Season 7 Episode 2

The 'Hood

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 23, 1991 on ABC

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  • Another potentially strong episode mangled by cartoonish characters.

    The previous week, "Honest Abe" was mucked up by ridiculous and cartoonish characters. The follow-up episode was only marginally better, despite a plotline that at least starts out with alot of potential. The Texas theme was cheesy and cliched, particularly the effort to pass off buffoonish "Cousin Will" as hitman material. Kelly was another dumb bimbo and Mama Lorain was this series' most horrific recurring character. All these criticisms aside, this episode had some narrative momentum going until the point when MacGyver evaded the falling studio lights. From that point on, mind-numbing silliness took hold, including but not limited to Mama Lorain's idiotic confession-by-voodoo, Kelly screaming "MacGyver!!" at the hotel when she knew MacGyver was tracking down a hit man, and the sloppy set-up from which Bobby Lee positioned himself within, never once getting a clear shot at Nesbit. I also wasn't buying this sudden transformation of MacGyver into a big neighborhood man. Sure, socialization was pretty much forced upon him, but this lifelong loner being thrust into a lifestyle of endless neighborhood parties didn't seem in character. A notch or two better than "Honest Abe" but with far too many unforgivable flaws to recommend.