Season 1 Episode 9

The Prodigal

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 08, 1985 on ABC

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  • Macgyver has a job to make a a drug lords brother "disappear" as he has given informaton to the Federal Marshall about his brother's illegal operations. When he is wanted dead by his brother, Macgyver has to come up with a plan to save the day !

    It starts off with Macgyver back at his home town in Minnesota. Frank Bennett has to see Macgyver about some upcoming business.. to help protect him from his brother, Joey Bennett, who has taken over there fathers illegal drug business and is out to kill him.

    A friend of Frank's was killed by these drugs and he doesn't want anything to do with the family business and gives the Federal Marshall's all the information they need to put Joey behind bars. This is where Macgyver comes in, to give Frank a new life and new identity.

    It doesn't go all to plan and Frank and Joey's mother is in hospital and hasn't got long to live. Frank desperately wants to see his mother one last time before she passes away, but Joey has discharged her from hospital and taken her to the family house.

    Now, Frank has to visit the house in order to see his mother... He does, his mother dies and Joey wants him dead, but Macgyver is there to save the day and help him get out of the family house alive and put Joey where he belongs, behind bars!