Season 7 Episode 4

The Prometheus Syndrome

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 07, 1991 on ABC

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  • A serial arsonist, who calls himself Promethius, seeks revenge by luring his victims to specific locations with a voice distortion device, and using carefully constructed bombs as murder weapons.

    This is a very special episode indeed, and it is difficult to classify. On one hand, it is a tear jerker, because of the death of MacGyver's good friend Earl Stringer (Randolph Mantooth). It plays like a crime drama, and introduces viewers to Stringer's wife, showing how his death affects her. It also shows how it affects everyone who worked with Stringer. On the other hand it fits other classifications: well written, cleverly plotted, exciting, and a series classic. I consider it a classic, because it uses a major theme from the MacGyver series in a whole new way. We've all seen MacGyver disarm bombs, but we've never seen the bomb turn itself back on and then go off anyway. This surprised the heck out of me. First, MacGyver and Earl Stringer disarm one of Prometheus's bombs with only three seconds to spare. We've all seen that. Then, shockingly, the bomb switches back on and goes off, killing Stringer and almost killing MacGyver. Later, Prometheus uses cleverly laid out clues and a freakishly distorted voice to lure MacGyver to an isolated location with another bomb, which MacGyver expertly disarms. Once again the bomb switches itself back on and goes off. However, this time MacGyver cleverly uses the explosion to escape from the room he is trapped in and prevent the murder of Prometheus’s next victim. At the end, we learn the identity of the arsonist and his shocking revelation about why he doing what he is doing. This is perhaps MacGyver's most explosive episode ever, and it cleverly uses the series bomb theme in a whole new way. A perfect combination of psychological suspense and drama.