.

    Despite what happens to Murdoc, like all great villians they never die, they tend to fail because they miss the target at close range but they can always reload.
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