Season 1 Episode 17

To Be a Man

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 05, 1986 on ABC

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  • MacGyver is shot down by the Soviets over Afghanistan, retrieving a data capsule, he is wounded and has nowhere to go. A boy finds him and takes him home where his mother is and looked after him. But, the Soviets are still after him and won't quit!

    Quite an enjoyable episode with a few good MacGyver creations.

    I particularly liked it when Mac created a hang glider out of duct tape, some plastic and material that came down from space... this is also after he had to diffuse a boobytrapped satelite with the data capsule inside.

    I felt sorry for Ahmed and his mother getting treated the way they did by the Afghanistan Rebel Leader, but was glad when he got killed by the quick witted MacGyver.

    I didn't know MacGyver was also a great shot when it came to rock slinging - superb shot.

    Overall the episode was a good one and I highly recommend it.
  • Exceptional production values and spiffy spyjinks elevate this episode above its drearier patches.

    After a long expanse of episode set either in America or Europe, globe-trotting high adventure finally makes a comeback in "To Be a Man", a marvelously produced episode with a compelling plot execution. Aside for the absurdity of pretending that the 80's Afghanistan Freedom Fighters were actually working with the Soviets against the West, the double-barreled assault of Soviet puppetmasters and local hooligans who know the lay of the land created an ominous sense of ever-present danger. The scenes with Ahmad and his mother got to be a little melodramatic at times, but actually lent itself to some character development as it asserted the pathological loner MacGyver as a father figure in a household that clearly needed one. While the boy was a marginal actor and the character seemed a bit immature for his age, MacGyver's chemistry with the mother was undeniable and made some curious scenes of undeniable sexual tension. The pacifist ending was also nicely done and bookended this adventurous episode well. One of the better efforts from the second half of the first season.