Season 2 Episode 7

The Road Not Taken

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 1986 on ABC



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  • Quotes

    • MacGyver: Hey, um, I'm sorry about that tackle out there.
      Debra: Second time I've fallen for you.
      MacGyver: Your hair's longer than it used to be.
      Debra: Yours is shorter.

    • MacGyver: Now I'm going to need some empty cans, some fuel, noisemaker, and some form of grease. Animal fat will do. Open that, will you, Pete?
      Sister Margaret: What's he doing?
      Pete: I haven't got a clue. But I'm used to it.

    • Pete: Well, Maggie, I guess I'll see you the next time you're in trouble.
      Sister Margaret: I'll be looking forward to it.
      Pete: Yeah, me, too.

    • Debra: I've never been able to figure out how your mind works. How do you think of these things?
      MacGyver: Well, when it comes down to me against the situation, I don't like the situation to win.

    • Pete: Mac, I have just one question about rappeling. What do you do if the line breaks?
      MacGyver: You fall.
      Pete: Oh.

  • Notes

    • The German episode title is "Ein Rosenkranz für alle Fälle", meaning "A Rosary for all Occasions". The Finnish episode title is "Sydämen Valinta", meaning "Choice of the Heart". The French episode title is "Route dangereuse", meaning "Dangerous Path".

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