Season 7 Episode 5

The Coltons

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 1991 on ABC

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  • A good change of pace to the series.

    I really enjoyed this episode. I don't care if a lot of people didn't like it, I thought it stood it's ground very well. After seeing the Coltons in numerous MacGyver episodes, it's nice to finally see them on their own. I agree that it probably wouldn't be a great series (this episode was the pilot of a new series) but it was a great way to conclude the Coltons story. Mama Colton beautifully played by Della Reese is so endearing, and the three brother are as good. It really made a great episode with a lot of rhythm and action. Again a great way to conclude their tenure in this series.
  • Not an episode of MacGyver, though he makes a cameo in it.

    This is absolutely, hands down, the worst episode of MacGyver. And the reason is simple: It's not an episode of MacGyver. It's a pilot episode for a spin off show about a family of bounty hunters. That idea on it's own isn't necessarily bad and if I were here reviewing an episode of that show I'd probably have nicer things to say about it. However, putting the MacGyver name on it means it's part of the series. And that's why it's terrible.

    MacGyver appears at the beginning of the episode in a short scene where he and one of the Colton brothers escape with the help of Frog, the Colton's dog. The building explodes and MacGyver leaves. The episode proceeds. Then about 20 seconds before the credits start, MacGyver drives up and they all have a laugh about something. Terrible.

    Why was this aired as a MacGyver episode?
  • Easy to understand why this potential "spinoff" didn't see the light of ABC's schedule with such a dull would-be pilot script.

    When I was first made aware of the potential of a Colton brothers spinoff late in MacGyver's sixth season (this episode was actually a holdover from season six originally scheduled to air in May), I was excited. I enjoyed all of the episodes featuring the Colton brothers, and respected the capable actors portraying the four characters. But what a disappointment it was, featuring one of the dullest stories this series has ever seen. The pyrotechnics of the explosion scene early in the episode was the only salvageable element even from MacGyver's cameo, where we witnessed our hero reduced to begging a dog to deliver him a plastic bottle of sulfuric acid (huh???) to eat through the ropes that bound he and Frank together. The rest of the episode was simply boring, with an attempt to persuade us that Billy was only old enough to be preparing for his freshman year at college, and in which it became obvious that Frank and Jesse would always be saved from termination by the bulletproof vests they slipped on every morning. The episode was at its most logistically ridiculous when Frank and Jesse somehow led the two bozo cops on a wild goose chair at the hair salon by apparently dressing strangers up to look like themselves and then letting them take their red van. Just as bad was the scene where supposedly dead Frank and Jesse were having a conversation and beckoning their bulldog savior even though there was an armed guard only a few yards away. In short, the episode was a complete and unsalvageable mess, and I was shocked to see that series executive producer Stephen Downing was the primary scriptwriter for such a wasted effort.

    Ratingswise, "The Coltons" put up MacGyver's best numbers so far in season seven. That was the good news. The bad news is that the episode's 9.8 rating tied for MacGyver's worst ever rating for ANY first-run episode prior to season seven. It was abundantly clear to everyone by this point that MacGyver was gonna meet its demise in season seven....and meet it earlier than otherwise expected.