Season 4 Episode 3

The Outsiders

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 28, 1988 on ABC
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After they come to his aid following a Jeep accident, MacGyver helps an Amish family who face having their farm seized by the government and the aggression of an employee from the construction company waiting to start demolition.

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  • People can work together no matter their religion!

    This fine written and acted episode just shows how well people can help each other no matter what their beliefs are. On one side you have the Amish who want to keep their land on the other an american construction company that has to built an highway on their land. When the girl of the construction company boss falls in the well, it's now time for both people to help each other (no matter what religion they are) and get the little girl out of there. They do get her out with the strenght of numbers. What was great is that the little Amish boy is best fried with the american girl, for them they are the same, they don't care if their friend is practicing another religion, they are FRIENDS. It shows that kids are not born racists, they are taught to be...moreless
  • A wonderful change of pace episode with a well-defined conflict, an edge-of-your-seat suspense level, and an emotionally satisfying conclusion.

    Sure, this episode is a hybrid ripoff of the feature film "Witness" and the TV-movie "The Jessica McClure Story", but the execution is nonetheless original, suspenseful, and emotional. The smoldering conflict between the financially struggling construction workers and the Amish farmers (with the construction company owner and neighbor of the Amish community caught in the middle of the morality play) drew the viewer into this episode and wouldn't let go. The explosion of the oil derrick served as an outstanding metaphor for the struggle and as an unpredictable plot device where young Christy gets stuck in the hole where the well was drilled. The scenes with MacGyver crawling around in the collapsing well hole were incredibly suspenseful and made for an emotional rescue in the final scene. And as over-the-top sugary sweet the epilogue was, it was hard not to feel goose bumps and a lump in one's throat as the Amish community's grandfather figure and the construction company baron shake hands. This was an outstanding episode with only one liability....the Christy character was so annoyingly Pollyanna-ish that you almost wanted her to remain stuck in the well.moreless

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    • Elizabeth: Which one is it?
      MacGyver: The long cylindrical one there.
      Elizabeth: Is this it?
      MacGyver: Yep. It's perfect. We'll make a greasy monkey out of you yet.
      Elizabeth: "Grease monkey"?
      MacGyver: Grease monkey. It's a joke. (the Amish stare) A very small, bad joke.

    • Wrightman: I don't quite know what to say. The man who destroyed your derrick is in jail. I'll pay for the damage.
      John: First you pay me for land that I do not wish to sell. Now you want to pay me for a drilling derrick which you're going to tear down anyway. I do not understand you, sir, and I do not want your money.

    • Wrightman: Have you ever done anything like this before?
      MacGyver: Do you want the truth?
      Wrightman: No.

    • Christy: Are you scared?
      Jacob: No.
      Christy: So am I.

    • Wrightman: What do you know about this?
      Stevens: What, you gonna listen to him?!
      Wrightman: You and me are the only ones with a key to that shack.

    • Stevens: You got no proof we had anything to do with it. Half the town wants those Amish out of there.
      MacGyver: Yeah, well, half the town doesn't have access to dynamite.

    • Elizabeth: He will be one of us again… someday.
      MacGyver: How long does that take?
      Elizabeth: A year. Perhaps two.
      MacGyver: That's an awful long time to be alone. Must be kinda tough on his family.
      Elizabeth: It is. William is my brother.

    • Elizabeth: He is hard on the outside, but he has a good heart.
      MacGyver: He kind of reminds me of Mr. Simpson. . . . Ah, it's a teacher I had in the third grade. He kept makin' me stand in the corner.
      Elizabeth: And did you deserve this?
      MacGyver: Most of the time.

    • MacGyver: What's the matter?
      Elizabeth: Nothing. It is breakfast time.
      MacGyver: It's the middle of the night.
      Elizabeth: This is a farm. We start early.

    • Stevens: Now they got a cripple to fight their battles for 'em.
      MacGyver: Yeah, well, if you'd go after a little boy with an ax, then I'm probably just about your speed.

    • Elizabeth: Do you remember what happened?
      MacGyver: My Jeep went over a cliff… I died… and went to Thanksgiving?
      Elizabeth: You… you did go over a cliff, but you did not die. Our clothing is Amish.
      MacGyver: Ah, that's a relief.

    • MacGyver: There's just something about the Pennsylvania countryside. It smells clean and innocent. And after four weeks crammed inside a stuffy space simulator testing lab, my senses needed to get reacquainted with nature.

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