Season 6 Episode 16

There But For the Grace

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 18, 1991 on ABC



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    • MacGyver: You okay?
      Rachel: He taught me the value of service. He always used to say there are no great things to accomplish in this life, just small things done with great love.

    • MacGyver: You know the best thing about all this, Danny? It's all growing right over there. It's free, free of charge, free for the taking. Hey, my grandfather taught me how to do this. Grandpa taught me how to forage for food. One time we're on a camping trip, this bear ate all our food. I got all wimpy scared, by my grandpa, he said to me, he says, "Bud...", Grandpa called me Bud. I could never figure that out. He said, "Bud, we'll just go grazin'."

    • MacGyver: I disguised myself as a street person because I wanted you to trust me.
      Doc: Trust? Trust you? Why should I trust you? We're different here. You're on the other side.
      MacGyver: No, see, I don't believe that. The only difference between you and me is a little bit of luck, that's all. Aside from that, we're both people. We're made from the same stuff. We're both friends of Father Jim.

    • Riker: Stop! What are you doing? What, are you crazy?
      MacGyver: No, just a little nuts.

    • MacGyver: Well, I still can't help but wonder about those people out there that fall through that so-called safety net.
      Rachel: It's just a sad fact of life today. What can you do?
      MacGyver: Refuse to accept it.

  • Notes

    • Though credited, Dana Elcar does not appear in this episode.

    • The German episode title is "Der stumme Zeuge" and the French episode title is "Témoin sans parole", both meaning "Mute Witness". The Italian episode title is "Abbandonati a se stessi", meaning "Left to Themselves".

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