Season 3 Episode 19

The Endangered

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 02, 1988 on ABC



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    • MacGyver: We had a thing for each other in college, but after a couple of years together, she was ready for something a little more permanent… I wasn't. So, I kept on moving, and she put on the badge of a park ranger.

    • MacGyver: When things get tough, sometimes I turn to a friend. Other times I just want to hide in the mountains. This time I found myself doing both.

    • Karen: Well, well, well. MacGyver. You sure don't give a girl much notice.
      MacGyver: Think I'd give you a chance to say no?

    • Karen: Now I know why we never said goodbye—too damn hard.
      MacGyver: Let's not.

    • Karen: Thanks, MacGyver. I said a lot of things. I—
      MacGyver: You don't have to explain anything. I know how you feel.
      Karen: No, you don't.

    • Karen: You sure know how to show a girl a good time. Just like always.

    • MacGyver: There's a fine line in nature that divides the hunter from the hunted. The trick was to turn the situation around. The tools I had available were nature, Karen's coat, and the tranquilizer darts in her backpack. The first thing I had to do was to give them something to shoot at that wasn't me.

    • MacGyver: How much further to the cabin?
      Karen: As the crow flies, about a mile. As the wounded walk... we're going to have to take the long way. I'm in no shape for hill-climbing.

    • MacGyver: I'd flown a thousand miles to work out some of my own problems, and I ended up hurting Karen. I didn't mean to, but it happened. I figured one way to make it up to her was to get positive identification on these poachers.

    • MacGyver: Yeah, I wanted to be a ranger.
      Karen: You wanted to be a ranger. You wanted to be a pilot. You wanted to go to Africa! And every time I agreed and tried to be part of it? You changed your mind.

    • Karen: You've always been to one that spins my head around. All through college, all that camping and independence stuff you drilled into my head, until it stuck - and then you changed your mind.

    • Karen: You and I closed the book a long time ago. The only reason you came here is because that close call made your life flash before your eyes, and my picture just happened to come up.
      MacGyver: I wouldn't have come at all... if you'd told me about Sam.
      Karen: I guess that I just needed to see you again to know it was really over.

    • Karen: Sam knows you're here. I told him everything... I also told him not to worry. That you're just a friend now, and you've had a rough time, and you're just looking for a vacation. Am I right?
      MacGyver: Well, yeah. Sure. Of course.

    • MacGyver: You know how to tell the difference between a black bear and a grizzly?
      Karen: How?
      MacGyver: Climb a tree. If it follows you up, it's a black bear...
      Karen: If it knocks the tree down, it's a grizzly.
      MacGyver: Yeah.
      Karen: That's an old joke.
      MacGyver: From an old boyfriend.

    • Karen: You look good, MacGyver.
      MacGyver: You think so?
      Karen: Always did.

  • Notes

    • Though credited, Dana Elcar does not appear in this episode.

    • The German episode title is "Wilderer auf Menschenjagd", meaning "Poachers on a Manhunt". The Finnish episode title is "Vaara Vaanii", meaning "Chased by Danger". The French episode title is "Vacances dangereuses", meaning "Dangerous Vacation". The Italian episode title is "Un vecchio amore", meaning "An Old Love".

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