Season 1 Episode 3

Thief of Budapest

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 1985 on ABC

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  • MacGyver's mission is to retrieve a watch with a list of KGB Agents but trouble arises when Mac's contact is killed, and the watch is stolen.

    Enjoyable episode. Again you have like many MacGyver episodes an episode where Mac has his mission. The mission is simple but other things get in the way like people. People that need help out of their terrible situation. MacGyver can just ignore this people and go on his merry way but as a true hero MacGyver can't just these people's pleas for help.

    So MacGyver meets this thief Yanna played Kelly McClain (thus the name of this episode The Thief of Budapest). A very decent child appearance. I was surprised when I browsed her bio, and she didn't get any other roles other MacGyver. Shame. Yanna tries to pick the pocket of any guy who just happens to be Mac's contact. The guy dies as his cover is blown. MacGyver tries to look for a watch he had that contains the names of KGB agents.

    It's revealed that Yanna stole the watch, but she later gave it to her brother.

    Yanna's family happens to be put in a camp to be used as slave labor. MacGyver seeing no other alternative gets involved in trying to break them out and discover where the watch is.

    An entertaining episode. There are a couple of neat gadgets that MacGyver makes on the fly. The story is great. The acting is solid. A memorable episode.
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