Season 7 Episode 14

The Mountain of Youth

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 21, 1992 on ABC

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  • As pumped as I was to discover had a "lost episode" featuring Jack Dalton and set on the other side of the globe, I was a little disappointed by this one.

    I can't even begin to express how ecstatic I was when I was first informed that MacGyver had a lost episode scheduled for the summer of 1992. What a wonderful surprise it was! And top of simply having a new MacGyver episode to watch that I didn't realize existed, it looked like a good one....featuring Jack Dalton and sending MacGyver to his adventurous roots. Unfortunately, the episode looked better than it ended up being. It was nice to have Jack back and the story was reasonably well crafted, but for whatever reason it just didn't come together that well. It's actually hard to put a finger on why this episode didn't blow me away. The energy level wasn't there and the secondary characters didn't impress. And despite the high quality of the production in general, it had kind of a low-budget sci-fi kind of feel. I was certainly happy to be able to consume this "lost episode", but it didn't live up to expectations. And as expected, the ratings were dreadful. This was the only MacGyver that ever finished FOURTH place in its time slot, scheduled in a difficult Thursday night slot up against shows such as "Cheers" and "Beverly Hills, 90210". The episode only managed a series-low 8.1 rating, but considering the episode received virtually no hype or advertising and was aired in a horrific time slot, the fact that even this many viewers showed up spoke volumes about the loyalty of MacGyver's fan base.