Season 7 Episode 13

The Stringer

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 1992 on ABC
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MacGyver learns that a young photojournalist named Sam is his son while investigating Chinese smugglers who are illegally importing goods manufactured in dissident labor camps.

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  • Macgyver leaves the Pheonix foundation at the end of this show to catch up with his long lost son.

    I thought that it was a good way to spend my time because it really exciting. If you are looking for a way to spend your evening this a good way. thisis an non stop action thriller. That will keep you on the edge of my seat. Macgyveris a genius when it comes to getting out of tight situations. He ais super genius and rambo put together. You should watch this as soon as you can because as i said before it is a good actiion thriller that everyone should watch.So as soon as you get a chance watch this episodes.moreless
  • After 7 years, MacGyver leaves........with his son!!

    I don't know why this website list this episode as being the penultimate episode, cause it was the last MacGyver episode (a Richard Dean Anderson address at the end proves it).

    It may not be the best adventure on this shows run, still it hooks up Mac with his son who's a photojournalist (a stringer). Nevertheless it's a very good episode that mixes well their "mission" with part of their past. Great to see the chemestry between the two. Like Pete says "he's a chip from the old block". But just the last few minutes of the show makes it great, Mac leaves with his son on a motorcycle and bids farewell to his long time boss and best friend Pete Thornton, an emotionnaly charged scene, to say the least, well acted. I'm really happy to see this series end on such a good note and to see a real ending, sometimes series get cancelled and they don't even get a chance to end it like it should, but they truly did a great job.

    Thanks MacGyver for all the great memories that I was able to live back on DVD!!moreless
  • An emotionally satisfying final chapter to the MacGyver series, but fell short of expectations for those hoping for greatest adventure ever.

    By the time most series reach their series finale, the show is burned out and wearily limping to the finish line. MacGyver was certainly burned out by season seven, and some of that fatigue was visible here, but in general the series finale was satisfying. Those hoping for the greatest adventure of all-time in MacGyver's finale were undoubtedly disappointed, but the episode succeeded on the character level, finally giving this dark loner a chance for a happy family life after multiple tragedies and lost opportunities. The fateful meeting of MacGyver and SAM was executed very well, and generally straddled the fence well in generating a misty-eyed response by fans without being gratuitously saccharine. The primary plotline involving Chinese labor prisons was decent, but was ultimately lost in the secondary plot that involved MacGyver meeting his long lost son, who, it should be said, was very well played by Dalton James. The scenes on the ship were probably the weakest part of the episode, particularly the absurd use of a water pressure tank as a jetpack. But everything played out admirably with a nicely done epilogue that still gets me choked up 15 years later. A fitting way to end the greatest series of all time.

    The series also ended with a flourish in the ratings, broadcast on a Saturday night as one of three back-to-back finales of long-running ABC series (the other two were "Who's the Boss?" and "Growing Pains") in April 1992. And even though the other series were much bigger hits than "MacGyver" in their prime, MacGyver bested both of them in the ratings for the finale. Ranking 15th for its scheduled week, this was the only first-run MacGyver episode to ever rank in the top-20 highest rated shows. Kind of speaks volumes about "what could have been" had ABC handled the show better.moreless
Michele Chan

Michele Chan

Mei Jan

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Keone Young

Keone Young

Chung Tai Shan

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Dalton James

Dalton James

Sean A. Malloy

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    • Pete: MacGyver, I thought your grandfather Harry was your last living relative.
      MacGyver: Yeah, me, too.
      Pete: Well, then what line of the family is Sam from?
      MacGyver: Well, I guess you could say he's from my side. He's my son.
      Pete: Your what?
      MacGyver: He's my son, Pete. I, uh, I knew his mother a long time ago. Like I said, it's a long story.
      Pete: Yeah, bet it is.

    • MacGyver: Oh, have 'em run a spectrograph on this.
      Sam: Yeah! Steel smelted in China would have a high ratio of iron isotopes.
      Pete: Yeah. Sure.

    • Sam: I always could take care of myself. Mom said it runs in the family.

    • Sam: Tofu? Wheat germ? Don't you have anything that's even a little bad for you?
      MacGyver: Harry used to say, 'Eating healthy never hurt anybody.'
      Sam: Who's Harry?
      MacGyver: He was your great-grandfather. I think you would have liked him.

    • Sam: I'm going to go with.
      MacGyver: I don't think so. There could be some trouble.
      Sam: Look. We just found out you're my father. That's father, not boss. I've been on my own a long time, and I'm old enough to vote, I'm old enough to fight for my country, not to mention the fact that I am a professional photojournalist and I'm looking at one hell of a story. So back off. I'm going with you.
      MacGyver: Pete...
      Pete: Nope. Sorry. I make it a point never to get involved in family arguments.
      MacGyver: Thanks. Well what do you know? My first son-father lecture.
      Sam: How was it?
      MacGyver: Kinda hard to take. But okay.

    • Sam: What's wrong?
      MacGyver: I'm a little afraid of heights.
      Sam: They don't bother me.
      MacGyver: You got that from your mother.

    • Pete: You know, I can't even imagine what it's going to be like without you around here.
      MacGyver: Well, it was bound to happen. Things change.
      Pete: Not always. Good things don't. Don't you ever change, MacGyver.
      MacGyver: Don't you either, Pete.

    • Sam: So, uh, where to?
      MacGyver: Somewhere else.

    • MacGyver: Let me understand something, then. You're actually planning to go out and take a human life?
      Sam: Well, the law can't touch him!
      MacGyver: So what? You're the judge, jury and executioner?
      Sam: He was! I saw him put a gun to her head. I want justice!
      MacGyver: Alright, hold it right there! Murder is not justice! The killing has got to stop with us. We should be telling ourselves we're good enough to solve our problems without taking human life. The killing has got to stop, Sam. And right now, that's a choice you gotta make.
      Sam: What do you know? My first father-son lecture.
      MacGyver: Yeah. How was it?
      Sam: Kinda hard to take. But not bad.

    • MacGyver: So, Sam, Samuel? How'd your mom came up with that?
      Sam: Well actually, my real name is Sean. Sam's a nickname. Sean A. Malloy, SAM, Sam. Get it?
      MacGyver: Yeah. (pause) What about the A.?
      Sam: Ah, that's my middle name...
      MacGyver: Let me guess: Angus?
      Sam: (surprised) Yeah, Mom loved it.
      MacGyver: Yeah, I know.
      Sam: I'm not too crazy about it, though.
      MacGyver: I know the feeling.

    • Sam: You sure about this?
      MacGyver: Your great-grandfather used to say, 'Only fools are sure of anything. A wise man keeps on guessing'.
      Sam: You're right. I would have liked him.

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