Season 5 Episode 11

The Madonna

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 18, 1989 on ABC

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  • A great Christmas story

    This is a great episode, where in the first place the Madonna the Church had for 20 years gets stolen at the same time a woman (Carol) appears and start to help everyone. Everyone seems to be down just before Christmas, MacGyver is still grieving about his mother, Cynthia is also grieving about the recent killing of her husband (which we saw in an earlier episode), Mr. Battaglia (the one who carved the Madonna) is down because his wife is dead and Breeze never liked Christmas because his father was hitting him all the time. Carol comes in and helps everyone and help them understand the true meaning of Christmas, in the process she gives the money the Club needed to stay alive and finally a young kid brings back the Madonna to the Church and strangely the statue has a scratch on her left hand exactly at the same place Carol had a cut!!

    Not all Christmas stories are good, but this one really touched me because when you lose loved ones, it's easy to grieve and be kind of frustrated against Christmas cause you're looking around and everyone is so happy and you feel kind of lame and really sad. But as Carol said to Breeze, Christmas is not about what you receive is what you give that really counts!
  • One of the best Christmas stories ever told, if not the best.

    Every time I watch this episode (which is very often), I feel like standing on the roof and shouting with joy about the amazing Christmas show I just watched. It blows my mind that anybody could watch this ingenius and epic story and not be thoroughly moved. Freelance scriptwriter Cathleen Young crafted one of the most genuine and poetic pieces of literary art of our time in my opinion, and I cannot say enough great things about "The Madonna". It takes many viewings to appreciate the depth of this story, with its many layers, and to appreciate how the on-screen imagery dovetails with the angellic theme. The execution of this episode was pitch-perfect, and the acting was pretty impressive as well (particularly by the inimitable Jeanette Nolan) given all of the unpracticed child actors. The characters were all amazingly well drawn and the way in which their lives all got touched by this visiting bag lady was truly profound. Ultimately, it was predictable that she would bail out the Challenger's Club in its imminent financial diress, but the way it was done was memorable and deeply moving, with a masterfully directed final scene of Carol leaving for the evening with a particularly angellic glow to her.

    It all culminated in the resolution of the missing Madonna statue. While it ultimately seemed unsatisfying for the random neighborhood kid to bring back the statue in a wagon after all that hype, one quickly realizes just before the final freeze frame that the entire theft of the statue was merely a clever distraction for the audience and that the Madonna ultimately needed to be removed from that perch for her human incarnation (Carol) to perform her mini-miracles on these lost souls. As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't get any better than this, the final episode of 1989. It was a fitting close to 1989, which was the series best and most prolific season, generating 25 episodes, including nine of my 15 all-time favorites.
  • Christmas...

    As most of you know I have been going kindof crazy with the Christmas reviews and this is another one. After this episode I will only have one more christmas review then iam done with those. MacGyver tries to help his friend who is a pastar because a statue has been stolen. He also tries to help out with a youth center that is going to go bankrupt if they don't come up with 900 dollars. This homless woman comes to the center and right when they think that they were going to lose it she gives them the money. This was an allright episode not the best of season though. later...
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