Season 2 Episode 10

Three For the Road

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 15, 1986 on ABC

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  • MacGyver meets Devon Miles! It's a shame Knight Rider got canceled on NBC, but at least Devon Miles gets to team up with ABC's MacGyver! MacGyver practically ripped up The 1959 Classic car of The old couple's to stop those goons from The mob from getting

    I liked this episode, it was nice to see MacGyver and Devon Miles working together although he played a different character, too bad MacGyver nearly tore the old 1959 Classic car apart, but he had to do anything to keep those goons from coming after him and The old couple as all those guys were really after was the counterfeit money that was accidentally thrown in The old couple's car, I would have really liked to have seen Michael, KITT, Bonnie and RC3 along with Devon in this same episode teaming with MacGyver! or even more action with Hardcastle And McCormick!
  • An hourlong car chase with a fun couple in a hot car.

    "Three for the Road" was a charming and fun episode featuring an endearing old couple out road trippin' in a classic '59 Cadillac convertible before getting tangled up with MacGyver and pursued by a group of bickering counterfeiters. Edward Mulhare and Anne Rogers played their roles perfectly and the banter between them and with MacGyver offered some of the few genuinely funny moments over the seven seasons that this series was on the air. Bonus points for the multiple ways MacGyver decimated the car and used its various parts as weapons to fend off the bad guys. Turning the muffler and steering wheel knob into a mortar shell cannon was one of the all-time best MacGyverisms. The lighthearted tone generally fit this episode well, but my biggest grievance involved the counterfeiting bad guys, who were implausibly cartoonish even by the standards of second season villians. There was no way I could accept that these dimwitted neanderthals worked for the mob. Nonetheless, a very solid episode that holds up well.