Season 3 Episode 15

The Negotiator

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 07, 1988 on ABC

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  • Another great outing indicative of the darker and grittier show that MacGyver became in season three.

    I'm not a daytime soap fan, but Kristian Alfonso seemed born to play the cold-blooded hit woman she so effectively portrayed in this great episode. Watching her calculated methodology unfold was particularly memorable, and the immediate romantic chemistry she struck up with the pathological loner MacGyver was convincing. The viewer was almost led to believe MacGyver knew this was too good to be true, and particularly in the midst of the rainy evening drive, finally grew to accept that he was being played by this femme fatale. For that reason, the temporary blindness served as one of the best narrative metaphors this series ever employed, culminating in the dark and suspenseful final scene in the abandoned warehouse. The epilogue, in which the "negotiator" sold out her employer to cut a deal, tied a nice bow on the top of this episode, with a chilling freeze-frame of MacGyver looking even more heartbroken and embittered than his previous bad experiences with love had set him up for. Scribe Calvin Clements, Jr. was an underrated scriptwriter for this series, but I wish he would have thought of a better way for Phoenix Foundation suits to discover Deborah was MacGyver's tormentor than seeing the traces of lynx hair in the stabbed dog. Would a professional hit woman ever be that careless? I would think not.