Season 3 Episode 14

The Odd Triple

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 29, 1988 on ABC

Episode Recap

MacGyver returns to his houseboat after a mission and discovers Jack Dalton waiting. Jack informs him that he needs to move in because he's lost money on yet another scheme. However, he's already come up with a new plan: he's contacted Elena Iturbe, the new owner of the Lupescu collection. Her pilot has disappeared so she needs someone to fly her back to Toulon, France, with her newly purchased collection. Jack needs MacGyver to fly as co-pilot and begs him for help. Elena arrives, and MacGyver reluctantly gives in.

At the airport, Elena takes the jewels from the auction house’s representatives and prepares to take off. As Jack starts the plane up, two men arrive and Elena says that they’re thieves. MacGyver uses foam from an emergency truck to slow them down long enough for Jack to get the plane in the air with MacGyver, Elena, and the jewels. She assures Jack and MacGyver that she’s called the authorities on her radiophone and told them to arrest the men.

As they fly across the Atlantic, Elena notes that MacGyver is lucky to have such a trustworthy friend. He doesn’t approve of her spending the money on the jewels and Elena wonders what he’d do with the money. MacGyver figures it’d be better spent giving it to medical research even if it bought a few months of hope. Elena says that she’d rather celebrate with a bottle of champagne from her wine cellar and leaves MacGyver to his thoughts.

The trio approaches Toulon and Elena calls her assistant Robert to meet them at the airport in five minutes with a helicopter. They touch down and Elena tells them to take the airplane to the hangar while she goes on ahead. She leaves with the helicopter as the authorities arrive. However, the inspector, Andres, tells Jack and MacGyver that they’re under arrest for robbery.

Andres takes the partners to his office and informs them that the real Elena was found bound and gagged in her hotel room in Los Angeles. When Jack demands to meet with a lawyer, Andres tells them that he plans to solve the crime single-handedly, no matter what it takes, and get a promotion and a medal. He burns their passports and tells them they won’t be meeting with the U.S. embassy any time soon.

The fake Elena, Leann, flies to a winery owner by her partner, Paul Donnay. She informs him that his people didn’t show up to fly her back to Toulon so she hired Jack, who brought MacGyver along. Donnay assures her the buyers will be there later to buy the jewels and he’ll have MacGyver checked out.

Andres brings in the real Elena’s head of security, Russell, and Jack and MacGyver realize he was one of the men who tried to stop them at the airport in Los Angeles. As the Americans are taken away, Russell informs Andres that his boss doesn’t care what happens to them as long as she gets her jewels back.

At the Phoenix Foundation, Pete is waiting to hear from MacGyver. He checks his answering machine and finds a message from MacGyver explaining that he’s helping out Jack once again to take the Lupescu Jewels to Toulon. When Pete sees a newspaper article about the theft, he realizes that Jack has done it again and books a flight to Toulon.

Andres and Russell prepare to torture Jack and MacGyver and the two stage a fight. They knock out their captors and escape outside. They don’t know anyone in the area but figure they have to clear their names by locating Leann and recovering the jewels. MacGyver calculates the distance and direction the helicopter took to get to the airport and narrows down Leann’s current location. When he remembers that she mentioned having champagne from her wine cellar, he realizes that she’s at the winery. They climb in over the fence and avoid the electric eye beams. However, a rabbit sets off a beam behind them and a guard captures MacGyver. Jack grabs the rabbit and manages to escape while Donnay has MacGyver taken into the winery.

Pete arrives in Toulon and meets with Andres, who is less than helpful. The inspector warns Pete that if he interferes, he’ll be deported.

When Leann learns that Donnay plans to kill MacGyver, she objects, saying that their deal was that no one got hurt. Donnay refuses to endanger his reputation and takes her captive, and then ties her and MacGyver to wine casks in the cellar. He informs them that once he has sold the jewels at his private auction, he’ll dispose of them once and for all. Once Donnay is gone, Leann apologizes to MacGyver, who is sure that Jack will come back for them.

Jack tries to hire some local criminals to help him break out MacGyver. One of the crooks, Max, has a photo of Jack and knocks him out when he gets the chance.

MacGyver manages to slip free of his bonds by soaking his hands in wine. He frees Leann, who warns that the only unguarded way out is through a double-barred steel door. MacGyver spots a large wine cask on a wheeled platform, notices some compressed gas cylinders, and starts to put together a plan.

Jack wakes up and discovers that Pete hired Max, a local contact from his DXS days in Paris. Jack tells them what happened and Pete has already learned that Donnay has called three buyers to participate in his auction. When Jack offers him some of Pete’s money, Max reveals that two of the buyers have already gone to the winery and the third one is checking out of his hotel. Pete and Jack go to the hotel and knock out the buyer, Bauman, Pete decides to impersonate Bauman and get in using his invitation, while Jack poses as the chauffeur. Once they’re inside, Pete will stall while Jack finds MacGyver.

At the winery, Pete and Jack get in and Donnay takes Pete and the other two buyers to a private room in the cellar.

MacGyver has created a gas-propelled battering ram out of the gas cylinders and the wheeled cask. When Leann wonders if Jack will come, MacGyver insists that his friend won’t let him down.

While Pete keeps the bidding going, Jack offers to show the front desk guard the $25 million that Pete is using in the auction. The case is rigged with gas, knocking the guard out. Jack slips downstairs to find MacGyver. Meanwhile, Pete keeps raising his bid, causing one buyer to drop out. The other one hesitates and Pete suggests they take a brief break. However, Robert, Donnay’s head of security, finds the unconscious guard and realizes that if Jack is an imposter, so is Pete.

Jack gets to the cellar and finds MacGyver and Leann. As they try to leave, Robert arrives and locks the door. With time running out for Pete, Leann tells them that the auction room is on the other side of the nearby wall. Meanwhile, Pete wins the bidding but Robert arrives to capture him. Pete tries to stall as Donnay prepares to kill him. Jack and MacGyver reposition the cask, knock the valves off the gas cylinders, and send the cask smashing through the wall. They quickly knock out Donnay and his men and Leann holds the buyers at gunpoint. Jack is happy they’re reunited… and already has a new plan to cover his losses…