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Season 1 Episode 22

The Assassin

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 07, 1986 on ABC

Episode Fan Reviews (4)

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  • A masterful episode.

    The last episode of season one is also the best of season one. While most of Macgyver's adversaries were poorly cast, hollow, or just dumb characters (Axminster...), Peidra was a formidable opponent that was able to match Mac in just about every way. The opening scene really gets the episode off on the right with a great sequence in the shop as Peidra uses a kid to disguise his identity. After this the plot takes an interesting twist as Macgyver plays the assassin's role in order to find who is behind the hit. The subplot of Terry also wanting to avenge her sister adds another element Mac must deal with. Some fans may have a problem that Macgyver didn't really invent anything to help him in this episode, but it is so well written and paced I think most can look past it.
  • At adversary worthy of MacGyver's brilliance.

    Writer James Schmerer goes out with a bang. This was my fifth favorite MacGyver episode overall, and the story was brought to life by the presence of elusive ubervillain Peadra, brilliantly played by actor Anthony DeLongis who would appear as another Eurotrash villian in MacGyver's third season. I've heard this episode is derivative of the film "The Jackal", but since I have not seen that film, I will cling to my long-standing belief that this is one of the most clever stories ever told. Reviewer sh811a said he was disappointed with the climactic scene where Peadra was "accidentally" killed via his own poison-tipped needle, but I looked at that as "divine intervention" consistent with the archbishop assassination in Peadra was "crucified" for his sins. That ultimately explains why MacGyver felt at the end that he never really felt as though he had "taken him" even though MacGyver technically got the better of him in the final melee since MacGyver escaped with his life and Peadra didn't. I have no complaints at all with this episode and considered to be an example of the series' best work, laying the groundwork for the Murdoc episodes in the seasons ahead.
  • Top Assassin

    In this episode once again we get to see another supervillan that is more than a match for Macguyver. The Piedra assaisin was a good opponent for Mac, he says very little (litterally) and is a man that is obviously all business. He is just as clever as Mac seem to keep deadly assination devices effectively conceiled and uses them at the right time, as well as a chamilion, much like Mac. From hiding a poisonous dart and making a paper cup into a blow gun, hiding a lock pick in his mustashe, and others I don't want to give away. Other than a suspenseful chalange for Mac as a undercover bodyguard, it truely is this villian that steals the show, he's very unpredictable and were never really sure what he's going to do next, his facial fetures have an icy retained look, when he gives a slight smug smile you know it's not a smile of happiness but more like a taunting way of showing he has a card up his slieve that no one knows about. The only flaws of the episode are the revenge subplot doesn't completely work nor fit in perfectly with the episode. It probably would of been more plasible if the heroine after Piedra was made into an antihero a beautiful mercinary/assassin after Piedra for both money and personal ventetta, would of been more intreging having Mac both confront as well as have a noir like bond with her than the one in this episode which came off non believable and rather preachy. Well that is only a minor flaw but the major flaw in the episode was how Pietra was offed in the end it was kinda a let down that Mac would beat him so easily, it should of been a long gaget and fistacuff battle where somewhere along the line Mac would turn Pietra's own gaget against him and kill him, instead of by mere accident which is kinda lame. Oh, well I wouldn't let that get me down, I loved this episode and it's still one of Mac's best missions.
  • An assassin is on the loose to assassinate an archbishop. MacGyver is hot on his trail, but how is he going to prove to everybody that he isn't the assassin himself?

    I enjoyed this episode as it involved alot of action and 'MacGyverism'.

    At the start of the episode we see Terri's sister get murdered and she wants to avenge her death. She imposes as a call girl and wants to meet with the last man her sister saw, Mr Smith.

    Meanwhile, Pete and MacGyver are on a job at a Watchmaker's store in L.A. Pete is in the truck out the front and MacGyver is in the store looking for timing devices as the assassin, Piedra is on his way to purchase. MacGyver and Piedra have a good fight in the store and Mac nearly gets killed, if it wasn't for Pete a second to soon. Piedra is now detained and put in jail.

    Piedra is a very good assassin and has many devices on him, as well as weapons. Mr Smith contacts him by an untraceable scrambler phone and tells Piedra where to go to pick up his money and leaves details for the next assassination. Piedra hires call girls to make his pick up, so he doesn't get spotted and then kills them - very smart plan.

    MacGyver is now pretending to be Piedra, to see what he's been up too. Terri though, thinks MacGyver is Piedra and nearly kills him! after MacGyver explains the whole situation.

    Piedra escapes out of jail - his moustache is fake and has two wires in it. He uses these to break out of his handcuffs and then peels a fake scar from his chest. In that scar was poisonous needle, so he takes a pea from his food and a
    paper cup and makes a blowgun - very MacGyver!

    Now Piedra is after the archbishop who is coming to bless people. MacGyver is detained by the local police as they think he is Piedra... eventually he convinces them and they have to rush to the church, to save the archbishop.

    MacGyver dresses up as the archbishop and Piedra notices him from earlier. Piedra blows a poisonous needle at MacGyver, which he ducked and missed, but is standing up on the ground. MacGyver trips Piedra and he lands on his own poisonous needle. MacGyver still doesn't know if he could take him one on one...

    The amount of little gadgets that were exposed in this episode was great. The industrial strength toothpaste, the plastique in the watch, the blowgun dart etc.

    To end the series with this episode though, I don't know... not really a season finale episode.
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