Season 1 Episode 15

The Enemy Within

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 12, 1986 on ABC

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  • A droopy lull in the middle keeps a good episode from becoming great.

    After a preposterously exciting opening act with MacGyver hanging from the hood of a speeding car (yet still able to perform intensive car repairs that require both hands) in East Germany, there was a lengthy expanse of plot development that plodded on a bit too long, at least by this series' standards. It wasn't until the preacher started shooting people at the episode's halfway point until this series heated up again. The ultimate revelation that Craig Bannister's wife was a Communist mole brainwashing him to turn over classified DXS operation was nicely done, save for the fact that "Ingrid" was played by a horrible actress. Also distracting in this episode was the complete lack of chemistry between MacGyver and female protagonist Victoria, the Soviet defector, who was supposed to represent a romantic interest for Mac. The MacGyverism that wrapped things up, reviving Bannister with makeshift defibrillators jerry-rigged with candlestick holders, was solid, but this episode doesn't stand out as one of the most successful efforts of the first season.