Season 1 Episode 22

The Assassin

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 07, 1986 on ABC

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  • Top Assassin

    In this episode once again we get to see another supervillan that is more than a match for Macguyver. The Piedra assaisin was a good opponent for Mac, he says very little (litterally) and is a man that is obviously all business. He is just as clever as Mac seem to keep deadly assination devices effectively conceiled and uses them at the right time, as well as a chamilion, much like Mac. From hiding a poisonous dart and making a paper cup into a blow gun, hiding a lock pick in his mustashe, and others I don't want to give away. Other than a suspenseful chalange for Mac as a undercover bodyguard, it truely is this villian that steals the show, he's very unpredictable and were never really sure what he's going to do next, his facial fetures have an icy retained look, when he gives a slight smug smile you know it's not a smile of happiness but more like a taunting way of showing he has a card up his slieve that no one knows about. The only flaws of the episode are the revenge subplot doesn't completely work nor fit in perfectly with the episode. It probably would of been more plasible if the heroine after Piedra was made into an antihero a beautiful mercinary/assassin after Piedra for both money and personal ventetta, would of been more intreging having Mac both confront as well as have a noir like bond with her than the one in this episode which came off non believable and rather preachy. Well that is only a minor flaw but the major flaw in the episode was how Pietra was offed in the end it was kinda a let down that Mac would beat him so easily, it should of been a long gaget and fistacuff battle where somewhere along the line Mac would turn Pietra's own gaget against him and kill him, instead of by mere accident which is kinda lame. Oh, well I wouldn't let that get me down, I loved this episode and it's still one of Mac's best missions.
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