Season 1 Episode 10

Target MacGyver

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 22, 1985 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • MacGyver has an aversion to guns, but despite the fact they knock three of Axminster's armed mercenaries out, Harry never takes any of their guns. He's clearly comfortable using guns: there are several mounted on the walls when MacGyver first arrives at the cabin.

    • After his men are defeated, Axminister has a rifle but climbs up onto a porch and jumps on MacGyver. Then he knocks MacGyver down from surprise. Then he unslings the rifle from his back. Finally he prepares to shoot MacGyver. Fortunately for MacGyver, Axminister forgets that he can shoot from ambush.

    • Another episode early in the series where MacGyver's complete aversion to guns isn't established: in the opening gambit he casually threatens two enemy agents with their own gun.

    • When MacGyver is cutting the tree branch, he's sitting on the branch cutting with one hand. In the next shot, he's standing behind the branch using both hands.

    • In syndication, the phone number Harry gives MacGyver is cut short by two numbers. On the DVD, the phone number is intact.

  • Quotes

    • MacGyver: So, here I am on a moonlit night, staring down the throat of a brand new Middle-Eastern nuclear refining plant, put on this good Earth for no other reason than to allow some crazy strongman to blow up his neighbors.

    • MacGyver: Home. Enough is enough. I will not, under any circumstances, for any reason whatsoever answer the phone... probably... again.

    • MacGyver: I hadn't seen my grandfather since I was ten. He was all the family I had—and we were strangers.

    • Harry: (crying) Well, that was a sorry sight.
      MacGyver: Hey, don't you ever bad-mouth my grandpa, you hear?

    • MacGyver: Harry.
      Harry: How'd you know?
      MacGyver: I never forget a grandfather.

    • Harry: They've been falling for your foolishness; I figured I'd try some of my own.

    • Harry: Just what is it that you do, Bud?
      MacGyver: Eh, a little of this, a little of that.
      Harry: That sure explains it.

    • MacGyver: Just grazed you, Harry. It coulda been worse, you know.
      Harry: It hurts like "worse."

    • MacGyver: When I was a kid, I used to chew pine pitch like it was gum. It tasted all right—but it burned a lot better.

    • Harry: You sure that'll work?
      MacGyver: Nope.
      Harry: Bud, you are a comfort.

    • MacGyver: Hey, Harry, remember you used to tell me about how the Indians fought this way?
      Harry: Bud… a lot of that stuff I used to tell you was, uh, just stories.
      MacGyver: Yeah, well a lot of it works.

    • MacGyver: It has to do with freedom and peace, Harry. And some people who don't like either.

    • MacGyver: You ready for some fishing?
      Harry: I've already been; what do you think we're having for breakfast?
      MacGyver: C'mon, Harry. You're the one who used to tell me, "you don't fish for fish, you fish for fishin'."

    • Harry: So I went. Figured sending money regular would be more use to you and your mother than I was.
      MacGyver: You figured wrong.

    • MacGyver: You haven't changed.
      Harry: Haven't had to, and I don't plan to.

    • MacGyver: What a beautiful part of the world. It has everything but people.

    • MacGyver: I really have to rethink my life.

    • MacGyver: Still as tough as a dirty boot, aren't you?
      Harry: Damn right.

    • Farmboy: Take a look at this! It says this here lady was attacked by aliens and had an alien baby.
      MacGyver: (not really believing it) No kidding?
      Farmboy: Yeah, in Alabama somewhere.
      MacGyver: Big on aliens in Alabama?
      Farmboy: No lie. Full of strange people.

  • Notes

    • The French episode title is "La cible", meaning "The Target". The Italian episode title is "Inseguito ad ogni costo", meaning "Pursued at All Costs".

  • Allusions

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