Season 4 Episode 6

The Survivors

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 09, 1989 on ABC

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  • Back to the woods for another high-adventure outing with an offbeat premise and another plateau for MacGyver and Pete's chemistry.

    The Vancouver setting is utilized effectively once again and MacGyver is forced to evaluate Pete's abilities in a rugged backwoods obstacle course for Phoenix field operatives. The format made for a unique and entertaining conflict in the episode's early scenes (although my biggest grievance with the episode was the slow pacing of the nighttime campsite scene which drug on far too long), and then evolved into a search for an offshore drug operation that shot down a DEA plane in the wilderness. The story played out smoothly with some outstanding visuals in the lush green forests of the Pacific Northwest and the sea plane retrieving its contraband cargo from a ship. The chemistry between Mac and Pete is priceless as Pete is forced to hone up his survival skills to escape the cave they're trapped in and capture the drug smugglers before they fly away. It's a solid episode and helpful in establishing MacGyver as an upwardly mobile series once again in January 1989.