Season 5 Episode 9

The Ten Percent Solution

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 20, 1989 on ABC

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  • Evil never forgoten.

    I'll admit this was the first episode where I actually learned about the Hollocost. This show takes a look back at the Hollocost maturely and is one of the rare Macgyver episodes that really takes an unfun turn. It has a well thought out and rather believable plot involving a lost painting which is suspected to be one of the one's stolen from the Nazis. And it's up to Mac with the help of Sam a Hollocost survivior to track down the Neo Nazi's base as well as slow down their master plan of taking over America. The episode tackles the issue of facism and racism. How close it truely hits, it's so powerful it easily spreads like a disease. But most of all it's a way of looking back and remebering the Hollocost. From some historical facts we hear about Hitler's ERR but most of all Sam's heartbreaking narrative of his experiences. It's both chilling and makes your heart bleed, knowing how much was stolen from innocent people and the extent of human tresspasses. In the end (and unfortunately in real life) even though the good guys might have won in the end we know from what was on the map of the master plan they didn't stop anything, because it's a seed of evil that has already grown big and will continue. The whole episode is an important lesson about why we shouldn't let the horror of the Hollocost repeat itself again.
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