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  • Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot

  • In the pilot episode, MacGyver's aversion to using guns isn't yet established. When the Mongolian soldiers open fire on him, he returns fire with an assault rifle before handing off the gun to the rescued prisoner.

  • Milk chocolate stops a sulfuric acid leak. This MacGyverism has been confirmed to work by the Mythbusters.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: The Golden Triangle

  • MacGyver captures the three bad guys at the end of the opening gambit. However, there is a fourth man: the one who obligingly drove the forklift and dumped MacGyver into the compactor. He's not seen again. In fact, MacGyver "borrows" the forklift less than a minute later and doesn't encounter the unseen forklift driver who is willing to kill people.

  • In the opening gambit, MacGyver suspends the bad guys in mid-air inside their car, using a forklift. He then goes to make a call and the driver has a clear shot at him out the driver's side window. Fortunately for MacGyver, the driver forgets to use the gun he was firing at MacGyver a few minutes earlier.

  • When a guard checks on MacGyver, who's tied on a rack, MacGyver's belt is on his pants. Then MacGyver knocks the guard out and the belt is still visible. However, when he gets off the rack, he is no longer wearing his belt, and it's being used to hold another guard up against a tree. MacGyver then goes over and gets his belt and puts it through the empty pant loops.

  • Season 1 Episode 3: Thief of Budapest

  • Due to use of clips from the movie The Italian Job during the car chase sequence, some goofs are created: When Yanna's brother in the white car grabs the chicken, in the shot immediately following four men can be seen in the white car, two in the front and two in the back. In all previous and subsequent shots, only two men are in the car, both in the front seats; street signs can be seen in Italian, though the episode takes place in Budapest; license plates flip-flop between those used in Italy and Hungary.

  • The stunt double who does MacGyver's slide down the roof to evade the police at the bar has noticeably darker hair than Richard Dean Anderson.

  • During the car chase scene, a man wearing blue coveralls reaches out of the left window of the car and grabs a chicken, but a closeup shows that he was sitting on the right and had grabbed the chicken on the same side.

  • Season 1 Episode 4: The Gauntlet

  • When MacGyver and Kate escape in the old bus, Mac is wearing sunglasses, but in the external shots of the bus, no sunglasses can be seen.

  • Though he previously been seen firing a gun, this episode introduces MacGyver's aversion to firearms.

  • Kate knocks out a soldier with her camera, at which point his hat comes off. However, in the next shot his hat is back on.

  • MacGyver's watch switches from black to silver when he's waiting for the fireworks to go off.

  • In this episode MacGyver detonates a piece of plastic explosive with the aid of a camera with an electric trigger and a delay timer. The problem is that plastic is so stable it needs a blastic cap to detonate, and blastic caps contain a small piece of explosive that is detonated by a fuse. Just putting an electric charge into a piece of plastic won't detonate it.

  • Season 1 Episode 5: The Heist

  • No legitimate casino, much less a crooked one as presented here, would permit someone to make six straight passes, rolling the exact same numbers. The croupier would switch dice after three, maybe four passes at most.

  • While MacGyver is polishing the dice, they change positions from shot to shot.

  • A cameraman is visible behind the car that dives out of the plane.

  • Season 1 Episode 6: Trumbo's World

  • When MacGyver starts using his makeshift flamethrower, his position changes from on the wall next to the gate, to atop the gate, to back on the wall again, and then onto the gate, as the camera cuts back and forth.

  • In the opening gambit, MacGyver covers the rope with kerosene, splashing some on his hands. Then later he climbs down the kerosene-covered rope. At the bottom, he lights the rope on fire and the flames cover his left hand momentarily, and yet the kerosene doesn't set him on fire.

  • Season 1 Episode 7: Last Stand

  • When MacGyver and Kelly are locked in the freezer, Mac pushes a chunk of meat hanging up over to the wall – and one of the freezer pipes on the wall bends, revealing it not to be made of solid piping as it would be in a freezer.

  • When MacGyver is in the diner his shirt is dark green with a Chinese collar. Then he runs outside and his shirt is light gray with a normal collar.

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